PHP is a programming language used primarily for server-side website development. Developers, who are knowledgeable in PHP code, can directly embed it into HTML. This can be useful for graphics, images or fundamental web content. PHP is free software that was released under the PHP license.

Beginning with the original release in 1995, there have been various versions. PHP 7 is the current language programmers’ use. PHP is a frequently used programming language, so it’s beneficial knowledge for anyone working with web content or website development. Here are 7 of the best websites to learn PHP language from scratch.

1. PHP – Codecademy

Codecademy is not your normal educational experience. They are dedicated to simplifying the learning experience for a new generation of online learners. There are a number of programming and computer language courses available, including this alternative to learn PHP language.

  • PHP by the Code Academy follows an 11-segment course outline to learn PHP language.
  • This course explains loops, functions, and object-oriented programming for PHP. You will begin with PHP basics and then tie these different concepts to a finished project.
  • Estimated time for this PHP course is approximately 4-hours, and only requires a technical level of beginner.

2. PHP 101: PHP for the Absolute Beginner

As the course title indicates, this online alternative to learn PHP language starts with the basics. It is another free course offered on the Zend Developer Zone website. Zend provides a number of free tutorial type alternatives to learn various programming languages.

  • This a 15-part course to learn PHP language that begins with variables and operators, ending with hands-on creation of RSS news feeds.
  • You will get direct experience with error handling and basic security using PHP.
  • All students who register for PHP 101: PHP for the Absolute Beginner will have access to the informative Zend community platform to discuss problems and generate innovative ideas.

3. – Tutorials, Script Instruction & Articles

This is a tremendously diverse website to learn PHP language. PHP Buddy uses a very basic website format, stressing the amount of available information over appearance. All the material on is free.

  • There are individual PHP discussion sessions to share problems, or generate new ideas. There are engaging articles from industry experts available on
  • Everything is free with an account. All that is required is your name and email address for full access.
  • There are five quick start tutorials and two individual blocks to help learn how to work with PHP and MySQL.

4. Beginner PHP and MySQL Tutorial from Udemy


You can pursue your ambition to learn PHP language, or other IT and Software courses, through a number of dedicated courses on Udemy. However, this is an excellent beginner course to get you started. It presents all the basic information to lay a good foundation to move on to more difficult studies.

  • The Udemy Beginner PHP and MySQL Tutorial starts with instruction on how to download and install PHP.
  • You will have full, lifetime access to the 10 hours of video. There is a certificate of completion available.
  • You will finish with a block of instructional videos to teach you how to plan and apply PHP and MySQL to real-world projects.

5. Try PHP – Code School

Similar to the programming curriculum of Codecademy, the Code School website has a number of free courses. The first level of this course is free, and the remaining levels are available with a paid account. The best program is a $29 per month, all-inclusive monthly plan.

  • Estimated time to fully complete Try PHP is four to five weeks.
  • The course has six instructional videos and 21 interactive challenges spread across the four sections.
  • Try PHP lays out a solid foundation of basics. Afterwards, it progresses into more intricate aspects of PHP arrays, operations, and loops.

6. PHP Tutorial

This is one of the most extensive lists of topics from the best websites to learn PHP language. One very appealing feature of is the ability to go back and forth between other computer language tutorials.

  • This is actually the third course out of four. You can gain valuable knowledge on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, as well as learn PHP language.
  • PHP Tutorial doesn’t try to sell you additional, unnecessary stuff. You get a no-frills, organized website with a list of 22 lessons dedicated to helping you learn PHP language.
  • The tutorials are also available in 11 different spoken languages. This input provides an interesting benefit to anyone aspiring to learn computer skills in multiple tongues.

7. PHP Free Tutorial from Webucator

The Webucator website offers one of the most extensive sets of programming and developer courses. This is a free tutorial to learn PHP language. While this will provide you with a solid foundation of PHP knowledge, they offer more comprehensive alternatives starting at $199.

  • The Webucator PHP Free Tutorial follows a 12-lesson structure.
  • Each lesson block has a PHP scripting exercise to practice your skills.
  • This is a self-paced tutorial where you can set up the class structure to meet your schedule. You can also download all the class files for convenient access.


PHP is a free code that is widely used on websites and across other areas. It is an important tool for Internet workers and website developers. If you aspire to pursue a career as a developer, understanding the PHP language is imperative.

You can take more costly courses to learn PHP language. Nonetheless,this selection contains free websites only that provide a wealth of PHP knowledge. Begin with any of these alternatives and move on to them in progression. They won’t cost you any money, but you’ll build a strong understanding of PHP.

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