Udemy has completely changed the way people are learning. From business professionals seeking continuing education to personal enrichment, Udemy offers a little bit of something for everyone. Udemy is an online marketplace that offers thousands of online courses specializing in various fields. The best time to take advantage of this massive resource is now when Udemy 10 dollar courses are readily available. This article discusses the top Udemy 10 dollar courses you should consider, listed by popularity.
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#1. The Complete Web Developer Course

Even if web design isn’t your field of choice, it is an extremely important topic to understand. With over 22,806 reviews and a staggering 4.6-star rating, this course is vastly popular and even more helpful. The Complete Web Developer Course was created by the self-proclaimed coding geek and Cambridge University graduate, Rob Percival. He created this course to teach beginner and intermediate students imperative details about website development.

The course reviews basic creation tools, such as HTML5, CSS3, and Python, and it goes over advanced tools such as iQuery PHP 7. In addition, by the end of the course, you will be familiar with topics that can be applied to many related fields, such as JavaScript and WordPress.

This jam-packed course includes:

  • 30 course hours.
  • 140 articles.
  • Helpful practice challenges.
  • Support from the instructor.
  • 60-day guarantee.

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#2. Microsoft Excel – Excel from Beginner to Advanced

Microsoft Office is one of the most critical software programs you can master. It is essential for multiple career paths and can be an asset when attempting to obtain a new job. Microsoft certified trainer Kyle Pew presents basic and in-depth concepts of Microsoft Excel in one of the most valuable Udemy 10 dollar courses you can purchase.

This course focuses on the basic Excel functions, such as creating tables, graphs, rows, and formulas. Once you’ve mastered the essentials, you’ll learn about the more complex functions of the program, such as implementing macros and dynamic formulas.

This course includes:

  • 12.5 course hours.
  • Five articles.
  • 23 supplemental resources.
  • Four courses in one.
  • 30-day guarantee.

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#3. Investing in Stocks the Complete Course!

Investing safely and effectively is a skill that assists consumers and financial professionals alike. Investor Steve Ballinger introduces the concepts of stock market investment in one of the easiest to follow Udemy 10 dollar courses available.

The course discusses everything you need to know to begin, such as market orders, basic and advanced stock screeners, and the differences between stock mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. Steve helps you decide which investment methods are safe for your specific needs and which financial planning routes you should consider taking.

This course includes:

  • Ten course hours.
  • Two supplemental resources.
  • Quizzes to test retention.
  • 30-day guarantee.

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#4. The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom with Dividends

Say goodbye to the struggles of the daily grind by investing in passive income. Investor David Solyomi’s goal is to help you earn money by not necessarily working harder, but smarter. This course differs from other Udemy 10 dollar courses in that it focuses primarily on dividends. David will teach you the secrets of investing safely, such as which companies to choose, how to diversify your portfolio, calculating the safety of dividends, and how you can avoid common stock market mistakes.

This course includes:

  • Three course hours.
  • 3 articles.
  • Support from the instructor.
  • 30-day guarantee.

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#5. Real Estate Investing: Learn to Fix & Flip, Step by Step!

Whether you’re a real estate investor, lender, or homeowner, learning how to maximize a home’s value is an essential tool. Hosted by real estate mentor, Khari Parker, this course teaches the tools necessary to profit from a fixer upper. It lays out the main steps for finding the right property, financing it, fixing it, and eventually, selling it for a profit. You’ll learn key skills, such as what to look for in a property, how to choose a general contractor, how to find lenders for your riskier endeavors, and how to calculate comps accurately to maximize your profit.

This course includes:

  • 1.5 course hours.
  • 42 articles.
  • 1 supplemental resource.
  • Bonus material detailing real projects.
  • 30-day guarantee.

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#6. How to Start a Youtube Channel 2017: Teach Your Passion

Once an obscure entertainment concept, Youtube is now a lucrative field for marketing, education, and general entertainment. If you’ve been considering expanding your social media influence to Youtube, consider taking this course. Many Udemy 10 dollar courses focus on more traditional methods of marketing.

Jewel and Auret explain why you should focus your efforts on Youtube, how you can begin your own channel, and how to optimize the channel for maximum growth. Their curriculum covers key concepts of the field, such as designing channel art, editing and uploading, SEO optimization, and suggested equipment.

This course includes:

  • 5 course hours.
  • 1 supplemental resource.
  • Key strategies for obtaining subscribers and views.
  • 30-day guarantee.

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#7. Learn to Speak: Conversational Spanish – Complete Edition

For many, learning a second language seems like a lofty, unreachable goal. Spanish and French teacher Scott McElroy tries to make the process easier by teaching the basics of Spanish that are essential for conversing with native speakers. This course is comprised of the essential phrases you should learn before traveling to Latin countries, such as greetings, dining and going out, and body parts and illnesses. Although this course is primarily audio-based, it also includes vocabulary guides to help you expand your knowledge.

This course includes:

  • Two course hours.
  • 2 articles.
  • 7 supplemental resources.
  • 30-day guarantee.

Drawing to a Close

Udemy 10 dollar courses can be an inexpensive and effective method for enhancing your professional and personal knowledge-base. It offers a host of topics, including web development, media marketing, software education, stock, dividend, and real estate investing techniques, and foreign language education.

These are just a few of the many Udemy 10 dollar courses available to try. If you have a thirst for knowledge, sign up for Udemy. With unbeatable prices and a no-risk guarantee, there is nothing to discourage you from enriching your personal life and career.

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