In recent years, online photography courses have exploded in popularity. You can learn everything about the craft from the comfort of your own home. Whether you like to take photography as a hobby or you want to eventually do it professionally, these courses will help you to start snapping better pictures. Education in this field does not have to cost a small fortune. Moreover, you have numerous platforms to learn more about the subtle art of taking pictures.

The Best 5 Photography Courses for Going Pro

a photo camera taking a picture

1. The Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide by Lifehacker

This course deals with the bare basics of photography. It will teach you everything, from how your camera works to how to compose photos and edit them. The Basics of Photography: The Complete Guide costs nothing, and the course includes five distinct parts with additional resources to deepen your understanding of the concepts. Here are the five sections you will go through:

  • Part I: Understanding How Your Digital Camera Works.
  • Part II: Your Camera’s Automatic and Assisted Settings.
  • Part III: Your Camera’s Manual Settings.
  • Part IV: Composition and Technique.
  • Part V: Editing Images in the Post.

When you want to understand the ins and outs of digital photography, this course gives beginners a place to start where they can master the basics of photography. With each passing lesson, you further your understanding, and you can roll through the lessons at your own pace. Even the best camera will only be as good as the photographer behind it. The course begins with a basic introduction to the digital camera and how photos are taken. After that, image composition, editing, and technique all play a role.

2. Intermediate Photography Course by

a young man holding a professional camera

Once you have laid a strong foundation for the basics, you will be happy to learn about some of the more detailed information related to photography. aims to help intermediate photographers for free, and this course excels your expectations of what a free course offers. For example, it isn’t your average shorter course with little information.

You will dive deeper into the lessons and learn about a lot of valuable information from focal length to sunset photography to pop-up flash to travel photography. You will even learn how to capture images during the winter months. Even photographers with a lot of experience could profit from using this course to refresh their knowledge. includes three separate levels:

  • Beginner Photography.
  • Intermediate Photography.
  • Advanced Photography.

3. Your Road to Better Photography by Udemy

a young man with a cap holding a camera

This is another great option when it comes to free online photography courses. Corey Reese, a professional photographer, and educator from Atlanta, Georgia, describes his photographic style as raw and straight to the point. He works for the real and authentic scenes. His work proves nothing short of miraculous and his photos have even appeared in billboards at Times Square. He has also done print ads for BMW.

This course specifically targets photographers who have an unclear relationship with ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture. You will watch the samples and work with all three of these subjects until you understand control and do not need further training. In particular, beginners will appreciate how this course teaches you concepts of how to control these three elements.

Moreover, you will learn about how to control lighting. In total, this 30-minute course hands you a clear understanding of controlling the lighting from all situations. This course simplifies the three elements so that beginners retain and understand the concept.

4. The Art of Photography

black DSLR camera mounted on tripod

A course offered at Australia’s RMIT University, this is one of the great online photography courses. As you read through the lessons, you will learn about the practical elements of photography from Dr. Shane Hulbert. Dr. Shane Hulbert does artist-academic work, and some of his works have earned a place in Victoria’s National Gallery, where photography as a visual art has been practiced.

You will explore the work of photographers in the realm of contemporary photography. This is one of the online photography courses that introduces the concept of “digital darkroom.” If you want a more in-depth course, this beginners’ course explores a variety of photography concepts over the course of four weeks. You can access the material for free, and you will learn a variety of skills that expand your knowledge of contemporary art.

5. Photography and Truth

young man holding a camera

Offered by MIT’s Anthropology Department, this course studies photography as the medium for creative expression. With MIT stamped on the course, you can rest assured, the material will be solid at helping you learn the subtle art of photography. This course looks at economics, politics and social lifestyles.

Of the online photography courses, this class slants more towards the intermediate photographer. Over this course, we will look at how photography has infiltrated almost every facet of culture and social life. You can find pictures almost everywhere.

During this course, you will also learn how pictures function and how they are interpreted and understood. In some cases, pictures will have a clear-cut meaning, and in other situations, they do not. While you take this course, you will learn how politics, social lifestyles, and economics are formed from it. As far as online photography courses go, this one offers up a new perspective, and it teaches you the art of photography in a new way.

Bottom Line

These are some of the excellent online photography courses that will teach you how to become a pro. Do you have experience with any of these online photography courses? If so, share your experience and how you made the most of the material. Also, if you have other online photography courses or online resources you want to share, feel free to talk about your experiences with them. We’d love to build a list of valuable resources for photographers to learn and grow from. Knowledge will propel your photography career forward.

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