Graphic design can be a fun career. Most importantly, this domain teaches you concepts that are useful in other areas as well. Learning how to visually merge objects and text can be a valuable skill. For example, graphic design can be used to compose an impressive resume for any job, an attractive blog format or clickable marketing ads.

There are countless online graphics design courses through which you can expand your career. In addition, those who are not design professionals can learn some tricks for everyday tasks. Here are 7 websites that offer a few of the best online graphic design courses. Many are free while others require a small registration fee.

1. Introduction to Graphic Design by Udemy

To get an appreciation for the field of graphic design and see how much you enjoy it, you should begin with one of the free online graphic design courses. Udemy’s basic graphic design opportunity will give you this chance. This is not a lengthy course and is self-paced. It won’t take you long to discover if graphic design appeals to you.

  • Introduction to Graphic Design tells you what it is in the first place. Afterwards, the program continues to explain what a graphic designer does.
  • The course is based on a basic 5-model concept that applies the principles of design.
  • When you’re finished with this course, there are additional online graphic design courses offered by Udemy. Each builds on the previous content. The best part is that you will earn a certificate when you successfully complete each one.

2. Ideas from the History of Graphic Design – Coursera

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Beyond learning about graphic design concepts, it is useful to anyone to understand the history that led to today’s format. This is one of the many appealing Coursera alternatives that teach you about graphic design. Ideas from the History of Graphic Design will provide you with useful knowledge that will improve your understanding.

  • This is a great starter course for potential graphic designers. Appreciating the history of a subject can open your mind to why graphic designers are so important.
  • Ideas from the History of Graphic Design is presented by the California Institute of the Arts. It is a 4-week commitment, averaging 2 to 3 hours per day.
  • The course is structured like a standard college credit class. It requires you to earn passing marks on a series of quizzes and exams to earn a certificate of completion.

3. Graphic Design – Visual and Graphic Design from Allison

Visual images, shapes, and eye-catching designs are essential tools used by a graphic designer. This course focuses on how to perfect your skills using these things. Allison offers this course as part of their online graphic design courses. It is an excellent choice, especially if you want to assess your abilities to blend unique content into your designs.

  • There are six modules to complete. When you’re finished, you can earn a certificate for completing Graphic Design – Visual and Graphic Design.
  • The course puts a lot of emphasis on using lines, shapes, and different texture forms to enhance graphics.
  • This is one of the more appealing online graphic design courses as it addresses printing, photography, and 3D imaging. These are three important tools for a professional graphic designer.

4. Creative Topography – Envatotuts+

Envato has an intriguing list of design and illustration courses. The options range from working with photo editing software to the strategic manipulation of text. Invariably, text is an important component of a graphic design. It’s helpful to improve your creativity when working with any kind of graphic text. Best of all, this course only requires you being registered with Envato.

  • Beginning with the introduction, and subsequently into the second section of lectures, Creative Topography will help you learn how to tap into creative ideas.
  • The instructor is Graphic design artist Matt Withers. His credentials are impressive, and he will share his award-winning knowledge with you in this course.
  • There are six sections to Creative Topography. When you are finished, you will have a strong understanding of how to seamlessly embed text in your designs.

5. Graphic Design – An Overview of the Field by Udemy

This is not a free course, but it is very affordable nonetheless. If you’re patient, you can usually gain full access to this course for $9.99, 50% off the regular fee. An Overview of the Field is the perfect place for anyone looking to get a feel for graphic design as a career. While it is appealingly affordable, it will supply you with the necessary exposure to the industry.

  • Graphic Design – An Overview of the Field teaches you why successful graphic designs are invariably concept-driven. It expands on nine graphic design specialties to help you appreciate how a concept can be incorporated into a design.
  • You will have full, lifetime access to the course on mobile devices, your home PC or even a TV set.
  • For less than $10, you can get a wealth of exposure to the field of graphic design in a little over an hour of your time.

6. The Art of Alignment – Canva Design School

Canva offers a wide variety of online graphic design courses. Each one is presented as an instructional tutorial. Most of them are free. The Art of Alignment is a useful course. Not only it is free, but it also takes a number of graphic design skills and teaches you how to blend them into a finished project.

  • While this mirrors most online graphic design courses regarding format, it is a series of five steps presented as tutorials. This is convenient, allowing you to work at your own pace.
  • The Art of Alignment is a great way to improve your talent for designing anything. You will learn how to maintain proportion and tips for shifting features, so they catch the eye of the viewer.
  • None of the graphic design options from the Canva Design School requires you to pass any exams or quizzes. This is a self-taught learning environment to expand your knowledge of graphic design.

7. Graphic Design Specialization – by Coursera

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The last in your list of top online graphic design courses is another entry in the Coursera catalog. This course does require a Coursera account and minimal registration fee to enroll. It is also part of the CALARTS platform from the California Institute of the Arts. This is a five-course alternative where you can pick an individual area of graphic design focus.

  • Graphic Design Specialization is the most in-depth coverage of graphic design concepts. It will afford you a 5-star specialization certificate if you complete all five segments.
  • The certifications will give you authentic leverage to apply for a job as an entry-level graphic designer.
  • After you complete the series of 5 segments, you will understand general graphic design concepts. Your skills will include image manipulation, typography, and how to use design principles to promote any brand.


These are 7 excellent online graphic design courses regardless of your objective. They can provide you with useful skills to improve your standing in any line of work. Collectively, they can also build a strong foundation for pursuing a lucrative career as a graphic designer.

Depending on your level of understanding, you can begin with the free alternatives and progress through the more detailed options. However, if you already know you want to be a graphic designer and possess some basic knowledge, you can jump right into the more intricate opportunities.

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