Online drivers Ed course resources can be useful. They can improve awareness for young drivers, make experienced drivers better, or reduce the impact of traffic violations. You can take online drivers Ed course alternatives from the comfort of your home or office. Here are 7 of the top online drivers Ed course resources.

The fees usually depend on your state of residence. Most courses do not disclose course fees until you initiate registration. Because of this, the list is in alphabetical order. Nonetheless, each course meets the guidelines for new driver certification and points reduction mandates for most states.

1. Aceable Online Drivers Ed

Aceable is one of the few online drivers Ed course alternatives that is immediately open with their pricing structure. They have inexpensive course options permit exams and points reduction certificates. They also offer a direct course to address drug- or alcohol-related traffic citations.

  • You can access the Aceable Online Drivers Ed course from your home computer, iPad, or smartphone.
  • While you can choose to study at your own pace, permits can be obtained in as little as four hours.
  • Aceable uses fresh content ideas and entertaining memes to turn driver’s education into an enjoyable experience.

2. American Safety Council

This is an online drivers Ed course resource which does not specifically offer material focused on traffic tickets. This is one resource which separates new driver education from defensive driving courses. The American Safety Council Online Driver’s Education Courses do provide some of the most intense focus on driver safety.

  • You will have 24-hour a day access to their course. The training is 100% online.
  • Their defensive driving options are nationally recognized. Completion can actually provide documentation to dismiss certain traffic infractions from your record.
  • The American Safety Council online drivers Ed course choices include continuing education and pre-licensing designed alternatives.

3. by eDriving

man in blue and white shirt at a desk taking notes on a notepad in front of a laptop has a nationwide approved new driver’s education program. It is especially appealing to teen drivers. They are usually eager to meet the requirements to get their first license. New drivers have access to 50 practice tests to help you pass your written exam the first time.

  • uses engaging video presentations and case studies blended with interesting activities.
  • There are no classroom requirements and no set schedule. You can complete your driver’s education studies at your own pace.
  • If you’re a licensed driver who received a ticket, you can use courses by eDriving to reduce your point total, or eliminate a ticket altogether.

4. iDriveSafely

iDriveSafely is another online drivers Ed course provided by eDriving. The offered programs equip new drivers with all the requirements to secure a learner’s permit and pass their exam. However, this site has an extensive assortment of specialized courses to deal with citations and traffic violations as well.

  • iDriveSafely has an excellent defensive driving course. You can research online to be certain your state will accept completion. If it does, you can erase citation points off your license.
  • Everyone who completes an iDriveSafely online drivers Ed course will earn insurance savings. All they have to do is completing the appropriate course requirements.
  • Each course has a unique segment that helps to improve driver awareness. iDriveSafely uses a road risk management model. This helps create better drivers by teaching them how to avoid risks.

5.  Improv™ – Traffic School & Defensive Driving

inside the car with the driver wearing seat belt

The Improv™ slogan is traffic school with a smile. Most people fear that first time driver’s anxiety the first time they sit for their license. Those who have received moving violations also worry about insurance rates rocketing from assessed points. You can relax under either of these situations by registering for an online drivers Ed course with Improv™.

  • Improv™ has various online drivers Ed course options to meet various needs. They welcome new drivers, provide defensive driver courses to address tickets, provide practice tests, insurance reduction, plus programs for fleet drivers.
  • You can complete any of these courses at your own pace. However, you will receive your certificate within 30-minutes of successful completion.
  • Each course is approved nationwide. It offers helpful support 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

6. is another online drivers Ed course alternative that is open to residents of nearly every state. It is slightly more costly than other options but has a stellar reputation. There is a convenient PayPal option for this course. You can take as long as you like to complete training. Whenever you log out, you’ll be able to return to exactly where you left off.

  • courses combine reading, audio, and flash animation into an interactive learning environment.
  • While the website is accredited for California and Nevada, has partnered with other schools. This way, they offer certified course alternatives in nearly every state.
  • They have customer care staff available by email, live chat, or phone 24/7.


The Teen Driving website offers material that primarily concentrates on new drivers working towards their first license. However, they also offer a specific online drivers Ed course and defensive driving school to handle ticket issues.

  • teaches all the basics required to pass your first driver’s exam, 100% online.
  • They offer a number of references to meet state requirements for actual behind-the-wheel time.
  • The course is approved nationwide, provides 24/7 live support, and you can use any type of device. They track your progress so you don’t have to.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a teen eager to secure your first license, or an experienced driver who needs to complete a driving course. Taking an online drivers Ed course is convenient. You can often meet requirements and receive your certificate within a few hours.

These are 7 of the top online drivers Ed course resources. There are other similar offers, but be careful. Some are unscrupulous sites that will take your money. However, they often do not meet individual state requirements. To avoid wasting your time and money, select any of these choices for your online drivers Ed course.

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