If you seek to earn a degree in psychology, you can complete an entire program online. Here are 7 essential online courses for psychology degree. Each alternative is part of a program of online courses for psychology degree from various colleges. Students can select any of these courses from different institutions.

However, you can also find matching courses under different titles and catalog numbers at every option below. You will need to enroll at each college to take a course. The credits from these online courses for psychology degree will transfer. You can also complete similar classes all at the same college.

1. Social Psychology I – Massachusetts Institute of Technology OpenCourseWare

The first course is an all-encompassing view of the social aspects of psychology. Since the course is free, it is an excellent starting point for new students or individuals who just want to learn about the field. It is offered through the MIT OpenCourseWare program.

  • The Social Psychology I course presents useful knowledge as part of a beginner’s pursuit of online courses for psychology degree.
  • A supplemental textbook, Principles of Social Psychology, is required and necessary to follow the series of self-paced video lectures.

2. Introduction to Psychology PSYC 100 – University of Maryland University College

UMUC offers fully accredited degree program. They provide a full block of all online courses for psychology degree to meet certification and licensing requirements. This is the introductory course, a prerequisite for degree considerations at UMUC and other colleges.

  • Introduction to Psychology will develop a strong foundation for a degree. You will study basic principles and learn about research concepts in psychological science.
  • The curriculum will cover aspects of psychology from an individual perspective through community and organizational models.
  • Tuition for Maryland residents is just under $300 per credit, and out-of-state students pay $499 per credit hour.

3. Introduction to Psychology PSYC E-15 – Harvard Extension School

An excellent place to begin your online courses for psychology degree is to take this course provided by a world-renowned university. The Harvard Extension School offers a generous number of online courses in psychology.

  • Introduction to Psychology PSYC E-15 is the base course where all psychology majors begin. It establishes a framework that you can use to diversify into any of the various fields of psychology.
  • You will examine various research methods and study how they can be used to assess the origins of human behavior.
  • Introduction to Psychology PSYC E-15 is a 4-credit course with a standard tuition fee of $1,550.

4. Personal Growth CLP2001 – University of Florida

The second course is from the curriculum of the University of Florida to earn an online degree from one of the highest rated universities in the world. The University of Florida Department of Psychology provides a full selection of online courses for psychology degree.

  • Personal Growth CLP2001 course has no prerequisite for its students. Therefore, it is an excellent course to pair with an introductory level class.
  • Personal Growth CLP2001 lays an excellent foundation for understanding theories of human growth and development.
  • All lectures and course content are available through the UF E-Learning platform.

5. General Psychology PSY300 – The University of Phoenix

PSY300 is the third of the online courses for psychology degree from The University of Phoenix. However, there are no prerequisites to keep from away from taking this course by itself. It begins with an introduction to psychological concepts. In the end, it will help you establish an understanding of how these are applied to the human experience.

  • General Psychology PSY300 can be taken individually or as part of the complete block of online courses for psychology degree.
  • This course is a 3 credit course that takes five weeks to complete.
  • The University of Phoenix has a tuition guarantee of $398 per credit hour, with financial aid considerations available.

6. Psychology of the Individual in Context PSY210 – Colorado State University

This course requires the successful completion of a first-level introductory psychology course. You can transfer accredited course that meets the qualifications as a general psychology class. Colorado State offers dozens of online courses for psychology degree, including classes towards advanced degrees.

  • It is a 3-credit course that requires a full 16-week commitment to successfully complete. There will be a mid-term exam, followed by a comprehensive final exam.
  • The class will count as part of any curriculum of online courses for psychology degree and is accredited for transfer.

7. Online Psychology Degree– Washington State University

golden venetian mask with feathers hiding real identity

Through the Washington State University Global Campus, students can study a number of degree programs. This is a basic class that might interest you, part of the undergraduate online courses for psychology degree.

  • You can take this course and others towards a degree in psychology on a per credit basis, or by paying full-time tuition for 10 to 18 semester hours.
  • Online Psychology Degree will teach you how scientific methods apply in psychology and how to evaluate human behavior on an everyday basis.
  • This course is a full-semester, offered in the fall and spring terms. Intro to Psychology is recommended, but it is not a prerequisite to enroll in this course.


Each of these 7 online courses for psychology degree will begin to build a foundation for your career. They can also be taken as elective courses to supplement your knowledge for other fields. Collectively, they will give you a solid foundation to begin pursuit of a degree in any psychology specialization.

These universities have different registration requirements. All of these online courses for psychology degree alternatives are accredited and will transfer. Financial aid and scholarships are available if you qualify. Register for any combination of these courses and start work towards a career in psychology today.

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