Many students use online courses as a primary means of education, replacing traditional classroom settings found at universities.

Students that take online courses only need a working internet connection to the access the information offered in the courses. This information is usually delivered via lecture videos, online readings, and discussion boards.

In addition, what’s unique about online courses is the diverse community that develops around a certain subject. While the courses offered at most universities typically attract students of a similar age, online courses attract students of every age, from middle schoolers and high schoolers all the way to retired adults.

One of the most popular ways to supplement learning is to take online management courses, which are geared towards anyone interested in leadership, business, and management skills.

In this article, we discuss the best online management courses that students can take, emphasizing the benefits of each subject.


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Creating and Sustaining Innovation Culture 

This online management course is offered The University of Queensland and is delivered by edX. It’s considered an intermediate level course and takes 10 weeks to complete, requiring 8-10 hours per work of effort.

Students that pay $249 can receive a verified certification upon completing the course. However, if this certificate does not appeal to you, then you can take the course for free.

This course is taught by Martie-Louise Verreynne, who is a professor at The University of Queensland Business School.

The Benefits of Studying Innovation Culture

Many companies that are focused on innovation focus too much on profit and the outcomes of possible innovation. Consequently, they often ignore the environment of the workplace, which is where innovation originates.

This is one of the best online management courses because it teaches students how build an innovative environment from a holistic perspective rather than merely a product perspective.

This management course also teaches leaders how to build a culture that fosters creativity, openness, and experimentation, which will ultimately lead to innovation.

Furthermore, this management course discusses the obstacles that many businesses face when it comes to innovation. What’s unique about this management course is that it examines not only how to design organizational structures for innovation but also how to manage the changes that come with innovation. This is an ignored part of innovation, and many leaders are not well-equipped to deal with the consequences of this shift in values.

This is one of the best online management courses for students interested in the future of business, as it emphasizes how to keep your vision grounded yet innovative at the same time. This course would benefit anyone with prior experience in management that wants to deepen their learning on the subject of innovation.

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Make an Impact: Sustainability for Professionals 

This online management course was created by the University of Bath, which is a leading research university in the United Kingdom. It takes 6 weeks to complete and requires 3 hours per week of effort.

Students that pay $89 can receive a certificate of achievement upon completing this course. Many students elect this paying option because it also allows them to learn the material at their own pace since they have access to it for an unlimited period of time.

This management course is taught by Emma Emanuelsson and is delivered by FutureLearn.


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The Benefits of Studying Sustainability

This is one of the best management courses because no previous knowledge is necessary to take it. Many courses on sustainability are overly technical and alienate many business leaders, only attracting people interested in environmental science. What’s great about this course is that anyone interested in the intersection of sustainability and business can learn from the information presented, which can enhance how they currently conduct business.

This online management course begins with a general discussion of sustainability, examining what drives sustainability and why businesses incorporate these values.

Additionally, this course discusses how individuals can influence businesses, which is an important distinction in online management courses focused on sustainability. In particular, many online management courses only offer an overview of the detrimental effects of unsustainable business practices. This can make these problems appear insurmountable, and even further, these courses rarely offer practical ways that students can prevent these effects in the future.

In this management course, however, the professor empowers the students to take action in their daily lives to promote sustainable practices. This not only means initiating new rules in your business life but also in your personal life.

The Future of Management Courses

We think the future of management courses entails an emphasis on sustainable values. Many businesses are developing a net positive approach, which means putting more into the environment than they are taking out.

This kind of approach is especially valuable in light of recent research into the harmful effects of greenhouse gasses. It’s more important than ever that managers are environmentally conscious.

Instead of forming their business model and then determining how they can minimize their environmental impact, many managers in the field of sustainability are emphasizing the opposite approach. In particular, these managers are first determining their environmental values, and then building their business model from there.

Ideas like these are discussed in this online management course, which makes it one of the most effective courses that students can take to prepare them for future trends in the economy. This would be ideal both for current managers as well as young students that will enter the workforce soon.

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Introduction to Public Speaking 

This management course was created by the University of Washington and takes 5 weeks to complete. It requires 2 hours per week of study and also features Vietnamese, Portuguese, and Spanish subtitles. Additionally, it can be accessed via the Coursera platform.

The Benefits of Studying Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of the most important skills that leaders in the 21st century can master. Visionaries are ineffective if they can’t captivate an audience with an informative presentation, regardless of the importance of their vision.

This is one of the best online management courses because it teaches public speaking from both the audience and speaker’s perspective. Many public speaking courses focus solely on speakers, urging them to employ better body language and transcend their fear of being in front of people. Yet, this approach often starts from fear, and prevents many interested students from ever reaching their potential.

In this online management course, the professor not only discusses various techniques that students can use but emphasizes the interconnection between the speaker and the audience. When many students are just beginning to master public speaking, they are often too concerned with abstractions and consequences, forgetting that the purpose of the speech is to inspire and connect with other humans. This management course emphasizes these values while simultaneously grounding these concepts in various case studies.

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Furthermore, this management course emphasizes how to integrate technology into your speech, which makes it ideal for managers that lead companies focused on innovation. Public speaking is very much about entertaining your audience, and using technology is one way to achieve this.

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Introduction to Negotiation 

This online management course was created by Yale University and is taught by Barry Nalebuff, a professor that is considered an expert on game theory. This class takes 9 weeks to complete and is delivered by Coursera.

The Benefits of Studying Negotiation

This is one of the best online management courses available because the professor frequently features guests during each module. This gives students a balanced perspective on the issues discussed.

Many online management courses feature one only speaker throughout the entire course, which can make the experience boring. However, during 2 of the lectures for this management course, the professor welcomes experts in the field of negotiation, specifically Linda Babcock and Herb Cohen.

Negotiation in the Modern World

Considering how much conflict is currently present in the world, most students would benefit from taking this online management course, regardless of their career or field of inquiry.

The art of negotiation is an important skill to master in order to make decisions because loss is inherent in each decision we make. If we are unable to acknowledge this loss, then we will constantly be seeking to maximize every choice, desiring an unattainable perfection. Consequently, we are likely to be disappointed.

What this online management course teaches is that negotiation entails confronting imperfection. Once this reality is accepted, then the party’s negotiating will be able to make more practical suggestions and offerings.

In our modern world, due to the prevalence of so much luxury and wealth, we are often seduced by perfection, unable to deal with anything less than the best. Yet, this course attempts to show how counterintuitive this approach is, and that it ultimately leads to undesirable social outcomes.

Of course, many of these truths can be applied to your relationship with yourself. In a sense, our feelings are a kind of negotiation, and humans are a walking imperfection. That is what creates the drama of the world. If we lived in a utopia, there would be no need for negotiation.

Thus, even anti-social students who rarely interact with people can benefit from taking this online management course, as no matter how much you try, you can’t escape from negotiating with yourself.

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Business Writing 

This course was created by the University of Colorado Boulder and is considered a beginner level course. It requires 4 weeks to complete and about 1-3 hours per week of effort.

The Benefits of Studying Business Writing

A frequently ignored component of management is writing.

Yet, in our modern society, so much of communication is done over the internet in the form of e-mail and instant messages. Furthermore, part of being a manager is creating schedules, memos, and visionary statements that guide your employees and encourage innovation. All of these actions require writing skills, but business writing is a specialized field of study.

This is one of the best management courses because it focuses on not only developing students writing skills but specifically writing concerned with business topics. This is often a much more professional, structured kind of writing and adheres to traditions that more creative writing ignores.

This management course would be ideal for someone coming from a more creative or technical background.

Many people that succeed as managers in the business world actually come from diverse backgrounds, leveraging these experiences in order to create innovative goods and services. Yet, even though they might be expert writers, they often haven’t mastered the specific rhetoric of business. This management course teaches many of these customs that only business insiders know.

Our Final Thoughts on Online Management Courses

We think online education represents the future of education, though we think that the current model will shift as new technology is introduced.

Online education is currently reliant on computers with an internet connection, but it’s not clear if computers will be the preferred means of communication in the future. We can imagine a future where a student can summon a professorial artificial intelligence into their bedroom to deliver a series of lectures.

Furthermore, we think management courses are critical in our society given the monopolizing effects of capitalism. We don’t see this as a bad thing, per se, as long as sustainability, innovation, and morality are always considered first and foremost.

In this sense, the future of management courses will entail an emphasis on environmental values and peace. Managers will be trained how to negotiate to avoid conflict and how to innovate without damaging the environment.

While this might seem like a stark contrast to the unsustainable, avaricious business models of many modern companies, we sense a shift on the horizon. When this shift occurs, many students will be seeking information and education to cope with such drastic changes. Online education will be there every step of the way as an affordable, accessible option for interested students.

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