In this course you will learn how to build a new website, monetize it and sell it. In short terms: you will learn how to make money flipping websites. Flipping websites is kind of like flipping houses, without the physical labor. It can be time consuming, but the return will be worth the investment.

This course covers everything you need to know about website flipping. It will teach you the nuts and bolts of increasing traffic and turning it into conversions, which is vitally important to creating a site worth flipping.You will also learn how to understand the critical and complicated information found in a website’s traffic numbers and statistics so that you know when you are ready to flip your site. We guarantee that you will be able to apply these skills to any website in any niche.

How to Sell WordPress, HTML and PSD Themes on Themeforest

Included in this course are lessons, power points, and instructional videos which will explain all you need to know about the flipping process and website brokers. Most of the lectures also have downloadable pdf options for your convenience.


We are confident that you can use what you learn in this course to build a great website. A great website consists of:

  • original quality content
  • authentic back-links
  • search engine optimized pages/posts
  • clear navigation
  • about/contact us page

Once you build a website that generates monthly income (using the tools you get from this course), you will be able to flip it on Flippa, FE International, Empire Flippers, or any other website broker on the web to make a profit.

Upon completion of this course you will have the necessary tools and skills to start selling websites like a pro!