When you were younger, did you learn an instrument? Do ballet lessons? Karate? And what about now?

Children, teens and people in their twenties love trying new things and learning new skills but when you’re a bit older, it is easy to get stuck into the same routine.


We assume we’ve missed the boat and stop tackling new challenges. It’s a big enough challenge at work and to support a family, right? But once you’ve learned how to walk, swim, drive, why stop there? Why not learn Chinese, try sailing or study survival skills?

It’s not just about becoming brilliant at something; learning a new skill will make you more fulfilled, content and mentally active. Look up for online courses on Udemy to find expert people to teach you something new.

Here are some ideas to get your head ticking: 

Learn an Instrument:
Top Courses in Music 160x600

Now, I know what you’re thinking but you’re never too old to become a rock ‘n roll star. 


Learn how to capture your loved ones in the best light; keep and treasure life’s best memories. Or learn how to digitally enhance pictures to keep you looking your best. There is so much to learn and experiment with. 






Maybe you can survive on ready meals, takeaways and mum’s Sunday roast but you really shouldn’t. Learn to cook a variety of exciting and healthy (yes those two words can go together) meals and impress your friends with outrageous five course meals. Life will never be the same ever again. 





It’s easy to get stuck in a bubble and presume that “everyone speaks English anyway” but the truth is, only about 25% of the world’s population speaks English.  It would be nice if you could communicate with at least some of the remaining 75%.  Top Language Courses on Udemy


Learn massage and you will suddenly be everyone’s best friend. You can do no wrong.







Have you ever thrown away a shirt because you’ve lost a button? Come on, hands up. Get handy with a needle and your clothes will last a lot longer. Progress to the sewing machine and you can make your own.