Being able to understand and speak Korean can be an important skill to have under your belt, whether you are preparing for that upcoming trip to Seoul or simply looking to expand your horizons.  

Like with many languages, mastering Korean can seem somewhat challenging, but fortunately, there are a number of different online courses that can present you with the most effective tools and methods for how to learn Korean.

In this piece, we will particularly look at seven of best online Korean courses that will show you how to learn Korean in no time.

How We Choose Our Ratings

When choosing our ratings for the top seven online Korean courses, we took several different things into account. For one, we looked at how immersive each course was as well as the different features offered by each course.

We also looked at which program offered the course, as this tended to dictate quality and consumer confidence. Finally, we looked at customer reviews and course cost.  

Top 7 Online Korean Courses

There are several different online courses that can show you how to learn Korean, but here, we just focused on the seven best courses on the market.

As an important note, all of the features and facets of the courses mentioned in this piece have been provided by the programs offering the courses and have not been verified by us.


Udemy’s “Learn Korean! Start Speaking Korean Now!”

learning korean at Udemy

Udemy offers a variety of different Korean courses, but one of the highest-rated courses is one entitled “Learn Korean! Start Speaking Korean Now!”

The course was developed and is taught by Jeremy Brinkerhoff, who boasts that users will be able to speak simple Korean sentences without any “studying.”

Ideal for beginners, the course teaches you how to comprehend the pronunciation differences between Korean and English as well as the basic Korean sentence structure.

You will get lifetime access to five hours of on-demand video in the form of 63 mini lectures, two articles, and eight supplemental resources. You can access this class via computer, phone, tablet, or television, and upon finishing the class, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. If the class is not what you were hoping for, it does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

With more than 2,000 enrollees as of August 2017, this class received mostly glowing reviews.


FluentU Kor​​​​​ean

fluentU home page

When it comes to fully immersive multimedia Korean language programs, FluentU Korean is one of the best out there. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced Korean speaker, this program provides a host of different interactive features that will help you to best absorb the language.

A major plus of FluentU is that it offers a plethora of video content — from Korean movie trailers to commercials to music videos to business videos — that will help you to learn Korean through actual real-world perspective.

Thanks to the interactive captions feature, you can consume the video content with Korean subtitles alongside English translations, which is an ideal feature when it comes to offering proper context and definitions.

Another convenient feature of FluentU is that it is available in smartphone or tablet app form, making it perfect for learning Korean on the go. The app provides countless incredible features, including the ability to downloaded audio dialogues for offline listening.

In terms of pricing, FluentU offers two individual pricing packages. The Basic package, which offers an annual billing option or a monthly billing option, comes with an app available for iPad and iPhone (an Android app is in the works as of summer 2018), unlimited word lookup, and unlimited audio and videos.

On the other hand, the Plus package can be purchased via the annual billing option or the monthly billing option.

In addition to the options provided by the Basic package, the Plus package also includes unlimited flashcards and the ability to create your own flashcards, unlimited quiz capabilities, and spaced repetition. Both packages offer a 15-day free trial.

Customer reviews were mostly very positive for FluentU.



loecsen homepage

Right off the bat, the first thing you will probably notice about Loecsen is that it is a completely free service. All it requires is a quick PDF download. While this means that it may not offer as many features as some other programs, it still does provide you with several useful educational tools.

For example, Loecsen comes with 15 different lesson themes that can teach you everything from everyday expressions to medical terms to directions to give to taxi drivers.

The site also allows you to quiz yourself and helps you to effectively memorize Korean words through word association by matching English words to their corresponding Korean writing, drawings, and audio.

Customer reviews for Loecsen were mostly positive.


King Sejong Institute

king sejong institute homepage

King Sejong Institute offers a number of different interactive Korean language courses, and since it is funded by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, you know you will be getting the real deal with your experience. The site is great for all levels of expertise, and all you need to do to get started is to create a free learner’s account. Be sure that, when asked what kind of account to create, you choose the 학습자 (learner) option and also switch the language settings to English, if you are not quite ready to browse entirely in Korean.

As far as features go, the site provides everything from digital and downloadable textbooks to games and quizzes to audio and video resources. There are several different categories to choose from as well, including travel, traditions, life, news, and even K-pop and webtoons.

If you are interested in really taking your Korean language skills to the next level by taking the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK), the site also provides you with information about that.

Another cool feature is the ability to connect with Korean native speakers as well as learners in the forum section.

Most customer reviews had very positive things to say about the King Sejong Institute.


Talk to Me in Korean

talk to me in korean website

This site offers a fairly straightforward approach when it comes to learning Korean, and with a nine-level structure broken down into 30 lessons per level, you will learn all the essentials from basic words and idioms to grammatical structures to everyday phrases.

Lessons are ranked by topic and employ a step-by-step method. Each lesson also contains either downloadable podcasts or mp3 files along with practice exercises and supporting PDFs.

While the lessons are free of charge, Talk to Me in Korean also gives you the option to purchase up to four different video lessons. You can also book sessions with a Korean instructor if you are looking for more one-on-one type support.

As far as customer satisfaction goes, most people who signed up for the Talk to Me in Korean courses left fairly positive reviews.


Sogang Online

sogang university online page

From beginner to advanced intermediate levels, Sogang Online throws a lot of information at you in a relatively short period of time, so come prepared to learn.

The courses offered by this online portal, which is completely free of charge, are based on Sogang University’s Korean Language approach. This places a heavy emphasis on speaking and conversation, but each lesson will also focus on your writing, reading, and listening skills as well.

Each of the lessons use a variety of content, including texts, dialogue, audio, and animation. The course also contains mini-chapters, which feature transcripts, vocabulary lists, practice exercises, and comprehension exercises.

Most people who took the course left positive reviews.


Center for Korean Language and Culture

center for korean language and culture website

If you are looking to learn the basics of Korean, the Online Language Program presented by the Center for Korean Language and Culture is a fantastic resource.

Free of charge, this program teaches you everything from the Korean alphabet to common and new words to how to write in Korean. With such features as vocabulary lists and words games, you will be on your way to mastering Korean in no time.

Those who took advantage of the program generally left positive reviews.

Buyer’s Guide

There are several things you should consider before choosing the best online Korean course.

First, you should take your experience level with Korean into account. Are you a beginner with limited to no knowledge or an expert who is just looking to brush up on your skills?

Also, you will want to consider your reason for wanting to learn Korean. Do you have an upcoming trip planned? Are you just interested in learning a new language? This will also help you to determine what sort of course features you will best benefit from.

Finally, you should take your budget into account, since there are both a number of free courses as well as courses that cost a decent amount of money.

By considering all of these facets, you will quickly be on the road to mastering Korean thanks to a top-notch online course.