If you’re working towards a college degree, or simply aspire to improve your knowledge, online courses are a wonderful alternative. There are numerous free options available all over the Internet. However, securing this knowledge from one of the most respected universities in the world, such as Harvard or Stanford, makes the idea even more attractiveness.

The Harvard free online courses are a way to study any number of a vast array of subjects. The Harvard online learning portal is operated by the non-profit Open edX learning platform. Here are seven of the most popular Harvard free online courses you can’t miss.

1. Developing Myself: A CAEL Module

A great place to start your Harvard free online courses experience would be to develop your personal skills. This course will establish a foundation of confidence going forward. With the tools taught in Developing Myself: A CAEL Module, you will be better equipped to learn the more difficult material.

  • You will be given insight into how to practice intentional self-development.
  • Developing Myself provides a framework of useful tools to help you realize your maximum potential in any work or school environment.
  • The class does not have a fee and does not provide any official credits or certificates. However, it provides the valuable knowledge you can employ to move forward in any career.

2. Learning to Talk by Talking:

The full title of the next course is, Learning to Talk by Talking: A Developmental Approach to Maximizing Language and Literacy Skills. There aren’t many situations in your social and work life that communications skills aren’t essential. This is one of the basic Harvard free online courses that stress communication skills.

  • Learning to Talk by Talking, begins with a basic understanding of how children learn to communicate.
  • You will take this base knowledge and learn how to apply it to adult-level communications.
  • The course can be taken for free, but also offers a paid alternative to gain official credit for completion.

3. HBX Negotiation Mastery: Unlocking Value in the Real World

Who wouldn’t want to be a better negotiator? Negotiating is part of getting a job, picking a movie to see, or requesting a pay raise. The mastery of negotiating skills can be useful in an endless number of situations. This course will teach you how to unlock your negotiation expertise.

  • HBX Negotiation Mastery: Unlocking Value in the Real World helps you learn how to understand the dynamic structure of a negotiation.
  • You will be taught the tools to deal with differences in opinion, using your own personality to make you a more effective negotiator.
  • By completing this course you will be of greater value to any employer or organization. This is a paid course but offers a premier certificate upon successful completion.

Person hands writing on a notebook

4. HBX Managing Your Career Development

Armed with a better understanding of yourself, plus the tools to communicate and negotiate better, you can apply these skills to developing your career. Those who complete this course will be able to assess career choices, set goals and aspirations, plus develop tools to establish a successful career path.

  • HBX Managing Your Career Development is part of the HBX live virtual program offered as one of the Harvard free online courses. It is a paid course with a verified certification available.
  • This course will help you take your passion for a career and establish a vision to make it become a reality.
  • You will have at your disposal, a counseling option, and networking opportunities after you complete this course to help you develop your career to its maximum potential.

5. Cybersecurity: Managing Risk in the Information Age

Most careers and even personal lives involve some exposure to Internet technology. In the age of increasing risks to our cybersecurity, learning tools to keep your personal information secure can prove critical. This course will teach you how to manage risks associated with cybersecurity.

  • Hackers compromise business and personal networks on a daily basis. Cybersecurity: Managing Risk in the Information Age will provide you with a firm understanding of why preventative measures are critical to cybersecurity.
  • You will learn how to implement security features both at a personal, business and organizational level.
  • This is a paid course that offers a premier certification and official credit towards a degree in computer security-related programs.

6. HBX Becoming a Better Manager

Learning how to employ good management tools is the key to success in a number of areas. While these skills are essential for business managers, they are also vital to becoming a good leader. This course will teach you skills that go beyond business management techniques. Even rank-and-file employees will appreciate the managerial insight this course provides.

  • HBX Becoming a Better Manager teaches you to analyze all kinds of situations. This helps you to develop strategies, plan projects, plus coordinate group activities more efficiently.
  • You will appreciate the art of motivating people to work collectively to attain a unified goal.
  • The course is another paid opportunity that provides a premier certificate upon completion. This course also adheres to continuing education requirements for current business professionals.

7. Leadership, Organizing, and Action: Leading Change

The final course in the Harvard free online courses you can’t miss deals with organizing for change. In today’s world of changing views and policies, this is an excellent way to appreciate how leadership roles induce change and how you can be your own instrument of positive change.

  • Leadership, Organizing, and Action: Leading Change will help you build a solid understanding of how to effectively build relationships and structure leadership teams.
  • Through a nine-module course format, you will learn how civic organizations, social groups and other entities, structure plans to help mobilize people towards change.
  • This course is also a paid course where you can earn a premier certification. The curriculum is suited for business and organization leadership, plus everyday people who enjoy getting involved in campaigns for change.

In Conclusion

Taking online courses is fun and offers flexibility. There are thousands of alternatives available. Taking an online course can prepare you for a degree program, help you gain a promotion, or simply improve your own personal knowledge. No matter what the objective, learning at one of the most respected universities in the world is a bonus.

Harvard University has produced world leaders and renowned dignitaries. You too can take a course from this prominent college. Start at the top of the list, or anywhere in between to improve your knowledge by completing these Harvard free online courses.

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