With the steadily growing impact of Internet commerce, a presence on the web is critical to business success. One of the most important aspects of that presence is website content. The composing of all the written content used to promote products, services, or even ideas is the job of a copywriter. Copywriting courses are a great way to develop the talents necessary to write competitive copy in all forms.

While a skilled copywriter can earn an excellent income, you must know what you’re doing. It is difficult to teach natural creativity, but your creative talents blossom when you consider suggestions. To learn the tools necessary to be a proficient copywriter, you need to study the trade. Here are six of the best copywriting courses to improve your copy skills.

*These courses were included in our list due to their popularity but they are presented in no particular order.

1. The Writers Bureau

Whether you’re an aspiring copywriter or a website owner who wants to write their own material, it’s best to start with the basics. The Writers Bureau is one of the better copywriter courses to help establish a good foundation. This course is excellent for the copywriter who wants to launch a freelance career, as it provides a comprehensive overview of the industry.

There are expert tutors available to help you through difficult assignments. These assignments are home-based studies designed by expert copywriters. For the convenience of free home study to develop a solid set of copy skills, The Writers Bureau is one of the most appealing copywriter courses.

2. Copywriting Basics for Successful Sales

This course is offered through the SkillShare.com platform and is subtitled, Time-Tested Tactics that Prompt Action. The course involves a series of 12 short video presentations that focus on the key underlying principle behind copywriting courses: generate reader action. There is an excellent opening segment to establish a good copywriting foundation.

From there, Copywriting Basics builds up to more intricate copywriting skills. You’ll learn to appreciate diversity in your audience, how to maintain good frameworks and follow consistent writing principles. You will then take the information and learn by getting feedback on your own ad copy.

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3. Copywriting Masterclass – Writing that Sells

Much of the impetus behind good copywriting is to generate action, an action that leads to sales. The Copywriting Masterclass – Writing that Sells is another of the Skillshare copywriting courses that will help you build an essential set of copywriting skills. Much of the course is designed around establishing a strong sense of appreciation for why good copywriting must compel the reader to act.

You will benefit from the tested experience of experts who have already labored through the trial and error of good content criteria. Copywriting Masterclass will give you the skills to double click-through rate, which multiplies exposure, an exposure that leads to profits. This is a tremendous course to learn how copy generates sales on the Internet.

4. Blackford Centre for Copywriting

The Blackford Centre has a free course, especially suited for beginners, or writers who aren’t convinced copywriting is for them. However, their Diploma in Copywriting course is one of the most popular copywriter courses available. The curriculum goes beyond just teaching writers how to compose generic copy.

Aspiring copy authors who want to take their trade to the next level will appreciate the rigid set of industry standards employed by the Blackford Centre courses. Writers who successfully complete the course are rated against a series of formal standards.

You will be able to earn two different certificates, one indicating your level of competence as a copywriter and another acknowledging you have completed a course that meets the criteria for an ABC Awards quality license.

5. Emarketeers (Multiple Courses)

Emarketeers is one the most highly respected providers of training for digital marketers. While they are based in the United Kingdom and predominantly deal with a European market, the copywriting courses they offer online are available worldwide.

The Emarketeers course is specifically helpful for individual copywriters, but they also offer training for marketing departments of entire companies. Emarketeers offers a variety of detailed type courses beyond the basics.

The best place to start is with the digital content course, but you can expand into specific areas such as social media, search marketing, email marketing, or digital analytics. If you choose the Emarketeers alternative, you will have a series of specialized copywriting courses to help you take future steps in your career.

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6. American Writers & Artists, Inc.

The last in the series of excellent copywriter courses is one of a series of specialized curriculum provided by the American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI). The AWAI is a leading publisher of direct-response copywriting courses.

They are an industry-trusted authority where you’re provided expert guidance structured to advance your copywriting career to unfathomable limits. You have an opportunity to start with the most basic course and proceed at your own pace.

As your copywriting skills improve, your thirst for instruction that is more detailed as well. The AWAI copywriting courses build one level on top of the next until you have developed a mastery of copywriting. This method, of course, is a great way to ignite a career as a freelance copywriter that could result in a six-figure income.

Putting It All Together

If you love to write and especially if you love to write content intended to actively engage your readers, you have the most important component of being a successful copywriter. Choose from any of these six copywriting courses to either get started or build on an already strong foundation. The need for copywriters is growing with every new website, so too are the career opportunities for good writers.

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