Game development can be exciting and a lucrative career. To learn this knowledge, you can attend a brick and mortar school and secure a 4-year degree. However, there are affordable game development courses available online, and some are even free.

Udemy offers dozens of affordable courses, plus there are other e-Learning platforms where you can complete game development online courses. Here are eight of the best game development courses from Udemy and two other respectable e-Learning sources. The list will start with an essential free course, and end with an advanced curriculum in game development courses.

1: Introduction to Game Design

To start the learning process properly, you need to consider game development courses that supply the basics. If you already are an intermediate gamer, you can skip this free course offered by EdX in conjunction with MIT.

This course introduces all the concepts required to understand more detailed game development courses. So, since it costs nothing, it can be an excellent review even for seasoned game developers.

  • Introduction to Game Design teaches you how to analyze the game development mechanics, critical in designing a game that actually functions properly.
  • You will learn how to develop, and then test prototype games using an interactive process that employs valuable user feedback.
  • Your instructors are from the world-renowned MIT faculty, so you will learn the tools of the trade from some of the finest minds in the game development industry.

2: The Unreal Engine Developer Course – Learn C++ & Make Games

To begin the learning process of becoming a high-profile game developer, you have to build a foundation. If you have wisely chosen to establish that foundation with the previous free course, you can move forward with some affordable game development courses from Udemy.

C++ is an essential tool in building successful games. Udemy’s The Unreal Engine Developer Course gives you that essential knowledge. Like most of the Udemy online game development courses, the cost is minimal. This course fee is only $10.

  • You will learn from industry experts how and why C++ computer language is preferred the most popular choice of the game development industry.
  • You will learn about modern game development and have an opportunity to compare today’s systems with some crude games from the past.
  • To help you increase your game-developing competency, this is one of the best game development courses to gain a more thorough understanding of how computer operations relate to game design and development.

a smartphone with a game remote control illustration on a blue background

3: Unity: Beginner to Advanced – Complete Course

Once you have established an understanding of computer systems and code in relation to game development, understanding the Unity platform is next. Many of the subsequent courses on Udemy and other e-Learning platforms rely on the Unity platform. This Beginner to Advanced – Complete Course will provide you with that knowledge.

  • The course will follow a systematic, step-by-step approach to understand Unity. When you’re finished with this course, you will be able to take subsequent game development courses that involve an understanding of the Unity platform.
  • You will be able to develop basic games using Unity and C# while developing a clear appreciation for what is considered good gaming practices.
  • For the $10 enrollment fee, you receive 10 hours of informative video, 18 supplemental resources, all with a lifetime of access.

4: Unity 2D Course: Build a Mobile Platformer Game from Scratch

Now that you have an understanding of Unity, you can continue with detailed game development courses that use this popular system. The best recommendation is to build gradually on your knowledge. The next logical course would be a study in how to Build a Mobile Platformer Game From Scratch.

  • The course uses the Unity 2D builder platform, so it sticks to a gradual progression of knowledge to make it easier to understand important concepts.
  • You will get instruction on how to master various platformer game mechanics such as backgrounds, breakable plates, coin collection and more.
  • Once you complete this course, you will be able to create a character for nearly all the game platforms. You’ll build a player who can shoot, jump, and run, to successfully maneuver around the game terrain.

5: Unity3D: Mobile Game Development from Unity to App Store

The third advisable step in the sequence of best game development courses would be to follow the Unity series with Udemy. The Mobile Game Development from Unity to App Store course will give you what you need to successfully create a game for an app store. Google Play and other venues purchase appealing games every day and this course will offer you the skills to do the same.

  • This is an excellent course to launch a career in game development since it is an iOS game development course and Android app development course. You’ll become skilled in both systems.
  • For the same minimal $10 enrollment fee, you’ll learn how to start making money yourself of game ads.
  • Most importantly, this course will teach you how to use debug deployment errors for both Android and iOS operating systems.

an illustration of a man's hands working on building a game or an app

6: Build Virtual Reality Games for Google Cardboard Using Unity

Now that you have established a solid foundation in computer language basics and the Unity platform, time to build to the next level of game development courses. The virtual world is an alluring venue for game developers, especially on Google. The Udemy $10 course, Build Virtual Reality Games for Google Cardboard Using Unity can be a springboard to a career in game development.

  • This course provides the essential knowledge needed to build a virtual reality game using the basic concepts of Google Cardboard.
  • You will get the opportunity to build 3 games for the Google platform using Unity. These games will work on any Windows or Mac operating system.
  • All the Udemy students who successfully complete this course will be skilled in creating virtual reality games by writing code in the C# language.

7: RPG Core Combat Creator – Unity 2017 Compatible in C#

For that same $10 enrollment fee, you can build a full Role Playing Game from scratch. These games take virtual reality to the next stage in gaming. The RPG Core Combat Creator in the game development courses offered by Udemy provides you with that valuable opportunity.

  • You will learn intermediate level C#, plus how to architect code.
  • This class provides all the essential tools to build an engaging game, from the terrain to the enemies and props.
  • This course employs the Unity 5 editor, so you should have an understanding of that platform before starting this course.

8: Developing Windows 10 Games with Construct 2

The course you should consider taking is from the Microsoft e-Learning platform. Like the introductory EdX curriculum, it is a free course. What Developing Windows 10 Games with Construct 2 will do for you is open another portal to market your games. Windows is the most popular operating system in the world. With the game development skills from the previous courses, you will be able to use that knowledge to produce games for the Windows 10 store, dramatically opening up new possibilities.

  • You will learn how to implement the unique capabilities of Construct 2 developers and incorporate these tools with Windows 10 and Azure.
  • There are no prerequisites listed for this course, but a basic game development understanding would seem plausible. You will expand on that knowledge to use both touch input and Xbox controller inputs for game play.
  • Once you finish this Microsoft course, you’ll be ready to include ads in your games, plus dive right into publishing new games on the Windows 10 store.

Let’s Recap

Each of these best game development courses builds upon previous knowledge. If you can master the material presented in all 8, you will well on your way to a successful career in game development.

All the Udemy courses are cost affordable, each special enrollment fee is only $10. With the other pair of free courses, you’d have a total of $60 spent on a wealth of game developer knowledge.

Images source: Udemy