Mobile app development has become a hot career trajectory. Android app development appears more conducive for new developers to learn and create due to the nature and versatility of Android software. Don’t let the fact that you’ve never made an app or aren’t very technical stop you. With the right course, you can be successful in an Android app development career.

Online learning is a game changer for education thanks to the MOOC (massive open online course) format. There are literally thousands of classes available for you provided by numerous universities. This method aids busy folks in finding a new career by learning new skills or honing their current skill set in order to make more money.

Top 5 Android App Development Online Courses

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#1. Coursera

Coursera is an online educational platform (MOOC) with a host of courses provided by different universities available for free. They implement course modules for each class. The modules are usually broken down into weekly segments. Some of the modules for the “Java for Android” course include “Introduction to Android Studio” and “ Writing a Sample Android App Using Basic Java Features”. You have the option to pay for certification upon completion. Their Android app development courses were created by Vanderbilt University. This program is called Android App Development Specialization and you can take five courses to complete the specialty.

Each course prepares you for the next step, starting with Java for Android. This is the beginner course for those with no prior experience in java or developing apps. You have the opportunity to continue throughout the specialization all the way up to the capstone course. This happens when you will apply what you’ve learned in the previous four courses to develop an Android app ready to market. The course uses a discussion board format as well as video lectures.

#2. Udacity

Udacity offers an Android Developer Nanodegree by Google. A nanodegree focuses on the outcome and preparing you with career skills. This program is geared towards those with an intermediate skill level and a basic understanding of Java. Therefore, you don’t want to begin your studies with this particular course if you’re just starting out. You will be provided with video lectures and demonstrations along with your course materials.

This program lasts about nine months. Some of the courses included are “Create Project Sunshine” (this is the initial app creation that you will be using throughout the course), “Intents”, and up to “Polishing the UI”. If you choose to go with the plus feature for a fee, you get a job guarantee at the end of your course. You can still complete this class and learn for free, though. When you are finished, you will have a portfolio of apps you have created to show potential employers and they will even place your app in the Google Play Store for others to enjoy.

#3. Udemy

Udemy, another MOOC, offers a wide variety of online courses to choose from that usually charge a small fee. One could spend hours just looking through all the options. They offer a course entitled “The Complete Android & Jave Developer Course – Build 21 Apps” for the prospective app developer. Anyone can do this course, as it is designed for the novice Android app developer. No experience is necessary.

Over the span of 5 weeks, you will learn nearly everything you need to know in order to be successful in app development and other select technological fields. Some of the courses include “Windows PC: Install and setup Software for Android App Development”, “Learn Jave Development From Scratch!”, and “User Interface (UI) Layouts in Android”. You will even be able to upload your apps to the Google Play Store, as well as have the possibility of earning money by allowing ads to run on your apps. This process will also allow you to make your own portfolio of developed apps in order to obtain employment.

#4. Android Developer Training

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Android Developer Training is more of a self-paced course. You will download Android Studio for free, and from there you can start learning and creating. This course covers everything from “Building Your First App”, “Building Apps with Graphics & Animation” to “Working with System Permissions”. This is a very robust, yet simple, learning platform.

Once you’ve downloaded the software, follow the course trajectory and use Studio to do the work. You will learn and build simultaneously. The Android Studio experience you will gain will be immeasurable in your future endeavors as a developer. Once you are finished, you will have a clear understanding on how to flourish in the Android app development field.

#5. Google Developers Training

Google offers an array of courses designed for those interested in Android app development. They even offer a couple of on-campus courses for the classroom. You don’t have to be part of a physical class to enjoy the other courses, though. You can choose between their offerings, which most are self-paced.

The online courses provided are aimed at those with an intermediate knowledge of java and app development. The beginner class is only available as a 12-week course in a physical class. This listing is a bit different than the others because Google Developer Training utilizes other sites, like Udacity, to connect you with courses of interest. Keep a lookout on this page, as they may add more beginner courses available online in the future. If not, there are plenty of other websites you can utilize to move past the beginner stage.

Putting It All Together

There are many different forms of learning, thanks to the internet and the brilliant people online. If you want to change your career or strengthen your current skills, consider enrolling in one of these courses for Android App Development. Have you already taken one of these courses? Let us know how it went for you and what kind of apps you have created!

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