A 360 degree overview of Udemy

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Online education definitely seems to be suffering due to the lack of genuine online learning marketplaces, and the presence of quite a few less-desirable ones. For example, there are online education marketplaces that host their own content, with more profits being their primary objective. What this means is that the learners to a particular course don’t even know if they are actually learning from an expert in the particular field or just a marketer.

Similarly, most of the reasonably useful courses are priced very expensively, which scares away a lot of people genuine interested in learning who can’t afford to pay much as they may just be starting out with something.

This is the reason Udemy manages to stand out from the lot as an online learning marketplace. It’s one of the very few online learning marketplaces that allow one to register as either learner or instructor. This concept it’s based on makes everything considerably more transparent than all its competitors. It obviously also ensures that one is getting trained by the right people, and not someone hired by the company.

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Some of the important and unique features of Udemy that help it stand out from its competitors are:

A lot of free courses

As mentioned earlier, a lot of people interested in learning something online are always confronted with a rather challenging issue, which is expensively priced courses. Also, even if one may be willing to pay a high price for learning something, they would at least want to be sure that what they are enrolling for really offers value for their money. But usually, paid courses of most of the other online learning marketplaces hardly offers a level of transparency high enough to make one comfortable with paying whatever price the course is being offered at.

On the other hand, Udemy offers a ton of courses completely free of cost. To be precise, a third of all its courses are completely free, and anyone can enroll to them simply by registering on the site.

Now though some other online marketplaces, too, offer free courses, the quality of such courses may be far from satisfactory. Of course, even on Udemy, the free courses may not always offer very thorough content, but usually, they may go a long way in helping you strengthen your understanding about the things you are planning to learn.

This may turn out to be tremendously useful for learners, especially the ones looking to learn something completely new to them. For example, if there’s someone who wants to learn app development from scratch, but hardly knows anything about it currently, may want to go for the free courses first. By doing so, they will be able to find out whether or not the concept is something they will be comfortable with. This can be a huge money saver than going for paid courses only to find out you have no interest or passion in learning them.

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A wide range of courses

Udemy is arguably the largest online learning marketplace. It offers a wide range of courses in almost every category imaginable. Being able to choose from such a huge number of options may help one find a course that seems to be suiting their way of learning well, and avoid the wrong ones.

Also, one would probably be able to find enough options for them regardless of how specific their topic of learning is. This may not be possible while learning on other such platforms, as most of them seem to be having considerably limited number of options for each categories and hardly anything much relevant for the more specific topics.

Being able to access such a huge amount of content about something really helps one inch closer to becoming an expert at it. One may not even have to refer to any other sources, or need any other type of help. This is simply because everything they would need to know and learn about their topic can be availed through Udemy, thanks to offering such a huge range of courses on even the smallest of things out there.

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No prequalification required

None of the courses offered on Udemy require any type of qualifications. One can simply enroll for any course that interests them, or helps them in developing their skills. One can probably say by this that Udemy isn’t really focused much on helping one gain typical academic level education, but rather practical and actually useful stuff.

Udemy’s courses have always favored learning things that help one become more successful, improve their skills, and find them a better job or increase income. Hence, a prequalification isn’t necessary for Udemy courses, as the concept here is entirely different and innovative, and not even slightly related to traditional education.

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Intuitive interface

Offering great content is one thing, while offering an interface that makes one feel comfortable, motivated, and involved is a completely another one. This is probably something where most of Udemy’s competitors seem to be leaving a lot to be desired. An interface having a rather dull feel may start boring the learners at some point while taking a course. This is the reason we see such a huge number of people who try to learn something online drop out from a course halfway.

Udemy, on the other hand, earns a lot of appreciation on this front. It’s rather intuitive and user-friendly interface offers a really comfortable environment for the learners. This also allows them to learn more productively, and spend more time learning the courses than they otherwise would in a lack of such a comfortable online learning environment.

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Supports multiple devices

What if you have enrolled to a course but need to out of town for a week or so? You surely wouldn’t have enough access to a desktop to be able to continue learning while you are out. It is during such times when being able to access the courses on multiple devices turns out to be really useful.

Udemy courses can be accessed through almost all the devices out there that can connect to the Internet. So all you need to access the courses you have enrolled to is a device with an Internet connection, and you are good to learn them regardless of where you are.

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Considerably inexpensively priced courses

As mentioned earlier, one of the major problems associated with most of the other online learning marketplaces is that they price their courses considerably expensively. After all, as most of them do not allow instructors to register and use their site for selling courses about things they are good at, they need to do all the work for coming up with all the courses.

This results in several disadvantages. Let us take a brief look at them all below:

  • High prices: Unlike instructors, they don’t have the required expertise to create a course and need to spend a lot of money on it. Hence, they probably have to hire quite a few people in order to create a course’s content for them, resulting in high costs. The effect of these high costs, of course, is passed on the learners by charging them a hefty price for the courses.
  • Lack of thorough content: As their courses may or may not be created by people adequately knowledgeable and experienced about the topic, the content lacks thoroughness. This ultimately leads to the enrollers gaining considerably less than they should have or could have. The learners may even have to refer to other sources, or resort to taking more courses about the topic, as what they learn from such courses lacking thoroughness is rather incomplete.
  • Having to enroll for multiple courses: As the courses offered by such marketplaces may not be complete or thorough, one may have to enroll for multiple courses just to learn one single thing completely.

On the other hand, against all the above mentioned disadvantages, Udemy actually offers quite a few advantages. Firstly, Udemy isn’t even involved in the pricing of its courses. They are priced by the instructors who offer them to the learners. However, as such instructors are usually not businesses but individuals, they price their courses considerably lower, ensuring that they can be afforded by almost everyone who would be interested in learning that particular course. After all, usually, such instructors are simply looking for some extra income, and choose to earn it by teaching others something they are pretty good at.

So for example, a full-time programmer may decide to take some time out from their schedule to working on a course that teaches the basics of programming. They don’t even need to shift their focus much off their regular work, and would still be able to create the course material in a fairly short period of time. Once they are done, they may offer it on Udemy, where they will earn a specific amount fixed by them every time someone pays to enroll for their course.

Hence, as this is purely extra, and more importantly, “passive” income, they don’t mind pricing it lower as they now hardly need to work on it much. Also, as Udemy hardly needs to spend anything in this process, it can settle with a rather low commission, making it a win-win situation for everyone, especially the learners, who get thoroughly, and highly useful content for a surprisingly low price.

As a matter of fact, most of the courses being offered on Udemy currently are priced lower than $200. This is saying something, given that most of its competitors price them considerably higher.

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Money-back guarantee

Well, we really doubt if it can get any better than this for the people who are looking to use Udemy for learning. It’s because Udemy offers a 100% money-back guarantee to anyone who doesn’t end up satisfied with the course they bought. The time period for claiming the money back is 30 days, more than enough to go through all the contents of the course properly and find out whether or not they are exactly what the learner was looking for.

This guarantee means quite a few really favorable things for the learners on Udemy. They are:

  • Being offered genuinely useful courses only: Well, as the instructors on Udemy know that the learners can ask for their money back, they will hardly consider following any “sell and forget” methods. After all, they know that if they don’t provide what their learners are exactly looking for, or if the course isn’t genuinely useful, they will hardly be able to make anything anyway. Hence, this eliminates the possibility of low quality stuff or scam related issues significantly, and makes sure that the learners are offered nothing but the best stuff the instructors can come up with.
  • No need to worry before paying: People who decide to go for online learning are really afraid of paying for any course in full before enrolling, especially if it’s an expensive one. This is due to the fact that most of the online learning marketplaces out there don’t offer any money-back guarantee (maybe because most of the times they themselves are the seller), increasing the probability of coming across scam related issues and poor quality or not-so-useful content. Also, as the learners can’t do anything once they make the payment, they may end up disappointed if the course doesn’t really offer what they were looking for. This is obviously not the case while learning through Udemy, thanks to the 100% money-back guarantee.
  • Ensures top notch customer support: The instructors on Udemy are supposed to offer a great customer support to their learners whenever they need help with something. The money-back guarantee ensures such a level of support, as not offering it may result in learners claiming their money back.

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Advantages for course creators

The above mentioned points may make it seem like Udemy is partial towards the learners. However, that’s not really the case, as it has many advantages in store for its instructors or course creators as well. Some of the major ones are:

  • An impressive revenue sharing program, with instructors keeping 50% of the revenues
  • Free to fix the price
  • Being offered a really convenient way to publish and manage the course content.
  • Promotional offers to promote the courses
  • Many more

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A final word

With the concept so well innovative and the management so smooth, Udemy seems to have got everything it needs to stay as the top online learning marketplace ever for years to come. There’s a good reason it manages to attract investments of millions of dollars in a fairly easy way, and it’s because it has tremendous growth potential, thanks to creating a win-win situation for both its learners and course creators.

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