There are various reasons to learn about nutrition. Personal trainers, nurses, school administrators and especially nutrition professionals, can benefit from the knowledge. Dietitians are required to have nutrition certification as well. Good nutrition can produce a number of positive health benefits.

Some people simply want to learn about the different nuances of good nutrition to improve their own personal diet and health. Regardless of the reason, you can conveniently get this information by taking online nutrition courses. Here are seven excellent online nutrition courses ranked in order of cost, beginning with basic free alternatives.

1. Food in American History – MIT OpenCourseWare

To understand nutrition, it helps to understand cultural and historic tendencies that have affected the food you eat. This course is a wonderful overview of how dramatically food has changed American culture. There are resources that easily adapt to the food culture in other countries as well. This is a free course presented by the MIT OpenCourseWare Program.

  • Food in American History will review the history of food in the United States and how industrialization and globalization of food have changed nutrition.
  • This is a graded course with 14 sections and requires a final paper. The final paper accounts for 50% of the grade in this course.
  • You will learn about how food is processed and how sugar additives have dramatically altered food products. This course considers how American food production has affected nutrition across the globe.

2. The Psychology, Biology, and Politics of Food – Open Yale Courses

This second course is provided for free by one of the most renowned universities in the world. Like the previous option from MIT, the valuable information you will learn about nutrition is extensive. This course is part of the Open Yale Courses program.

  • The Psychology, Biology, and Politics of Food, studies the idea of why people eat. It looks into the cultural aspects of food and how individual governments have affected the food you eat.
  • You will learn about different types of food production such as sustainable farming, plus discover how genetically altered foods are shaping the future of your diet.
  • While free, this is a very extensive course. There are 23 lectures, optional assignments, and textbooks that you can acquire. Average completion time for this course is 12 weeks.

3. Free Starter Nutrition Course – The Health Sciences Academy

Another great place to start learning about nutrition is by taking a starter course. The Health Sciences Academy has a free alternative with a $90 value. It’s perfect for those wanting general information, or individuals who are considering a career in the field. There are also advanced level courses available to help attain professional certifications.

  • The Free Starter Nutrition Course will help you understand weight gain probability and why diet is such an important part of weight management.
  • You will learn about the so-called superfoods, and how to read food labels with competence. This information will help you as you consider other online nutrition courses.
  • This course includes free email support for everyone who registers with The Health Sciences Academy. Registration for an account is free as well.

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4. The Science of Nutrition – Future Learn

The fourth course also has a free option, as well as an upgrade that offers additional benefits. Future Learn has a number of nutrition- and health-focused courses in their curriculum. This course will help you appreciate the scientific aspects of what people eat.

  • The Science of Nutrition takes four weeks to successfully complete. You will need to commit roughly three hours per week. The free alternative allows you six weeks of access.
  • You will be taught the biology behind your diet. This will present you with an understanding of digestion, including the chemical breakdown of food for energy.
  • Again, the base course is free. However, you can upgrade for $64 to gain unlimited access, free exams to test your progress, plus a certificate of achievement for employment verification.

5. Complete Nutrition for All – Fully Accredited Course by Udemy

Udemy has an excellent reputation for providing valuable online learning experiences that are affordable. This nutrition course is one of numerous diet and fitness alternatives available. Be attentive to Udemy special discounts. By using one of these opportunities, you can secure registration for this accredited course for only $11.99.

  • Complete Nutrition for All carries a full accreditation from the Complimentary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA). This is important for nutrition professionals wishing to maintain licensed certifications.
  • You will learn about vitamins and supplements, plus how calories affect overall good nutrition.
  • The course presents credible nutrition advice for children, adults and the elderly.

6. Fitness Nutrition Certification – International Sports Science Association

People who work in the health and fitness industry will know about the International Sports Science Association’s (ISSA) excellent reputation. They offer certification courses for various careers in the field of diet and exercise. The Fitness Nutrition Certification course is one of the most extensive online nutrition courses and has 1-time $598 registration fee.

  • The ISSA Fitness Certification course is conducted completely online. You can study at your own pace and take the required exams when you feel confidently prepared.
  • They provide unlimited support for every course, before you register, while you are studying, plus after you have completed the course.
  • The course format uses multimedia lectures and written information, along with weekly tasks to help you grade your own progress.

7. Nutrition and Health Science Program – Ashworth College

The nutrition program offered by Ashworth can be taken as a collective series of courses that will earn an accredited nutritionist certification. Base tuition will also allow you take other courses during the same time period if you choose. The $699 tuition fee can be paid in full, or on a monthly plan.

  • This is an excellent selection for anyone wishing to pursue a career in diet and nutrition.
  • The Nutrition and Health Science Program explores how nutrition affects health and wellness. You will be exposed to a very informative curriculum that studies the chemistry behind the food you eat.
  • This course also looks into how research has changed nutrition concepts and how diet is associated with the disease. You can register and take individual online nutrition courses, or enroll for full-degree consideration.

In Conclusion

These seven quality online nutrition courses cover a wide array of alternatives. If you have never studied nutrition, begin at the top with one or more of the free courses. For those who need professional certification, or aspire to work in the nutrition field, you will find the subsequent courses extremely engaging.

Working in the field of diet and nutrition can be financially rewarding. Understanding how what we eat shapes who we are is also important to everyone. Try one or more of these informative online courses to improve your knowledge of how nutrition affects your health and fitness.

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