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Making someone’s day no longer needs to require a large investment of time or money. Thanks to 123Greetings you can brighten the mood of a family member, friend, or acquaintance by sending them an ecard, an action which takes only a few minutes and no payment.

Have you ever received a card in the mail? Or a spontaneous email from a friend? Or a text message from someone you haven’t talked to in months? There’s few words to describe that feeling of joy, the reassurance that someone else cares about you and how you are doing. While composing such a greeting only takes several minutes of the writer’s time, it reveals something deeper. It affirms that not only did someone think about you, but that they valued you enough to put forth the effort to move past their thoughts and check in with how you are doing.

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As written letters gradually diminish from modern society, so too does the likelihood that individuals will act on their thoughts and jot a quick note to a loved one. While this is a sad reality, this trend makes such cards, emails, and texts even more appreciated and valuable. You can truly make someone’s day with a simple note.

123Greetings makes this action even easier than before. This website offers thousands of free ecards, allowing you to send interactive, customized letters to anyone you wish through email. 123Greetings contains every card you can imagine for every occasion you can encounter. From birthday, anniversary, and congratulations, to thank yous, holidays, and inspirational, this website has got you covered.

While sifting through countless cards in the category of your choice, you can choose between animated cards, videos, or postcards. After selecting a card, you can customize the card by filling in the recipient’s name, your name, and a message (which may be as long or short as you desire). 123Greetings then allows you to preview the card before they send it to the email address you indicate. You no longer have any excuse to not send your loved ones a greeting when you think of them, much less neglect their birthdays, anniversaries, or other milestones.

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Due to the free nature of this useful service, you may want to learn more about 123Greetings and how to best utilize their resources. You do not need to stop with only sending the cards this website offers. Utilizing the customization options 123Greetings offers to add a personal touch to their generic cards is the first step. But you can go a step further by learning how to create your own ecards.

123Greetings produced a course on Udemy titled “How to Create Great Ecards” in order to show you how to employ your creativity in order to fashion ecards of your very own. In only one hour, you can learn about the history of ecards, types of ecards, and how to create your own. The 123Greetings team responsible for this lesson catered it to interested parties of all levels of experience; you need not be intimidated. Also, like the site itself, this course is free. Thus you only need to invest one hour in order to gain a new and applicable skill.

Thanks to technology, physical distance no longer severs communication between loved ones. You can instantly connect with individuals across the room, country, or globe via phone call, text, email, and video chat. While the handwritten letter may always claim a treasured and sentimental place of our affections, it is quickly becoming obsolete in the efficiency of our modern society. Ecards provide the perfect solution to this dilemma, an option which still bestows the recipient with feelings of love and comfort and costs the sender as much or little time as he or she desires. 123Greetings similarly respects your busy schedule, offering thousands of ecard options for convenience or a quick course which teaches you how to make your own ecard, all at no cost to you. So next time you wonder how a friend or family member is doing, send them an ecard, you might just make their day.