If you want to succeed in the world of business, you must understand the principles of business management. This can involve anything from an appreciation of simple business concepts, to learning about the psychology behind people’s impulses. There is no concrete structure of required courses in this direction.

However, there are hundreds of outstanding opportunities to study business management online. The best part is that many of them are free. Frequently, successful completion of all assignments will provide authentic certificates and accreditation. Here are 7 of the best courses to study business management online.

1. Discovering Management – The Open University

The first course to consider is a free opportunity to study business management online. It is provided by the OpenLearn platform at The Open University. This class is free once you establish a free account with the university.

  • Discovering Management will establish a set of managerial tools to help you understand key dimensions of being a good leader.
  • Lectures and assignments are blended together to teach you how to utilize key management principles.
  • This course is great for business-minded types. Moreover, it uses concepts that can be helpful in everyday situations of a business evolution.

2. Managerial Psychology – MIT OpenCourseWare

Understanding the mindset of individual workers is essential to good management practices. An excellent addition to add to your study business management online list is a class that explores the psychological aspects of management. This is the perfect course to study this aspect of being a manager.

  • With an understanding of some basic managerial psychology, you will learn how to present your ideas in oral and written formats.
  • Managerial Psychology is an undergraduate course that does not have a prerequisite. Nonetheless, general psychology could be helpful. All MIT OpenCourseWare classes are free.
  • The course contains 26 lectures with accompanying assignments. You can work at your own pace in OpenCourseWare classes.

3. Competitive Advantage – Using Information to Build Business Success

This class is available on the Future Learn website. It is a free course coordinated with the Deakin University School of Business in Australia. Since information is critical to business success, this is a key course to help build your business knowledge.

  • Business is inherently competitive. Learning how to gain an advantage is essential to success.
  • The basic course content is free. However, you can upgrade for $79 to gain lifetime access to the entire course. This paid version includes an authentic certificate of completion when you’re finished.

4. Strategic Management (StratMgt) – Open2Study

The next course is a great place to continue to study business management online by learning management strategy. This course will lay a solid foundation for understanding the various approaches to good management techniques. It is a free course that is a perfect beginner step for students working towards a degree in business.

  • Strategic Management is broken down into four modules. There are 36 instructional videos and 32 quizzes. Each module has a graded assessment.
  • You will be exposed to both the internal and external facets of management principles.
  • The third module teaches you how to develop a competitive management strategy. Afterward, you will find out how to deal with errors that arise from managerial decisions.

5. Strategic Business Management – Microeconomics on Coursera Platform

This is an excellent course to learn how to apply business strategies based on a microeconomics model. It is part of the Coursera business platform, created by the University of California, Irvine. The course focuses on the role of management in business operations.

  • You can earn a certificate of completion. Aas with most Coursera opportunities, it costs less than $100. You can explore the course for free, but you will have limited access to content.
  • You must pass all graded assignments to be issued an official certificate of completion.

6. New Business Essentials for Startups and Entrepreneurs – Udemy

business plan sketch does it work? no, yes, dollar sign

Even if you plan to work in a management capacity for another business, learning how to manage from an entrepreneurial standpoint is invaluable. This is a course on the Udemy learning platform that explores management principles using the private ownership model.

  • The course customarily costs $95. On the other hand, with some patience, you can register with as much as 85% savings.
  • You will have lifetime access to all course content, including four hours of on-demand video lecture. You don’t need any experience or special software to complete this course.

7. Managing the Value of Customer Relations – Wharton School of Business Online

The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania is one of the most acclaimed business schools in the world. This is a structured course taught by experienced business professionals. It is designed to help you understand the important value of customer relations.

  • The central focus of this course is business-centricity. You will learn how to find a balance between customers, products, and other business interactions.
  • You will need to make a 6-week commitment to be successful in this course to study business management online, broken down into 3 to 4 hours per week.


Since none of these courses to help you study business management online have prerequisite requirements, you can begin with any of them. A good suggestion is to start with one of the free, basic courses. Afterward, you can progress to those that present more detailed theories.

While these are excellent options to study business management online, they also can provide a wealth of knowledge for everyday life. If you feel you could benefit from improving your leadership skills, you will find any combination of these courses helpful.

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