Your sales staff benefits from knowledge. The more they know, the more confident and relaxed they will be during each stage of a sale. An assertive salesperson will successfully navigate a prospective transaction from the proposal stage through closing.

The list begins with free sales training online course options, progressing to more complex alternatives that require a fee. Each of these 7 sales training online course alternatives will help an individual sales professional or team to improve their customer care and negotiation skills.

1. HubSpot – Free Sales Training

The first option you might consider is a free alternative that establishes an excellent foundation in salesmanship. HubSpot has a Free Sales Training online course. It is perfect as a refresher of core sales concepts. It also follows a simple format that can help you decide if a career in sales is for you.

  • The course consists of five 30-minute class sessions. Each of them has a 50-question exam to earn a certificate of completion.
  • You will gain an appreciation of the four-step process used to build inbound sales.
  • The Free Sales Training Course addresses the importance of the first call, teaches you how to use emails to your advantage, and how to create successful sales conversations.

2. Sales Techniques – Interacting with Customers by Alison

customer care agent with customer advising on deal on laptop in open office

Customers are the key to a successful career in sales. Few sales occupations do not require interacting with customers directly. This sales training online course, Sales Techniques – Interacting with Customers is the perfect place to begin a career in sales. It is also a nice refresher course for experienced sales professionals, especially since it’s free.

  • The first full section is a thorough introduction to sales as a career.
  • You will learn about fundamental questions customers will ask no matter what the product or service.
  • Sales Techniques online course builds a foundation for handling resistance and helping a salesperson turn a non-sale into a close successfully.

3. Sales Strategies: Mastering the Selling Process

This is another sales training online course that lays a good foundation for beginner sales professionals. It does not a have fee. However, you will need to pay $95 if you want to secure a certification of completion. The Sales Strategies: Mastering the Selling Process certification is recommended to first-time applicants for a job in sales.

  • This course starts from the premise that selling is a life skill that needs to be learned. It is believed that everyone can learn these skills. Moreover, people can take advantage of these lessons even for personal gains.
  • While this course is excellent for learning sales skills, it is also a tremendous source of knowledge on how to sell yourself. This can be useful when applying for any type job.
  • This is a beginner class. You will need to dedicate 3 to 5 hours per week over the 5 weeks of study.

4. Sales Training: Practical Sales Techniques by Udemy

sales employee woman with earpiece bluetooth device using white laptop

Udemy is one of the best online course platforms. They offer a number of engaging business courses. Sales Training: Practical Sales Techniques is an affordable sales online training course that goes beyond the basics. This course uses salesmanship as a cornerstone of other professions. With Udemy discounts, it can cost as little as $12.

  • This course focuses on building a connection with another person. Using these practical sales techniques, you’ll be able to use your persuasive skills in any relationship.
  • You’ll be exposed to multiple styles, mastering body language as part of the selling experience.
  • The course is great for current sales staff who want to expand their skills. It is also addressing to the entry-level member of the sales force looking to build a successful sales career.

5. Action Selling – Online Sales Training (Associate Certified)

The Action Selling – Online Sales Training course presents an associate certification to everyone who successfully completes this program. The course fee, including the certification, is $195. Action Selling uses an eLearning module plus the Action Selling eBook to teach selling strategies to all levels of a sales staff.

  • This is a great course for new sales professionals. The certificate is an authentic addition to a resume, which can be important in getting a sales job.
  • Online Sales Training uses an animated avatar to make the experience both enjoyable and engaging.
  • There is an assessment with the certification. It explains the areas where you were strong and situations where you could improve.

6. Sales Strategies: Mastering the Selling Process from Coursera

This Sales Strategies course has the same title as a previous choice. However, it is much more detailed. It is offered through the Coursera online course platform. The normal fees for these specialized business courses are under $500. There is financial aid available for Coursera courses for those who qualify.

  • Mastering the Selling Process from Coursera is taught in conjunction with the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. Completing this course will give you more than just a certificate. This is one of the most highly respected business schools in the world.
  • This is a five-week course, with an intense schedule of video lectures, assignments, and quizzes. There is a final exam. While you will need to dedicate more time to this class, there are many rewards.
  • Even though you should complete the course assignments on schedule, you will have lifetime access to much of the material. This can be vital to a budding sales career.

7. 21st Century Sales Training for Elite Performance

happy sales woman making a presentation on white board in front of clients

This sales online training course is offered through Brian Tracy International, a respected option for developing highly successful results. The 21st Century Sales Training course provides a 24-part virtual training curriculum with outstanding hands-on support. The standard price is $1,500. However, if you register during your first visit, you will earn a 33% discount.

  • The course provides research data that diligent study of the Brian Tracy concepts can help a salesperson earn 10 times more within a 35-month period.
  • You will learn how to influence customer behavior without coming across as pushy. The course teaches you how to be prepared for all kinds of questions customers use in an attempt to avoid purchasing.
  • The full course includes 24 videos plus 24 workbooks with full summaries. There is a short mini-course offered that focuses exclusively on closings for an additional fee of $297.


These are 7 various sales training online course alternatives. You can begin with one of the free options if you’re contemplating a career in sales, or you want to rebuild a sales foundation. One way to address this list is to begin at the top of the list and progress down to the more engaging courses.

Once you acquire a strong base, you can move on to the next course and build upon the knowledge learned previously. No matter where you begin, these are 7 informative sales training online course choices can ignite a successful career in sales.

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