When you learn piano online, much of the progress depends on the quality of your resources. Once you take the first steps to playing piano, the next part hinges on the lessons you practice with. People may choose the online environment because traditional lessons cost too much, or they don’t want to leave the comfort of their own home. You can learn piano through a self-education program, but having previous experience with musical instruments puts a powerful surge on your progress to learn piano online.

The Top 5 Most Invaluable Resources to Learn Piano Online for Self-Taught Musicians

Note: The following resources are presented in no particular order.

1. Playground Sessions

a virtual piano keyboard

The learning with Playground Sessions prioritizes fingers on the keyboard and a more hands-on approach than bland theory-based learning. Many times, fresh sprouting learners to the piano world will learn the theory part first, and this extinguishes the fire they initially felt for learning a musical instrument. Whenever you hit a plateau with your learning efforts, you can ask for help on the forums at Playground Sessions. Also, the forums become a valuable learning resource where you can connect with other piano players trying to master a new instrument. The features of Playground Sessions include:

  • Modern songs.
  • Autoplay.
  • Instrument playback.
  • Integration with social media.
  • Recording of the sessions.

Going through the tutorial will teach you to play some of the top 40 music hits. If music theory triggered the response for your piano passion, then you may not want to buy Playground Sessions because the program teaches fewer lessons on the theory end than other programs like Piano Marvel.

2. Piano Marvel

Top Ten Reviews honored Piano Marvel with the Silver Award because of the variety of helpful tools to succeed on your piano playing journey. You have a broad spectrum of lessons and a curriculum that leaves no corner unexplored. The eclectic musical variety teaches you to play from a number of music genres, and you have interactive practice tools to track your progress. Charting your progress lets you know how far you progressed. At just $15 a month, you can learn piano online much cheaper than if you visited a real classroom. At the same time, Piano Marvel opens the door to more than 2,200 lessons to play through.

In conjunction with a piano teacher, Piano Marvel will rocket your progress and complement the rest of your learning efforts. You also have a free trial to try the lessons without strings attached. The platform also works with both Windows and Mac, and the MIDI capabilities are among some of the best. However, if you do not have MIDI, you could find better piano lessons out there.

3. Piano with Willie

a music sheet close-up

Featuring an extensive curriculum that covers a vast range of playing styles and music genres, Piano with Wilie presents more than 3,500 lessons and an active and supportive online community. Unlike Piano Marvel and Playground Sessions, however, Piano with Willie cannot track your progress, which can slow you down. Should you choose the Premier membership, you will receive everything Studio members get in addition to teacher feedback and regular check-ins to monitor progress, but it doesn’t track progress in the same way. The live training sessions happen through Skype.

For beginners, when you learn piano online with this resource, you will access a 30-Day Success Playbook. It covers all the fundamentals of the piano, and once you master the basics, you can transition to the video lessons. The playing styles range from gospel to funk to blues to Latin to jazz to rock. You can filter through the lessons based on what you find the most appealing.

4. Learn and Master Piano

A course with over 14 DVDs and a 100-page lesson book, the creators crammed everything you need into this step-by-step instruction booklet. You will play through popular songs and have clear instruction to songs. The video demonstration shows an animated keyboard where you can visibly see what keys were hit on the keyboard.

Seeing the music on paper and screen aids the learning process. When you learn piano online with this resource, you can play many of the popular songs today. Learn, and Master Piano also includes an online support system where you can ask the instructors questions, track progress and meet like-minded piano learners. The whole process makes learning much easier, and as you progress, you will have access to the intermediate playing level. The biggest issue with this product is how Willie is the sole instructor, and you must wait for the product to ship before you can start. Also, some of the lessons move too slowly for faster learners.

5. Youtube

Outside actual piano learning programs, Youtube has a broad category of teaching resources for the piano. The best part is how it doesn’t cost you a dime to try, and you can scroll through many of the lessons to decide on the resource you like the best. Try out multiple lessons to find what clicks the most in your head. Unlike other resources, Youtube hands you access to a broad range of teachers, and you can work your way through each of the videos.

Another cool advantage of the Youtube resource is how the company also uses live streaming to let teachers give their lessons to students. During this time, you can comment and receive correctional feedback from your teacher.

These are some of the best resources to learn piano online. Do you have a different favorite resource you used to teach yourself how to play the piano? You can leave a comment below on some of your favorite resources, and we will have an active discussion that helps educate people further on some of the best online resources for learning piano. Truthfully, to learn piano online, your best method will be to use it in conjunction with a real teacher. It might cost more, but you have your subtle mistakes corrected more than if you tried to learn it on your own.

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