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In this digital age of social media, everyone prefers to present their life in a series of pictures On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any of the other myriad of social media apps, people are sharing glimpses of their everyday lives, from the fabulous to the mundane. These intimate peeks into everyday life can include anything from the perfect shot of that afternoon latte or happy-hour cocktail, the adorable photoof the new puppy at play or napping grandbaby, the happy memory of that awesome vacation, to that ever-present flawless selfie. Although some people choseto upload their photos “as-is”, most opt to give their photos a bit of editing, or atouch-up, to ensure that the slice-of-life presented to the world is perfect.

Pixlr Editor is a powerful web-based image editing software that is used by professionals and amateurs alike. Those who have used pro software like Autodesk, Adobe Photoshop or other advanced image editing services or appswill be familiar with the interface and tools available in Pixlr Editor. Pixlr also has a desktop and mobile version, so you can edit your images in the comfort of your own home, or on the go.

While images may be edited online with other web browser applications sites such as FotoFlexer, Collage Maker, Free Photo, MS Photo Express or My PhotoCreator, the tools, effects, and ease-of-use make Pixlr the perfect online imageeditor for those seeking the perfect pic, art, or logo.

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The Basics

Pixlr Editor can open standard photo formats including .jpg, .png, and .bmp. Oncea photo is uploaded, the toolbar selection gives you an idea of what improvementsand changes can be made. The brightness and contrast functions are the basic choices for editing a photo that is poorly lit. The Free Transform or Free Distort options found in the “edit” section in the toolbar allows you to straighten, stretch, rotate, crop, plus otherwise free-fix the angle and view. If an effect is not quite the one you want, the “Undo” option can be used as many times as desired until thephoto is restored.

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There are many options within the “Adjustment” menu on the toolbar that allow the user to adjust the overall look of the image. These options include Brightness andContrast, Hue/Saturation, Color Vibrance, and Expose. Using the lasso and grabbertools within the photo adjusts a small section of the picture without changing the entire photo. These small sections can be filled in with a different color or texture Paint Bucket tool. With the Color Picker tool, you can replace unwanted colors. The Erase tool all quickly eliminates large sections of the phot. Layers are added tothe picture each time text or image elements are added to the image. Using the various options or brushes available, these layers can be edited, made transparentor shadowed, or enhanced without affecting the entire image.

The Frills

A favorite feature of Pixlr Editor is the ability to provide a bit of digital nip tuck tothose photos where people are not looking their absolute best. Using the Bloat/Pinch tool allows one to nip in a waistline, enhance muscles, or enlarge/reduce a bust line on the human form. These effects can shave off a few unwanted pounds or add a few desired curves. The Spot Heal tool not onlyremoves unwanted blemishes, but also softens or erases laugh lines around the mouth as well as crow’s feet around the eyes. By using the Red Eye Reduction tool, the user can eliminate the red pigmentation caused by the camera flash. While these vanity changes may not be obvious in the original photo vs the edited pic, they make a big difference.

If you have an image with a white background, just like Photoshop, you can make the background transparent using the magic wand tool. You would do this to layer the image with other images or put the image on a different background rather than white. This skill is helpful in creating pamphlets, doing any graphic design or marketing related tasks or even photoshopping your loved ones heads on objects as a prank (yes, people actually do that).

Like Photoshop, the Pixlr toolbar features many creator’s favorite tools such as the hand or grabber tool, the paintbrush, lasso tool, spot heal or blemish tool, among many others. The main difference between the two photo editing software is that Pixlr is a free or less expensive alternative to Photoshop and many other software.

The cool thing about pixlr, is that they have several other photo editing software available on their website, Pixlr Expres, is a scaled down version of Pixlr Editor. The software offers basic photo fixes that remove red-eye or brighten teeth. Additionally there is an auto-fix feature that simultaneously adjusts light, color, and tone for easy, one-click photo optimization. Effects like focal blur, de-noise, colorsplash, and stickers add extra pizazz to otherwise ordinary photos. The software atPixlr is available for iPhone IOS and Android mobile phones in theGoogle Store. It is also available as web app in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Pixlr-o-matic is another user friendly application available for web use, iPhone,and Android. Additionally, there is a download for pc windows and macdesktop use. The omatic aspect of the software is based on the fact that the one-click randomizer applies various effects like “vintage”, “grunge”, and “chemical burn”. Just click until you find an effect that you like. There are also sticker options that include butterflies, flowers, sparkles, and artistic background that add a bit of flair to the photograph.

When finished editing your photos, head on over to some online photo printer and publishers such as foto or wink flash. They have many options including photo books and even customizable mugs, which are great for gifts.

For additional help, tutorials, tips, and templates are available on the Pixler website

For those who learn better with visuals, learn how to use the pixlr editor’s many features and become a pro with this course: pixlr power course