Gaining a competitive advantage in the IT world is essential. Finding the best online development courses can be the key that gives your IT career a much-needed boost. Here are six diverse online web development courses to help boost your IT career.

The Best Online Web Development Courses to Consider

#1. Mozilla Developer Network

What better place to put a little firepower behind your IT career, than with knowledge from the entity that was brazen enough to present a challenge to Google. You will have at your resource an incredible block of information and technical expertise from Mozilla, the developer minds behind the Firefox Internet browser.

One of the most appealing features of the Mozilla Developer Network is its array of flexible resources to learn the finer intricacies of expert web development. It does not matter if you are venturing into your first IT experience and need a ground-up explanation, or a seasoned IT veteran looking to augment your skills, this is one of the most useful online web development courses.

Beginners can kick off their learning with information about getting started with the web. For those who have a solid foundation already, you can branch out into HTML and CSS in as much detail as you desire. Once you have a grasp of the necessary skills for basic coding, the Mozilla Developer Network can jet you towards career advancement with JavaScript and Server-Side modules.

#2. Coding from Scratch

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Coder Camps are web developer educational programs that support today’s Internet technological needs. You can build a curriculum that you want, things that you need to advance your career now. There is also a foundation course to build your career from the ground up without anything but a motivation to learn to code.

The Coding from Scratch course will start out establishing an understanding of basic web development, branch into the three primary coding languages, then ultimately guide you through the complete construction of your own website. You will be able to post your project on GitHub to generate feedback from experienced IT professionals, a unique feature of this option in online web development courses.

All the best online web development courses at Coder Camp provide one-on-one mentorship from anywhere in the world. The Code from Scratch curriculum focuses on preparing you to reach your maximum potential in the IT world. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that coders who finish a full series of classes with the Coder Camps can be earning an industry standard salary by the end of twelve months.

#3. Learn iPython: The Full Python IDE

For those in the IT world who want to “Get their game on” the Learn iPython can ignite a career in game development. Stone River Learning is offering IT professionals 31 hours of content with 242 lectures to expand your understanding of the various installations associated with Python.

Python is a versatile language applicable to some web developer tasks. It’s especially valuable when working with data analytics and game development interests and with this primary focus, it’s one of the best online web development courses.

Stone River Learning uses the same hands-on approach with the iPython course as with their other developer programs. You’ll absorb knowledge by solving real programming problems, not fictitious models. For building your game building skills, you’ll create your own Flappy Bird clone. Working with the Django web framework, you’ll build a website from scratch using such features as map integration and e-commerce.

#4. Ruby Programming Fundamentals

Some programming languages seem to take a mile of code just to generate a small result. Many of the languages, IT developers must learn, are even difficult for coding specialists to master. Ruby is a programming option that produces quality performance in projects of all sizes but is far less complex than other languages.

Ruby is growing in popularity with companies, especially major corporations with web services. They require thousands of code strings. So, taking the Ruby Programming Fundamentals course, also offered by Stone River Learning, can vastly expand your horizons. The course will teach you how to master all the functions and key features, plus teach you the language’s unique syntax.

#5. Angular 1: From Zero to Hero

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From zero to hero perfectly describes this essential IT course. Developed by Asim Hussain, the information you will absorb in a few short weeks will expand your career horizons immensely. You should be equipped with a basic understanding of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, but they are necessary only to provide you with an understanding of terminology.

The Angular1: From Zero to Hero offers practical knowledge that you will begin to use from the first day of lessons. You’ll gain a competitive edge in HTTP operations and learn how to benefit from advanced resource modules.

One of the most valuable points will be teaching you how to combine HTML and JavaScript together to develop reusable functions called Directives. Once you finish Angular 1, be on the lookout for Hussain’s second segment Angular 2.

#6. Learn Cloud Computing with AWS

There is a need for every IT professional to keep up with the shifting environment of the tech world by studying quality online web development courses. Cloud computing is an openly vast horizon for aspiring developers. There is probably no company in the world that is evolving more rapidly than Amazon Web Services. The Learn Cloud Computing with AWS course is one of the many online web developer courses that pack the power of reputation.

Not only will you learn from some of the most technologically innovative giants in the world, but you’ll also build your own project using facets of the highly acclaimed Amazon DynamoDB. Learn Cloud Computing teaches you how to use scalable storage, use the EC2 system to scale a project and ultimately become an AWS system administrator.

Bottom Line

These six courses range from information that is essential for a beginner, knowledge for someone just stepping into the IT world, to building on existing expertise to ignite a career.

You can use less complex courses to rebuild an information base or add some more specialized opportunities to gain a competitive advantage over other IT professionals. No matter what your objective, these are excellent online web development courses to boost your IT career.

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