The days of the nine-to-five career are over. In its place, more people choose to become their own bosses. Even if you plan to continue working a traditional job, nearly every company looks online before making new hires. With a congested market of business professionals and entrepreneurs, how can you ensure that your brand shines among the masses? This article lists five of the best online personal branding courses. These courses are designed to maximize your unique skill set for social and monetary success.

The Best Personal Branding Online Courses to Maximize your Success

#1. Passion Tribe

Use this personal branding course if you want to know how to design your brand around your passion.

Passion Tribe’s course will help you create an eCommerce business that is aligned with your passion. The creator, Alaa Hassan, has over 14 years of experience as an eCommerce professional. His advice covers everything from the best website creation tools to how your car affects your personal brand.

Passion Tribe’s seven-module course discovers your personal brand through your passion and optimizes your online presence. Maximize your presence through increasing both online and offline networking. For an additional price, Alaa Hassan includes a personal blogging course. This is the perfect option if you want to design a blog, create eye-catching content, and promote your work to the widest audience.

For more information about the Passion Tribe’s course, go to Hassan’s website. When you sign up for the course, Hassan donates ten dollars to charity organizations. You can be part of the Passion Tribe for as low as $97.

#2. Youpreneur Academy

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Sign up for this personal branding course if you want to be part of a strong and supportive networking group.

Chris Ducker is the best-selling author of “Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive and Build Your Dream Business.” He shares his success with hopeful entrepreneurs through his unique and engaging platform. Youpreneur Academy is a twelve-week course designed to build, market, and monetize your personal brand.

Ducker offers weekly email lessons, workbooks for accountability and growth, and engaging podcasts and videos. As part of Youpreneur Academy, you are privy to monthly group calls where Chris Ducker addresses your specific questions.

You will love Youpreneur Academy’s focus on intentional community that includes six month’s access to Ducker’s Mastermind community. A Mastermind community is a group that supports individual’s specific projects through resources, connections, and accountability. This built-in network will provide more focus for your personal brand and increase online engagement.

Learn more about Youpreneur Academy and sign up for Chris Ducker’s next master class at the Youpreneur Launchpad. You can take advantage of all Youpreneur Academy has to offer for as low as $497.

#3. Your Digital You

Enroll in this personal branding course if you want to learn how to tell your story.

Your Digital You is a self-guided personal branding course that focuses on the storytelling nature of your brand. The creator, Joanne Tombrakos, is a former Fortune 500 employee. She has taken her traditional marketing background and applied it to the digital world.

Your Digital You examines how personal marketing has evolved through social media. Tombrakos’ eight learning modules show you how to monitor your digital footprint and personalize your social media tools. Through story starter exercises, Joanne Tombrakos helps you develop your personal brand and marketing strategy blueprint.
You can sign up for Your Digital You at Tombrakos’ website. The one-year all-access pass is $127.

#4. Influence Tree

Use this personal branding course if you are ready to integrate personal branding skills for tangible results.

The Influence Tree’s course takes a unique approach to building your digital influence. According to Influence Tree, most classes use a fragmented method of teaching skills such as website and social media creation. Influence Tree shows you how to use those skills to impact your personal brand. This course connects you with sponsors in your field and helps you find opportunities to share your brand.

Leonard Kim is one of the managing partners of Influence Tree. He was nearly homeless a few years before learning how to maximize his personal brand for profit. His partner, Ryan Foland, is best known for his 3-1-3 Theory. This theory will show you how to boil your pitch down from three sentences to three words. Kim and Foland will personally guide you through a variety of holistic courses over the course of a year.

Join the Influence Tree for $99 a month. Sign up at The Influence Tree.

#5. Introduction to Personal Branding

Sign up for this personal branding course if you are on a budget.

For those of you on a budget, Coursera has an excellent personal branding course created by the University of Virginia. This five-week module is free to audit, and for only $50, you can obtain a certificate of completion.

The course focuses on the infrastructure of your brand. You will learn practical steps, such as making a mission statement or creating a board. This structured approach makes it a great supplement for the other personal branding courses listed. Modules cover everything from creating a branding maintenance plan to maintaining a positive online reputation.

To sign up for University of Virginia’s Introduction to Personal Branding, go to Coursera.

Putting It All Together

Invest in yourself today. No matter what direction your career takes, a strong personal brand is paramount for success. If you do not tell your story, somebody else will tell it for you. Without a plan for building your personal brand, you could spend years not living up to your earning potential. Stop wasting your time experimenting with brand awareness and turn to the experts. Many of these courses are only open at select times a year, so don’t waste another moment. Sign up for one or more of these personal branding courses now.

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