There are a variety of reasons for wanting to take a parenting class. You might be expecting your first child and want to be educated about how to best raise your new baby. Other times you may be experiencing challenges, parenting struggles which you would like to learn how to handle better.

There are also situations that arise when you’re legally required to successfully complete such a class. Conveniently, you can complete parenting classes online. Here are seven of the best online parenting classes listed by increasing order of the registration fee.

1. Understanding Your Child – The Center for Parenting Education

The Center for Parenting Education offers a lengthy list of online parenting classes broken down into specific topics. Each class heading has a series of recorded instructional audios. Every option is free. However, they no longer offer certificates of completion.

2. Positive Discipline –

Parenting Online offers eight different courses from teaching how to parent with love as a foundation, to the handling of tough issues with teenagers. Positive Discipline is the second course in their list but is essential for teaching parents how to deal with adverse behavior. The course registration fee is only $10.

  • Positive Discipline will guide you through a series of examples to help you discipline in a more fun way, avoiding unproductive angry outbursts.
  • You will learn a variety of ways to discipline with respect, so you can avoid unnecessary arguments with your kids.
  • One certificate of completion is issued that is acceptable as a court-ordered requirement. Professional telephone consultation is available for $15 per half an hour.

3. – 9 to 12 Full Course

All classes at are available from your desktop computer or any mobile device.

  • There is 24-hour access and you will receive a free parenting eBook as part of your registration.
  • The format is designed to teach you how to successfully communicate with children under any circumstance. You will learn how to set boundaries, deal with stress management and parent with offers graduated fee levels depending on the number of hours you want, or need to complete. The most extensive of their online parenting classes have a registration fee of $49.95. It is a nationally accepted course that will provide you with an authentic certificate of completion.

4. Active Parenting 4th Edition

This course is a collective look at different age groups. The class structure is excellent for new parents, parents of diverse living arrangements, or specific problems and issues. Registration for Active Parenting 4th Edition is $79.95.

  • Active Parenting 4th Edition allows you full access to all class materials 24/7 for a full 60-day period.
  • You will be able to absorb parenting suggestions from highly qualified professionals, with access to various online sources and instructional videos.
  • This course covers parenting from a comprehensive angle, teaching effective communication, conflict skills, plus how to hold rewarding family meetings.

5. Premium 8 Week Online Parenting Classes – Life Matters

Life Matters has a list of online parenting classes, most designed to meet legal obligations. Each class in their list is court approved. Each class is age-specific, so to obtain the proper certification, you should take the class that covers the age of the children in question. The 8-week course has a registration fee of $97.

  • This is an affordable alternative to weeks’ worth of expensive counseling.
  • The Premium 8-week Online Parenting class will help guide you through a series of lessons focused on teaching you how to parent using positive disciplinary techniques.
  • Life Matters has a support line available to their parents 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You will be able to receive positive support about issues specific to your kids.

6. Parenting Skills Class – Ages 0 to 18

Online Parenting Programs offers 4 different online parenting courses to teach basic parenting skills. There are three age-specific, 12-hour courses that cost $79.99 each. The most comprehensive class is one that spans from infant to age 18. This alternative costs $129.99.

  • Parenting Skills Class – Ages 0 to 18 covers various challenges in parenting. Most governmental agencies, including courts for custody concerns, adoption, or foster care certification, accept this certificate.
  • The class is broken down into 15 units. It begins with the most basic parenting techniques and teaches you how practicing your skills will ultimately make you a better parent.
  • This is one of the unique online parenting classes because it is great for parents, teachers, babysitters, nurses and social workers.

7. Online Parenting – 4, 6, 10, 12 and 16 Hour Classes

The final alternative in your list of options has the most extensive list of classes. Online Parenting Class™ offers six standard courses. The base class is 4-hours and costs $55.00. There is an extensive course that meets a 16-hour course requirement. The 16-hour parenting class has a $295 registration fee.

  • Each of the Online Parenting Class options was created by Dr. Ari Novick, Ph.D. Novick is a licensed psychotherapist and parenting expert.
  • They are so confident in the quality of their classes; they offer a full money back guarantee.
  • For childcare professionals, there is also an advanced 26-hour class for $395. All the courses offered by Online Parenting Class earn a certificate of completion.

In Conclusion

Online parenting classes are a great way to improve your parenting skills or acquire a certificate to satisfy an obligation. There aren’t many free alternatives to select from, but class options are available on a flexible fee schedule.

Keep in mind you need to determine what requirements might be necessary for situations that are required to meet a legal obligation. One thing is for sure, completing any of these seven classes will help to improve your parenting skills. Choose one and sign up today to improve your parenting.

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