Do you have a passion for drawing? Whether your goal is to begin a career as an artist or feed your growing hobby, online drawing courses can help. These lessons provide information tailored to your interests and skill level, helping you improve quickly and efficiently. This article lists the top online drawing courses, listed from the most basic to the most advanced.

1: Draw PJ

If you’re interested in traditional online drawing courses, consider Draw PJ. Founded by Steve and Cindy Wider in 2009, these courses are similar to a classroom program. The Draw PJ program focuses on hand-drawn media, such as pencil, charcoal, and graphite. Moreover, Draw PJ goes over the basics of drawing, such as outline, shading, and perspective. The program is self-paced; however, it should take approximately 63 hours to complete.

The main features of this program include:

  • Beginner tutorials.
  • Hand-drawn media.
  • Instructor feedback via email.
  • Membership includes HD video tutorials and course material books.
  • 30-day guarantee.

Register for Draw PJ’s program at the website. You can choose between three main payment options: $97 for a self-taught course with three weeks of instructor critiques, a monthly payment plan consisting of $127, or a one-time payment of $1,297 for the entire course with full instructor support.

a beautiful drawing of an eye

2: Proko

Proko founder, Stan Prokopenko recognizes that students learn much easier and quicker when the material is relevant and fun. Stan’s philosophy creates effective training tutorials imperative for the development of young artists. The real value, however, lies in his premium courses, which include exclusive, additional content.

The main benefits of Proko’s program include:

  • Beginner to intermediate tutorials.
  • Hand-drawn media.
  • Basics of drawing, such as depth, color shading, and human anatomy.
  • Free tutorials available.
  • Membership includes extended videos, demos, examples, and relevant articles.

You can sign up for Proko’s premium courses for $339. These courses include anatomy, figure drawing, and profiles. In addition, you can purchase anatomy courses individually.

3: Draw Space

Draw Space is an enormous resource for artists of varying skill levels. Many of the online drawing courses are free, including tutorials from how to hold a pencil to the conceptualization of animals and humans. To take advantage of this resource to its fullest, consider purchasing a membership.

As a completely self-paced, fluid program, artists are able to watch tutorials whenever it is convenient. Also, the site includes a discussion board where artists can post their work for a critique from other students and participate in drawing challenges.

The best features of Draw Space include:

  • Basic to advanced techniques.
  • Hand-drawn media.
  • Online articles.
  • Free tutorials available.
  • Community-based content.
  • Membership includes several additional video tutorials and e-books.

Draw Space’s membership is very customizable. You can sign up for 10 courses for a flat rate of $20, purchase a monthly membership for 15 classes and ten classes a month thereafter for $9.50, or purchase unlimited courses for a year for $149.

someone drawing a 3D hole on a notebook

4: Udemy Drawing Courses

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced artist, you will most likely find the courses you’ve been searching for on Udemy. Drawing courses are posted to the main page, with a detailed description of the content, the instructor, and pricing. Each course is rated by previous users. You can also look up the instructor’s profile to check their qualifications and the honest reviews of former students.

The features of Udemy’s courses include:

  • Beginner to advanced techniques.
  • Discuss digital and hand-drawn media.
  • Individual courses featuring HD video tutorials.
  • Allow the most freedom.

You can purchase the courses individually beginning at $10. Each course’s content ranges significantly, providing the most diverse levels of education available.

5: Pencil Kings

Pencil Kings represents one of the most reputable communities of artists available online. Created by esteemed artist, Mitch Bowler, Pencil Kings promises applicable online drawing courses that give young artists the opportunity to further their careers or seasoned artists to practice their skills.

The site hosts several established artists from major developers, such as EA Games, Marvel, Dreamworks, and DC. Pencil Kings primarily focuses on entertainment-based digital media. However, they do provide hand-drawn tutorials as well.

The features that make this course so valuable include:

  • Intermediate to advanced techniques.
  • Discusses digital and hand-drawn techniques.
  • Online articles.
  • Free tutorials available.
  • Community-based content.
  • Membership includes HD video tutorials from top artists in the industry.
  • 30-day guarantee.

You can purchase your membership to Pencil Kings from their website as a yearly or monthly payment. The yearly payment is currently listed at $299 while the monthly is listed at $29.99.

a drawing of the cartoon character Pocahontas

6: Aaron Blaise

Learning from the masters of the field is an opportunity many young artists seek. Artist Aaron Blaise has assisted with the animation of several hit Disney movies, such as Aladdin, Mulan, and the Lion King. His passion is to create beautiful works of animal art.

Many of his tutorials are free on Youtube; however, he also offers several invaluable online drawings courses. Although a few of his videos touch on the basics of drawing, the majority are built towards improving the skills of advanced digital artists.

Aaron Blaise’s programs include:

  • Intermediate to advanced techniques.
  • Digital media.
  • Basic illustration with Photoshop.
  • Animal-based drawing technique videos.
  • Digital packages for Photoshop.
  • Online articles.

You can purchase an annual membership to Aaron Blaise’s content for $199 directly from his website. Alternatively, you can purchase one his many courses individually at varying rates.

Summing It Up

Whether you’re hoping to enhance your skills as an accomplished artist or simply get your feet wet, online drawing courses can provide excellent information at a severely discounted rate. If you’re new to art, consider basic online drawing courses, such as Draw PJ, Udemy, Proko, or Draw Space.

Proko, Udemy, and Draw Space also offer advanced techniques, but consider courses designed by the masters of the field, such as Aaron Blaise and Mitch Bowler’s Pencil Kings. Don’t wait to invest in your passion; sign up for online drawing courses today and bring your creations to life.

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