There are a number of opportunities to build your familiarity with subjects, which are directly relevant to your profession. Gaining that knowledge, plus earning a distinctive certificate from one of the most esteemed universities in the world, is an excellent way to improve your knowledge and possibly advance your career.

Through online programs, you can receive professional accreditation through some classes taught by world-renowned scholars part of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology staff. Here are some excellent MIT online courses that when completed, will provide you a prestigious certificate.

Two Valuable MIT Online Courses with Professional Certificates

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Through the MIT online courses Professional Certificate Programs, students can study accredited courses to advance their knowledge and skills in a particular field. These are short programs designed especially for the busy professionals looking to either augment an existing degree or earn an essential certification to qualify for a promotion.

One of the most inviting features of the short programs is the option for individualized study opportunities allowing students to progress at their own rate. Those who need to absorb the information quickly, to meet industry certification requirements, have that opportunity with these MIT online courses. They are structurally designed to meet the needs of the professional community.

#1. Innovation and Technology

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MIT has built one of the most respected reputations in the world for innovative technology. As part of the MIT Professional Education program, students can be exposed to some of the most pioneering theories of innovation and technology.

The Innovation and Technology curriculum will teach students how to develop a competitive advantage using innovative ideas in a technological world. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate signifying that they have obtained the comprehension and skill necessary to bring this knowledge back to their organization.

What Will You Learn?

The Professional Certificate Program in Innovation and Technology signals MIT’s outstanding dedication to a technologically educated and innovative culture. Students who register for this course will be able to:

  • Be trained by members of the renowned MIT faculty with personal consultation available.
  • Make contacts with a consummate collection of contemporaries from all over the world.
  • Add to any existing Continuing Education Units (CEUs), plus earn a prestigious certification signifying course completion.
  • Be given a 15% reduction on other MIT Professional Education courses they find interesting.
  • Build relationships with the elite LinkedIn group for MIT Professional Educators.
  • Receive a free subscription to the MIT Technology Review after they complete the Innovation and Technology program.

If you have an opportunity to visit the MIT campus, you will have the honor of taking guided tours of Kendall Square and the Cambridge Innovation Center.

Additional Tips

Students can choose to receive a newsletter subscription for free that updates you on faculty research, the latest programs, and MIT ingenuity.

Employees who choose to take the Innovations and Technology MIT online courses as a collective group will earn a 15% discount when five or more register within the same 12-month period. This discount can be applied to any course that is part of the Innovation Certificate Program.

#2. Real Estate Finance and Development

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The real estate industry has changed dramatically over the last decade and continued to change all over the world. Economic conditions have altered the way banks approve financing, plus in some countries, the foundation of the real estate market has been rocked by economic conditions.

Another of the prestigious certifications offered as part of the MIT online courses program is the Real Estate Finance and Development accredited course. To keep up with the changing environment of property values and sales, real estate professionals must understand the underwriting concepts of the market. You will learn from MIT’s economic experts to develop and enhance your comprehension of how real estate investment opportunities materialize in spite of adverse market conditions.

What Will You Learn?

The course will present investment strategies, teach students how to read market indicators to help predict regional property value fluctuations and be equipped with the tools to provide expert advice to both buyers and sellers in the real estate market.

The Professional Certificate Program in Real Estate Finance and Development offers an in-depth analysis of the economic factors that influence the real estate and housing markets around the world. MIT is devoted to providing the students with the tools and information to help them be a stabilizing factor in the real estate industry. Students who register for this course will be able to:

  • Understand and interpret various economic factors that can help you better project real estate market trends.
  • Recognize global changes and developments that affect the housing market around the world.
  • Read economic indicators to better assist clients in investment decisions that involve real estate ventures.
  • Appreciate the real estate development process, learning to appreciate how changes in new construction can point to changes in the real estate market.
  • Learn from experienced professionals about the impact of housing regulations and building codes on various aspects of the real estate industry.

Additional Tips

Students will generate connections through the program that will help build a network of opportunities and valuable associations with real estate professionals in the United States and around the globe.
Real estate companies and private housing agencies that register for the Real Estate Finance and Development course as a group will be given a 15% discount on any course they sign up for in the Real Estate Certificate Program.

Putting It All Together

Being exposed to some of the most respected educators in the world is just one of the inviting aspects of MIT online courses. Being taught by a staff of knowledgeable scholars allows those who complete the courses to carry this knowledge back to their respective organizations.

These are two of the most noteworthy MIT online courses that also carry prestigious certificates upon successful completion. For more details about these and other MIT online courses, contact the University short program department at

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