There are all kinds of data and information that people need to organize. These data can be analyzed to generate totals, averages, or other mathematical calculations. The old method of penciling numbers on a spreadsheet has given way to computerized software. Excel is the most widely recognized data software.

With Excel, you can create everything from accounting ledgers to an assortment of lists, ultimately producing colorful charts, graphs or estimations. Here are 7 of the top online Microsoft Excel courses to help master your data. The list begins with free tutorial alternatives, and then courses that require a tuition or registration fee.

1. Excel 2016 –

The first option for the top Microsoft Excel courses is a free tutorial. There are dozens of individual segments you can access at your leisure. tutorials are very similar to online courses. However, they are always free, and access is always available. You simply need to set your own learning schedule.

  • The Excel 2016 tutorial from has a total of 29 different segments.
  • Beginners can start at the most basic level while intermediate to advanced users can elect to study more advanced tutorials.
  • The format uses downloadable spreadsheets with videos. This way, you can work along with the instructors. There aren’t any tests or exams, but you do have review questions to assess your progress.

2. Microsoft Excel 2010 – Revised 2017 by Alison

This course is free and focuses on the Excel 2010 version. However, there are references to apply the 2010 version of Excel to older or more recent adaptations. Since the course is free, it is a perfect choice for first time users or business professionals looking to improve their Excel knowledge.

  • Microsoft Excel 2010 Course requires less than a 10-hour commitment to complete the 16-module program. This flexibility makes it one of the top Microsoft Excel courses.
  • There is an assessment available that will provide employees with a Level-1 training certification.
  • This course pinpoints tips and tricks to navigating the Excel menu. You will also understand the changes to previous versions, plus how to work with different Excel formats.

3. Excel Fundamentals by Udacity

This is a basic Excel beginner course that will teach you how to analyze data using Excel spreadsheets. You must register with Udacity and pay a nominal fee to receive full access to all course materials. The course is part of Udacity’s Data Foundations Nanodegree program.

  • Udacity provides an online student community to answer questions and exchange knowledge.
  • Excel Foundations is the first step in completing the Udacity Nanodegree in Data Foundations.
  • There are four individual lesson segments, each with interactive quizzes to test your understanding of Excel concepts.

4. Learning Excel Online by provides a learner-friendly, self-paced online study platform. Learning Excel Online is a beginner course that requires no previous experience. However, it is also a great place to review tips and techniques you may have forgotten.

  • Instructor Joshua Rischin begins with a quick walk-through of the basics. He explains the unique differences between the online app and the desktop version.
  • You will learn how to create your own workbooks, personalize spreadsheet features, and how to share documents between friends or coworkers.
  • Learning Excel Online provides an emphasis on how to create informative charts and graphs so your spreadsheets can work for you.

5. Microsoft Excel – From Beginner to Expert in 6 Hours by Udemy

pc window about installing microsoft pack with microsoft excel, word and other icons

Udemy has a lengthy list of courses dedicated to learning software. This is an Excel option that is inexpensive yet offers a wealth of information. The materials focus on the Excel 2013 version. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t have any difficulty adapting to other editions. The full-access course costs $24.99, but you can frequently get it at a 50% discount.

  • Microsoft Excel – From Beginner to Expert will guide you from basic information to the most advanced Excel features.
  • The course has a series of high-quality video lectures. As a result, you feel as if you’re sitting in a classroom environment.
  • You will have full access to templates and project files, providing you with examples for a hands-on learning experience.

6. Excel Foundations by eLearnExcel

This course format is excellent for beginners. Advanced professionals can also take this course as a review of their knowledge. When you register with eLearnExcel, you’ll have access to dozens of courses. The eLearnExcel courses have a fee, but they also offer professional certification. You can take advantage of a 14-day free trial period before making any financial commitment.

  • Excel Foundations is composed of 42 short videos that you can access at your leisure.
  • There are dozens of helpful tools, Excel cheat sheets, and a list of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Once you complete the full course, you can add a CPD certification as an Excel apprentice.

7. Master Data Analysis in Excel by Coursera

Master Data Analysis is offered on the Coursera online platform. The course is provided in conjunction with Duke University. You must have a Coursera account to enroll, and pay the small registration fee before the deadline. Coursera classes are never expensive. They provide authentic certifications upon successfully completing any course.

  • Master Data Analysis in Excel requires a six-week commitment, averaging about 10-hours per week.
  • The six-week curriculum is progressive, with quizzes and test projects to help you gauge your learning progress.
  • This course expands on more than just the mathematical aspects of Excel and helps you apply business reasoning to your spreadsheets. This is an excellent course for business professionals and account managers.


Business professionals appreciate the adage, “data is king.” However, you can have volumes of useful data, but you need to be able to organize and analyze that data. Excel is the software that professionals turn to for mastering this valuable data. These 7 courses will provide you with a quick review or perfect your Excels skills to boost your career.

If you have no previous experience with Excel, start with the free tutorial. Once you learn simple Excel terminology, you can move on to more difficult courses on this list. Soon you will realize your goal of mastering your data with the knowledge from these top Microsoft Excel courses.

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