Life can be challenging given all the daily complications. The guidance of a life coach can be the difference between winning and losing at life. You need to learn how to be a life coach because it’s a very competitive, yet still an unregulated field. To reach your maximum potential, you need a certification.

All basic courses provide documentation. However, there are some intense training programs that charge a tuition fee. Most programs require you to register before seeing fees, but you are never obligated. You can start with a free course before spending money on additional training. Below is a list of the 7 best life coach training online courses to get your certification.

1. The Life Coach Institute

To become an active member of the Life Coach Institute team, all you need to do is register for enrollment. All training materials are digital. As a result, you can take your learning anywhere and study at any time.

  • There are free online workshops for life coaches. This is a great way to get a feel for what it means to be a life coach, or freshen up your skills if you’re already coaching.
  • The Life Coach Institute begins with training, follows this training with a certification exam, and then helps you with tips to begin securing new clients.
  • All lessons are self-paced. Once registered, you will have lifetime access to help and support on their platform.

2. Become a Paid Life Coach Online by Udemy

Udemy offers another free course to learn how to become a life coach. Like all Udemy courses, you’ll receive lifetime access while course content is available on your PC, mobile device or a smart TV.

  • Become a Paid Life Coach Online will teach you the basics of how to be a successful life coach. There are 6-hours of on-demand video instruction.
  • There is an entire section committed to running your coaching sessions, plus information covering advanced coaching techniques.
  • This course will use a step-by-step approach to show you how to build a successful coaching business from the beginning.

3. Free Coach Training by the School of Coaching Mastery

This course is an excellent follow up life coach training online free alternative. It provides a multifaceted perspective on what it takes to be a successful life coach. There are a number of free options that will allow you to appreciate what is required of you when choosing this as a profession.

  • Free Coach Training has a number of individual segments to help you understand intricate aspects of life coaching. You will learn things such as coaching ethics and confidentiality.
  • You can choose from various instructional videos at any time during your study. The diversity of topics is excellent for beginners or experienced coaches.
  • There is a community forum to share experiences, tips, and other questions related to becoming a life coach or situations that arise once you are accepting clients.

4. Conversations that Inspire: Coaching Learning, Leadership, and Change

leadership concept with glowing bulb in front of other gray ones

This course is an excellent overview of life coaching concepts. It is a life coach training online option available on the Coursera learning platform. It will require a free registration with Coursera, and the basic course is free. Certifications are available for a small additional fee.

  • This course uses peer review assignments. This approach will give you excellent hands-on experience dealing with certain issues.
  • Certificates are posted on your Coursera accomplishments page. You can print them out in hard copy or post them  on a LinkedIn page.
  • Conversations That Inspire follows a three-step process – the coursework, help from peers, ultimately securing a life coach certification.

5. Become a Life Coach by has a number of useful resources for all levels of life coaching. They offer a full-spectrum program of life coach training online courses. They offer a free pathway to certification called The Clean Sweep Program™.

  • Become a Life Coach by follows an independent study format. You will need to establish a schedule for viewing videos and completing quizzes that review your knowledge.
  • While the courses are self-paced, you will have access to a free coaching mentor. This individual will be able to provide you with expert advice.
  • has one very interesting feature. While you study, you will be able to practice your skills on test clients.

6. Life Coach Certification by ExpertRating Certified Professional

This course is offered by a leader in online testing and professional certifications. ExpertRating provides online certifications to over two million people. As part of this course, you will receive an online transcript, plus a hard copy of your certification. Once you complete this $69.99 course, you will be able to advertise yourself as a certified life coach.

  • To complete the Life Coach Certification Course, you will need to use either Microsoft Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browsers.
  • This course follows a 10-lesson plan structure, with short quizzes after each section. There is a final exam, which you are required to pass to earn your certification.
  • There are package options for individuals who want to blend in things such as time management or social media training.

7. Online Coaching Specialist Certificate from the Online Therapy Institute

The final course in your list of the 7 best life coach training online alternatives is the most costly. It is also the most extensive program to secure a series of credentials to establish a strong presence in the field. The Online Coaching Specialist Certificate from the Online Therapy Institute has a $1,000 tuition fee.

  • This course covers the theory behind using online forms of communication as a life coach.
  • There is an eBook available to those who wish to employ online communications as part of their therapy program. Encryption of information to ensure client confidentiality is critical and this course shows you how.
  • Once you have successfully earned your certificate from the Online Therapy Institute, you will be able to work with clients face-to-face or establish an online relationship. Having this ability dramatically expands the number of available clients.


These are 7 solid courses to work towards becoming a certified life coach. Online life coach training will require you to meet industry requirements, plus build your knowledge. With this knowledge, you will be able to pass required certification exams easily.

While most of these websites provide full programs towards certification, you can access individual courses as well. If you’re not certain this is a career field you would enjoy, you can get a feel for what it takes. If your heart is set on coaching people through life’s challenges, you’ll be on your way to achieving your dream job.

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