Between the salary potential and not having to rely on anyone to give you information, the decision to learn SQL online could be one of the most life changing decisions you ever made. The average SQL developer earns $92,000 a year, according to Many employers also seek SQL out when hiring employees because SQL exists everywhere in today’s world. Massive amounts of data are mined every day. The resources found here to learn SQL online could one day change your life.

4 Resources & Courses to Learn SQL Online

#1. Vertabelo Academy
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A newer resource for SQL courses, Vertabelo Academy teaches you how to learn the basics of SQL query and manipulate tables as needed. The courses will also include knowledge for SQL clauses and keywords. Every task will have some level of theoretical introduction, but what’s great about this course is the hands-on approach.

Everything powers through exercises so that you learn through real-world examples. The helpful tips also help you to learn the language at a more rapid pace. Completing a task, you will only have to write your query to the query editor against sample database.

The resource for SQL courses even includes a free course called, “Operating on Data in SQL.” This course takes you through the basics of SQL, and you will learn how to insert and delete information found in databases. In addition, the course teaches you how to update information. In fact, these three options—delete, update and insert—hand you the power to load data into your databases, which brings life to them.

#2. SQL for Web Nerds

A method to learn SQL online, this tutorial looks similar to a book. You will see the database essentials that will almost always be understandable to the average beginners of SQL, and you will learn about everything from transactions, data modeling, and tuning.

#3. Learn SQL from Codeacademy

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This course redefines what it means to learn SQL online. You have an excellent course here that teaches you how to communicate with your relational databases through the use of SQL. In addition, the course employs interactive learning as you must practice with the four different projects that teach you how to build queries for communication with multiple tables, and you will learn how to manipulate data as you learn SQL.

Why should someone learn SQL? You should learn this programming language because our world is increasingly driven by data, and the people who understand how to sift through the noise to reach meaningful insights will have it within their power to inform companies how to market, strategize and run their operations. You have a ton of businesses that make use of relational databases, and after you learn SQL online, you will have a hugely employable skill that will be helpful not only for a data scientist but for anyone seeking a good job.

#4. Intro to SQL: Querying and Managing Data

A course from Khan Academy, you have a popular MOOC site that gives you an extensive list of materials to learn for SQL. This interactive course includes informative video tutorials, and you will learn about the essential SQL keywords and operators. You will be able to solve the exercises with the interactive SQL console, which hands you immediate feedback.

Another important element while learning this course will be how to make use out of SQL for querying, storing and manipulating the data. As a programming language, SQL has come to be known as a special-purpose programming language, and developers made the language so that it can manage the data found within relational databases. Some of the materials found within the course include:

  • SQL Basics.
  • More Advanced SQL Queries.
  • Relational Queries in SQL.
  • Modifying Databases with SQL.
  • Further Learning in SQL.

#5. SQL Course For Beginners: Learn SQL Using MySQL Database from Udemy

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Intended for the beginner, you can enter this course without any coding or technical knowledge. All you need is a steady internet connection to learn SQL online. This course does cost, but once you have bought it, the tools within the course are free. In terms of content, you receive over five hours of HD videos in 1080p. The course has been designed and structured so that students learn the basics of SQL in an easy way. Should you experience any problems, there is also 24/7 support to guide you on your journey.

When the course first starts, you will learn a basic introduction to databases. You will also understand exactly what databases consist of and why society has started to use them. After you have gone through this, you will be introduced to the tools that let you design your own databases to enter data. After you have completed every concept found within SQL, you will be given real-world practice examples.

This fosters real learning as you work out the SQL queries in your own domain. While the SQL Course for “Beginners: Learn SQL Using MySQL Database” does cost money, it’s protected with the Udemy 30-day money back guarantee. If you do not love the course or have questions, you can contact the course creator for any reason. Ashutosh Pawar leads the course, and enrolling in this course sets you on the path to becoming an expert in SQL programming.

Summing It Up

These are some of the courses to help you learn SQL online. Considering the potential salary once you have mastered it, SQL is a useful language to learn. It has been out for more than a decade, but this language makes up the bedrock of most web applications. It sends and fetches data concerning purchases, website movements, and traffic. That’s why businesses often seek out SQL programmers. Did you like the resources mentioned in the article? We challenge you to try out the courses mentioned and see if it doesn’t help improve your knowledge in this programming language.

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