It is not a little-known fact that learning a new language has important social, cultural and even economic benefits. However, many people avoid it because they believe doing it is incredibly difficult and time-consuming. Learning a new language used to be done through an arduous and painstaking process, but both pedagogy and technology have evolved greatly over the past few decades. Today, the internet makes it possible to learn a language anywhere, at any time. Due to the fact that it is one of the most important languages in the world, there are various useful resources to help people learn Arabic online.

Four Fantastic Resources To Help You Learn Arabic Online

1. Arab Academy

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Spread across 22 countries, there are more than 300 million Arabic speakers in the world. Arab Academy aims to connect its students to all these people through comprehensive Arabic language courses that include interactive activities, task-based learning and lessons with expert teachers. Focused on providing the most effective way for regular people to learn Arabic online, all of its features were created by top language training experts. The methodology that was crafted as a result has its base in contextualization, allowing students to immediately start applying what they’ve learned in quotidian situations.

One of the most exciting features Arab Academy offers its students is its direct conversation modality. It allows students to speak directly to teachers and native Arabic speakers, providing direct insight into real phonetics, modern conversational forms and colloquial uses. Depending on their specific needs, students at Arab Academy are able to choose between three different course tracks, totaling in 150 professionally developed courses: Modern Standard Arabic, Islamic Arabic and Egyptian Arabic.

Quick Tip: Arab Academy famously has the largest library of online Quranic Arabic and Arabic language courses in the world. It’s completely available to its students without any type of extra cost.

2. Arabic Online

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There is a persistent belief that Arabic is an overly complicated and difficult language. Emphasizing that is that it’s a beautiful, logical and efficient language, Arabic Online aims to show the world that Arabic can be easily acquired through the right method. With that in mind, the company offers interactive online courses that combine reading, listening and writing of the modern standard Arabic that’s spoken throughout the Arab world.

With inclusiveness in mind, this EU-approved organization offers courses suitable for all kinds of learners, regardless of their age, native language, ability or any other factor. Through three levels of complexity, the program itself focuses on communication skills and cultural understanding in order to prepare students for practical and dynamic conversation in real life situations. Very much aware that Arabic literature has a great history that’s over 16 centuries old, the program also places great importance on cultural heritage and values.

Quick Tip: Those that are undecided can try the First Steps program, a simplified version of the first three units from the Beginners to Intermediate Programme that is completely free.

3. Bravolol

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There are many differences between English and Arabic. One obvious example is the fact that, to the contrary of English, Arabic is written from right to left. While this may be confusing at first, the human brain is capable of quickly adapting to it after some training. More difficult to assimilate is the pronunciation of the language, mostly due to the fact that Arabic has sounds that do not exist in other languages. In order to overcome those particular difficulties, Bravolol focuses greatly on sounds, highlighting the pronunciation of words and phrases along with their correct grammatical use.

A state-of-the-art educational mobile app, Bravolol is a collection of commonly used Arabic words, phrases, and vocabularies. It’s especially well-suited for travelers, beginners and people who need to hit the ground running with the language. Focusing on the practical aspects of learning Arabic, Bravolol makes a point of offering quick, easy and direct pointers on how to employ useful phrases.

Quick Tip: An incredibly practical app, Bravolol even works without an internet connection. That means you can use it anywhere in order to look up and double check specific phrases, instantly improving your quotidian communication with Arabic speaking people.

4. Arabic Alphabet

arabic alphabet app

Unlike the English written form, most Arabic letters are joined together without spaces between them. This is just one of the various differences there are writing English and Arabic. Luckily, Arabic Alphabet is an app that sets out to make it easy to read and write Arabic letters and numbers. It teaches not only the correct usage of the Arabic written form but also its history and cultural significance. Featuring integrated lessons, charts, quizzes and flashcards, this mobile app focuses on the visual aspects of learning a new language.

People who want to learn Arabic online complain about how difficult it is to write Arabic letters and numbers. Arabic Alphabet tackles that problem directly by providing easy-to-follow stroke animations for each letter. Although it focuses on written communication, this app also concerns itself with pronunciation, providing audio examples from native Syrian and Iraqi speakers. Additionally, it features a comprehensive progress tracker that displays statistics and other useful data.

Quick Tip: In order to further test your progress, do not miss Arabic Alphabet’s five specially designed language tests. They will accurately show how far you’ve gone in your quest to learn Arabic online.

As a conclusion, there are some incredibly useful, well-designed and effective resources to learn Arabic online. Whether they are online courses, one-on-one video lessons, mobile applications or a combination of different forms, these resources are widely available to the public for very reasonable prices or even free. Taking into account the fact that each of them provides particular methods of learning, people interested should evaluate their needs before committing to any which one. It’s even possible to pick up two or more of them simultaneously, strengthening different areas of the language in a complementary and comprehensive way.

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