Googlemail is extremely popular. Perhaps more commonly referenced under the title of Gmail, this email service dominates its field. The free cost of subscription attracts and caters to all, from preteens wanting to converse with their friends to executives establishing communication across their companies. Google, the parent of Googlemail, also quickly approaches universality as the principle search engine, well surpassing its competition, Yahoo and Bing. Google has developed many online alliances and features of its own that make a Googlemail account extremely helpful, if not necessary, in modern society.

You may not immediately recognize the title “Googlemail”. Do not fret, this name reflects a revision made by Google within the past decade. Previously, those who signed up for a Gmail account would receive an email address ending with “”. Now, new users receive an address ending with “”. Old users have the ability to chose which address they prefer, but the newer version has become almost universal.

No matter if you prefer Googlemail or Gmail, there is no denying the wide usage of this email service. Every middle schooler and their mother have Googlemail accounts. Many individuals even create multiple accounts for their various jobs, stages of life, or purposes. But the popularity of this product does not immediately translate into a complete understanding of the service.

1. Googlemail is more complex than you realize.

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While you may possess enough knowledge to work your way around Googlemail, you could make much better use of your valuable time with some fundamental training. Google purposely made their email service very user-friendly, allowing even the most technologically challenged individuals to navigate painlessly. You have probably become fairly proficient at sending and receiving emails, but even these simple functions contain intricacies of which you may not be aware. Dedicating several minutes to gain a better grasp the features of your Googlemail can significantly increase your efficiency and effectivity on this site. This course by Udemy, titled Google Mail – Increase Your Productivity, will show you how to make the best use of your Googlemail account.


2. Googlemail is both a personal and professional tool.

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While Googlemail is a popular favorite among adolescents and for personal use, many discount this email service as a capable professional communication tool. Because you see affiliate childish usernames with this service, you subconsciously eliminate it as an option in the workplace. Many companies are abandoning their previous and expensive communication systems and implementing Googlemail as the substitute. Once you accept this email service in your professional life, you open yourself up to an entire new world. The course How To Use Gmail Well In Your Workplace! by Udemy guides you through the simple process of creating and effectively using a professional Googlemail.


3. You waste time searching.

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Due to its connection to the search engine giant Google, Googlemail possesses advanced searching powers. Google provides extensive tools that allow you to find the exact information you want in very little time. How to Use Google Advanced Search, Twitter, Youtube, Gmail by Udemy will teach you how to improve your searching skills and general competency on the Internet. This course not only shows you how to best navigate Gmail, but other popular sites such as Twitter, Youtube, and Google, in general.


4. You are unaware of Googlemail hacks.

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While Google strives to create a user-friendly product, their services contain lesser known qualities which could boost your productivity. These hacks include tricks, tips, and tools which declutter, organize, and manage your account, making your time with the service more efficient. Udemy offers 25 such tips in their course The Complete Gmail Course – 25 Gmail Strategies & Hacks. The hidden keys to better utilizing Googlemail need not be secrets any longer, and you can increase your power on this site by devoting several minutes to this course.


5. Googlemail transforms education.

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Because of the leverage Google wields on the Internet, schools now need to educate their students on how to utilize the company’s products. A more recent development which came to the forefront with the advent of the Internet, educators often struggle to determine the best course of action when teaching about this topic. But learning about Google services such as Googlemail is not hard. Courses like this one from Udemy, Transforming Education with Google – Gmail and Calendar, quickly make educators competent users and teachers of Google products. Putting forth a small portion of time could completely transform the way teachers do their job, maintaining relevance with students growing up in an increasingly technological world.


Google and Googlemail wield great influence in our modern society. Much of the world takes advantage of these very capable systems which cost nothing for their users. But these users often fail to recognize the diverse and extensive abilities of the email system, known as either Googlemail or Gmail. By taking one or several of these Udemy courses, you can increase your knowledge of these sites and consequently increase your general productivity.