Testing new software is an important job. Software testers make sure that the software works properly. They also expose problems that could present risks. Software tests cover a series of parameters such as functionality, usability, and efficient performance.

While there are degree programs to become a software tester, you can learn the basics on your own time, often for free. Here are 7 of the best online courses to learn software testing. The first options are free while subsequent courses require a tuition fee.

1. Software Testing Tutorial: Free Course by Guru99

Even though this is listed as a tutorial, it offers extensive content to learn software testing fundamentals. There is a short personality survey so you can assess your aptitude for a career as a software tester.

  • There are over a 100 individual tutorials that you can access for free. The freely accessible format makes this a viable choice for beginners to experts.
  • Once you complete each tutorial, you can take quizzes to determine your understanding of the concepts.
  • The Software Testing Tutorial by Guru99 has a guide to help you prepare for the CSQA Certification exam, plus live testing projects you can join.

2. Software Testing Fundamentals from the Microsoft Virtual Academy

What better place to learn software testing than from one of the world leaders in software production. Microsoft Virtual Academy offers a fundamental course to get you started. You’ll learn enough about software testing to determine if it is a viable career, or to just improve your knowledge on the subject.

  • Software Testing Fundamentals begins by teaching you various testing methods.
  • Once you understand the different methods, the course takes you through creating and managing software tests.
  • You will finish with a segment on how to deal with bugs and how to use automated tests to save time.

3. Best Practices in Software Test Planning – The International Institute for Software Testing

Like the Microsoft Virtual Academy, the International Institute for Software Testing is renowned for its expertise in the field. There are dozens of free courses to learn software testing available on their website. Since there is no single course requirement, you can start anywhere you like. However, understanding how to implement the sound testing practices will establish a strong foundation.

4. Introduction to Software Testing from Alison

Introduction to Software Testing is one of a number of software courses on their platform. After you complete this free course, you may wish to consider a joint degree program they offer in partnership with Keiser University. This course is free and will help understand the basics of software testing.

  • Introduction to Software Testing begins by explaining the principles behind why software must be tested before it’s made available to customers.
  • There is a section teaching you why software testing is an ongoing process, even after the initial release to the public.
  • This is a very short course, requiring less than three hours on average to successfully complete. You can choose to pass a short exam to secure an official certification.

5. Software Testing from Udacity

person's hand typing on the pc keyboard

Udacity has an extensive list of courses dedicated to helping you learn software testing. This is a great course to begin your study. One neat feature is the idea that failing is part of learning how to make software.

  • Software Testing from Udacity is a free course that takes, on average, about one month to complete. The course counts towards the pursuit of the Nanodegree Program in Data Foundations.
  • It does require some basic knowledge of software testing concepts. Therefore, you may wish to complete one of the basic courses first.
  • The course uses a self-paced format with interactive quizzes. It will also put at your disposal an open forum for support from the Udacity community.

6. Manual Software Testing with Bug Reporting Tool ALM/QC from Udemy

This course will cover all aspects of manual software testing. Moreover, it includes a useful bug reporting tool as well. It is part of a number of software related courses from Udemy. Manual Software Testing requires a standard $59.99 course fee, but you can watch for large discounts bringing it to under $12.

  • To successfully complete Manual Software Testing with Bug Reporting Tool, all you need is basic computer knowledge. If you can use a keyboard and a mouse you can take this course.
  • Since a primary objective of software testing is discovering problems, learning how to implement a bug reporting tool will prove extremely useful.
  • The course offers 11 hours of on-demand video, plus 28 supplemental resources. You will have lifetime access to all materials on your PC, mobile device or smart TV.

7. QA Software Testing Training Course from Software Testing Help

This course offers an extensive set of resources. On the other hand, it has three fee levels to receive full access. The most effective way to take this course is to pay the full $149 registration fee. This will allow you full access to an eBook, all videos, plus access to live video instruction available from industry experts.

  • The live portion of this course to learn software testing is 5-weeks long. Full registration for QA Software Testing Training Course gives you access to this valuable portion of the course, plus lifetime access to all the additional videos.
  • Included in the full package is a premium eBook to help you kick-start your career as a software tester. This additional benefit includes a full resume review to help with job applications.
  • You will have access to a study guide to help pass any software testing certification exam. On top of that, you will also get tips on how to succeed in a job interview as a software tester.


Software testers are important. By completing any, or all of these courses, you will be able to learn software testing. This will give you the fundamental understanding of why a career in this field is such a viable profession.

Each day, new software is developed. This software needs to be tested before people and businesses can feel safe installing it. If you’re not certain this is a career field for you, begin with the free courses first. No matter where you decide to start, these are 7 informative courses to learn software testing.

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