Improving your interpersonal communication skills can help you in a number of ways. There are many relationships that benefit from successful interactions. One important setting involves the discussion and debate of ideas in the work environment.

The ability to communicate successfully can be a critical factor in securing a job, promotion or appointment. Here are seven of the most convenient interpersonal communication online course alternatives. The list begins with free options and ends with choices that require a modest fee.

1. Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills – Coursera

Nearly all business communications are types of negotiations. To be successful, you need to have strong communication skills. You also want to polish your ability to develop a sound strategy. This course deals with communication strategies. It is part of the free content at Coursera and offered in partnership with The University of Michigan.

  • While Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills is ideal for business professionals, since it’s free, it should be considered by anyone looking to improve their communication skills.
  • There are some exams that come with this course. However, you only need to score high marks on these tests if you want the available certificate of completion.
  • The course is scheduled for seven weeks and requires a little more than an hour of commitment each week. This course is offered in English, including subtitles in five other languages.

2. Communicating with Diplomacy and Tact – by offers a wide assortment of online courses. This study is one of many related to interpersonal communication online course alternatives. You can register with and begin a free trial period. This will be sufficient to complete this communications course.

  • Communicating with Diplomacy and Tact is a great place to build strong communication skills. This course will teach you how to develop a model of tactful verbal and nonverbal communications.
  • You will learn the basics of workplace communications. There is a focus on how to use diplomacy in everything, from face-to-face talks to written communications.
  • There are four individual segments using short video segments. None of them takes longer than five-minutes. You can actually complete this class in one afternoon.

3. Leading with Effective Communication – edX by CatalystX

illustration for communication concept with two silhouettes facing each other talking

CatalystX offers a number of free online courses on their platform. This is a free interpersonal communication online course alternative where you can perfect your skills. It is a fine choice for someone who wants to become a better communicator. Business professionals can add a verified certificate for $50. Nonetheless, there is no fee for this course.

  • Leading with Effective Communication addresses the different frameworks of communication and how you can adjust your approach based on the situation.
  • There is a unique section that helps develop the idea of a safe environment where people can freely share differing opinions and ideas.
  • Once you have finished this course, you will have a better understanding of your personal strengths. This will help you in your business and personal relationships.

4. VAK: A Guide to More Effective Interpersonal Communications – Udemy

This is an excellent course for examining the inherent human communication tendencies. Once you appreciate how many of our methods of communicating are part of our makeup, you can better adjust to each unique situation.

  • You can register for a free Udemy account and take A Guide to More Effective Interpersonal Communications for only $29. Patience might even secure you a 50% discount.
  • This course insists on that you can quickly develop a rapport to improve the chances of successful communications. Udemy has various interpersonal communication online course choices, but this the best starting point.
  • You will begin by learning about yourself so you can appreciate your strong and weak points. This will help you reach the ultimate goal of communications which is that of delivering your message successfully.

5. Improving Communication Skills – Coursera partnership with the University of Pennsylvania

This is an interpersonal communication online course offered through the Coursera learning platform. It is taught by renowned author and Wharton College of Business professor Maurice Schweitzer. The course focuses on helping you build a strong foundation of good communicating skills to help you achieve your goals.

  • Improving Communication Skills requires you to register for a free account with Coursera. The course requires the basic Coursera fee which is usually less than $50.
  • Professor Schweitzer explains why it is important to develop both cooperative and competitive skills as they relate to communicating.
  • This course is broken down into four-week segments, each segment taking around two to three hours to complete. Subjects include face-to-face talks, video conference calls, email communications, and phone calls.

6. Interpersonal Communication – from Universal Class

Completing this course will help you recognize basic human communication tendencies. You will learn skills helpful in appreciating the needs of others while communicating your own needs. Interpersonal communication shows you how to tackle difficult circumstances.

  • Interpersonal Communication from Universal Class costs $50 with no certificate and $75 to secure an authentic certificate of completion.
  • There are 13 individual sections where you can earn a total of 209 course points. Each section has a short exam plus there is a final exam to take as well.
  • This course is a fully online, self-paced study that allows a six-month completion window with 24/7 access.

7. Interpersonal Communication – ed2go partnership with State College of Florida

two work colleagues during meeting in office over table with coffee, laptop

This course involves detailed video lectures and assignments that will help you learn to appreciate the conscious and unconscious aspects of communicating. The instructors help you investigate how different perceptions are as important as the actual words.

  • Interpersonal Communication from ed2go partners with a college or university in your area and requires a $100 registration fee. The credits are transferable.
  • You will be exposed to tools that can help you perfect your personal style of communication and dramatically improve your listening skills and self-esteem.
  • This course has a dedicated section addressing differences in gender and cultural communication plus how to manage disagreements and conflicts.


Being able to communicate effectively is critical. There are strategies you can employ to generate a desired behavior during many situations in your life. The words you choose, the facial expressions you use, and your tone of voice and inflection create the communicative environment you want.

These things are immediately interpreted, and change as the communication develops. Understanding how all of these factors work together is the job of interpersonal communication. Any of these seven interpersonal communication online course alternatives can teach you how to master these useful skills. Moreover, you can apply them to your everyday life.

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