One of the important jobs in today’s technological world is testing software. To gain employment in the industry, you must successfully complete a series of software testing courses. Collectively these courses will provide you with the skills necessary to pass an essential certification exam.

Software testing courses teach you how to execute programs and applications to uncover software bugs and glitches that compromise security. Here is a list of 7 of the best software testing courses beginning with some basic free options, graduating up to more involved alternatives, which have a nominal fee.

1. Software Testing Tutorial – Guru99

This self-paced learning tutorial will expose you to dozens of different aspects of software performance. It is one of the software testing courses that allows you to inspect the different stages of the course structure, as you need them. This option makes the Software Testing Tutorial very flexible.

  • The tutorial structure immediately establishes the seven basic principles of software testing.
  • It clearly explains types of testing, including a series of lessons to provide the basics of software testing principles for beginners.
  • This free course employs real-life scenarios, so it’s a great refresher course for those who are already part of the software testing industry.

2. Software Testing Fundamentals – The Microsoft Virtual Academy

The second popular option for software testing courses is offered via the Microsoft Virtual Academy. Software Testing Fundamentals is also free and it will dramatically expand on the knowledge gained in the previous course.

Taking these two free opportunities will give you a solid foundation to successfully pass exam 98-379 to attain an MTA – software testing fundamentals certification.

  • You will start out by building your knowledge and understanding of how programming relates to testing fundamentals.
  • Microsoft professionals will help you learn how to create your software tests and techniques.
  • You will work with various bugs that have already been exposed by testing professionals.

3. Software Testing – Udacity

The first course is a free option from Udacity. You shouldn’t be misled by the lack of a fee. This is an intermediate level choice in software testing courses that is taught by industry experts. The Software Testing course from Udacity estimates a 1-month timetable to complete it successfully.

  • Nearly every Udacity course uses the self-paced learning structure. This means you can fit the lessons around your schedule.
  • You will learn how to actually break software, so you can appreciate how testing procedures work.
  • This is one the most appealing free software testing courses, because it’s taken in conjunction with the Nano Degree Program The program incorporates learning platforms from Amazon Web Services, AT&T, Google, and GitHub.

4. The Best Software Testing Training You Will Ever Get! – Udemy

Udemy offers thousands of online courses and The Best Software Testing Training You Will Ever Get is one of the alternatives for software testing courses. Most Udemy course cost $100, but if you pay attention, you can secure 90% discount. This course is currently offered for the nominal fee of $10.

  • The class structure is excellent for beginners to advanced software analyzers. It employs a student-friendly, hands on theory with detailed demonstrations.
  • You will benefit from end-to-end live testing on various types of software. There are 26 hours of convenient, on-demand instructional videos.
  • Students learn how to implement different strategies to build stronger, safer and more reliable software. You will receive full-time access to course contents upon completion.

5. Software Testing (Basics + Advanced) + Automation Basics

Software Testing Plus Automation Basics is offered through the organization, This course is scheduled for 5 weeks in 3-day consecutive batches starting on Monday. The class takes 2 hours each day.

It is an involved course, which starts you out with beginner basics, and then leads you through the more intricate aspects of software testing. This course costs $149, which provides lifetime access to course materials, including bonus instruction.

  • You will receive a course completion certificate, plus assistance in passing the ISTQB certification exam. They also offer students taking this course a free block of sample questions to help prepare for the exam.
  • Once you complete a course in software testing through the organization, you will be able to secure a lifetime of help through their network.
  • You will finish with a guidance segment on software testing interviews, plus job placement assistance along with software testing job alerts.

6. Essentials of Software Testing – Villanova University

The last software testing courses on the list are two of the premier courses in the world. They are both offered by Villanova University. Together, they will provide you with the expertise to pass the highest level of software certification exams. They are designed to follow one another, with the Essentials of Software Testing costing $2,095.

  • This course is a prerequisite for the subsequent material that will provide competency in all levels of software testing.
  • You will use distributions and data analysis to learn how to test software throughout the entire process of development to implementation.
  • The course carries accredited hours and is designed for anyone in the advanced stages of software testing, including: project managers and software quality control professionals.

7. ISTQB Software Testing Capstone – Villanova University

The last course on the list is the pinnacle of software testing courses. The ISTQB Software Testing Capstone course will give you the knowledge to go beyond just an ordinary software tester. If you successfully complete this course, you will have the tools to compete for some of the most respected positions in the software-testing field.

This course has a tuition fee of $1,695, but both Villanova courses together, account for less than one months salary for a software tester. Together with the Essentials course, you will be prepared for any opportunity.

  • You will dig deep into the steps that make up software testing procedures, seeing each step through the analytical eyes of an industry expert.
  • Each stage of the course opens up a new window of opportunity. You will learn specification, structure and experienced based software testing criteria.
  • This is course offers high-end potential. If you want to attain high scores on the ISTQB exams, you should complete the two Villanova University courses consecutively.

Summing Up

These are 7 of the most popular software testing courses. Collectively taken in order, they would establish a solid foundation and understanding in the field. If you were to complete the final two courses, you will have yourself positioned for a lucrative career in software testing.

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