If you’re searching for a software engineering course, you can find excellent options online. There are a number of quality opportunities to improve your current knowledge, or even start the pursuit of a career as a software engineer. These are courses, which will help establish a solid foundation for future study.

There are free alternatives and those with a fee will offer certifications or authentic proof of completion. The list begins with simple courses essential for establishing a foundation for more difficult studies. Here are seven super software engineering course selections available online.

1. Intro to Computer Science from Udacity

If you’re a seasoned software engineering looking to build on your knowledge base, you won’t need a course to learn computer basics. If your understanding of the basic computer science concepts necessary to successfully understand difficult material isn’t strong, take the Intro to Computer Science.

  • It is a free software engineering course form Udacity, which is a tremendous building block for all subsequent software engineer courses.
  • Since this course teaches the most rudimentary knowledge for software engineers, the fact it is free is important.
  • It’s a beginner level class taught by industry professionals, which includes interactive quizzes and support from the student community at Udacity.

Even if you’ve been out of the industry for a period, this class is an excellent way to refresh your memory.

2. Computer System Engineering – MIT OpenCourseWare

OpenCourseWare is a valuable tool for anyone wishing to engage in free lifelong learning. There are hundreds of courses available, but those in the computer science field are especially appealing.

  • MIT offers a number of outstanding online courses for software engineering and the Computer System Engineering course is another foundation class to build upon for future studies in the field.
  • It begins by teaching students the basics of software and hardware systems.
  • The instructors then expand into network design, virtual memory analysis, privacy, security, and encryption.

By the time, you have successfully finished this MIT accredited course; you will have the valuable tools necessary to continue forward with specialized software engineering course material.

3. Elements of Software Construction – MIT OpenCourseWare

A good suggestion for completing a series of software engineering course selections is to follow a sequence from the same entity. MIT is recognized around the world as one of the finest academic learning institutions.

  • An aspiring software engineer would be wise to at least complete this sequence of three online courses for software engineering that are offered for free by such a noteworthy university.
  • The second in the sequence of courses that build upon one another is the Elements of Software Construction.
  • This course will teach the fundamentals of software development. Instructors provide enlightening lecture notes that students use to complete assignments.

Through the interactive completion of exercises in modeling, implementation and computer software design, students will be ready for the next phase of instruction into software development.

4. Performance Engineering of Software Systems – MIT OpenCourseWare

While there are three intermediate courses between Elements of and this course, you can successfully tackle Performance Engineering of Software Systems without completing those classes.

  • The course adheres to a hands-on format building highly intricate software systems.
  • Students learn to master the skills necessary to compute massive amounts of computer data.
  • Video lectures and interactive projects provide a solid understanding of the internal workings of a computer software system.

It is an excellent software engineering course option for intermediate students, or advanced experts looking to improve their skills.

5. Software Development Process

Udacity offers another free course dedicated to understanding the software development process. This class is offered in conjunction with Georgia Tech University.

  • It uses a curriculum similar to a course in their Online Master’s Degree program. The Software Development Process is a free course.
  • It is available to anyone who has enough basic knowledge of software engineering to appreciate the base concepts.
  • As a student of software engineering, once you have a firm understanding of all the basic ideas, you will be excited to know the next steps involve actually working to develop new software.

Everyone should have the skills taught in this course, but they are essential for software engineers and engineering managers. This is one of few for software engineering free course choices, which dig deep into the software development process.

6. Software Architecture: Meta and SOLID Principles in C#

Udemy is another alternative for taking a software engineering course. Their list of courses is extensive, and while they are not free, most have a minimal fee of $10. Udemy offers certificates of completion for nearly all their online courses.

  • Software Architecture: Meta and SOLID Principles in C# contains vital knowledge for every software engineer.
  • Students not only learn how to develop software systems, but they are also provided with the skills necessary to create a level of dependable maintainability.
  • You will be exposed to situations that break software codes, plus how to develop software plugins for all types of internet applications.

The instructors offer free assistance on Skype and at least half the course involves working on a real-world project.

7. Pandas Foundations from Datacamp

Computer data is made up of an assortment of numbers, codes and various time-stamps. This data is unstructured. To analyze and work with this type of data you must be able to categorize it and separate important parts of this information.

  • To successfully perform this essential software engineer’s job, you need to possess expert knowledge of a panda dataframe.
  • Pandas Foundations from Datacamp is a free software engineering course that teaches you how to import, construct and alter these essential dataframes.
  • Software engineers must be able to quickly convert data into a form that allows for simple analysis.

This free course will provide a foundation essential for subsequent software engineer curriculum. It involves an estimated 4 hours of dedicated course time, to watch 15 videos and complete 62 exercises.


These are seven of the best software engineer course options where you can learn the essential knowledge necessary to be successful in the field. They are in order of prevalence, so together they would provide much of the essential knowledge to easily handle any required courses to get a degree in software engineering.

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