To work with SAP systems, you need to understand the software that controls the largest market share of ERP systems. To secure that knowledge you can pursue a 4-year degree, or elect to complete SAP courses online. Below, we have compiled a list of the best SAP training courses online broken down by cost, curriculum, and specific SAP features.

The original vision of 5 former IBM employees is now one of the most vital tools for system analysis, applications, and products in data processing. Since the early 1970s, it has been a hugely popular source for business software packages. SAP provides end-to-end solutions for all sorts of business functions, from manufacturing to logistics.

*The following courses were listed in no particular order.

1: What Is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) – ERP Software System

There are basic SAP system tutorials available free. While they are not courses with certificates or lectures, this is a great place to start before venturing forward into free beginner level studies. What is ERP – ERP Software System tutorial is an information type of course in the basic framework behind SAP.

  • This tutorial is free and available as an excellent reference tool when studying subsequent SAP courses online.
  • It has an extensive list of terms, explanations of how the SAP systems function and statistical analysis of SAP market share in the business world today.
  • It does not provide any hands-on instructional videos or lectures but provides an excellent layout of usable and essential SAP information.

2: SAP Course for Beginners

If you have previous SAP experience, you can select higher-level courses. However, if you are a beginner, it is wise to select the most basic course and one that costs you nothing. The SAP Course for Beginners from Guru99 is that type of course. It is free, takes only a few days to complete, but will give you the essential foundation to move forward in a SAP focused career.

  • You will start from scratch with an introduction to SAP, the history behind it, plus a series of instructional tutorials on important aspects of SAP.
  • The course teaches you how to display technical information and execute SAP reports.
  • There are tutorials that explain how to navigate SAP systems and how to gain an authentic certification as a SAP consultant.

an illustration showing a computer screen that features a SAP training

3: SAP for Beginners by ERP 360

A subsequent beginner level course in SAP is one offered for $15 by ERP 360. This is a reasonable fee, for a course that delves a deeper into SAP than many beginner courses. SAP for Beginners teaches not only the introductory basics but explains why this is the most popular enterprise business system in the world.

  • Your course work will help you develop a clear understanding of SAP modules and how they function.
  • The course starts out with the basic steps of integrating SAP with ERP systems, and then how to work with the user interface.
  • Included with the course fee is a validated certificate of participation and completion of SAP for Beginners.

4: Learn SAP Course – Online Beginner Training

Udemy provides one of the most respect online learning platforms. They offer a number of SAP training courses in their course list, each very affordable. The Udemy, Learn SAP Course – Online Beginner Training course is a modest step above those that are free. This is a great place to continue your SAP courses online once you establish a desire to pursue additional learning.

It costs approximately 12 dollars due to a significant discount Udemy has applied to its initial price of over 80 dollars.

  • By the time you have completed this beginner level curriculum in the Udemy SAP courses online, you will have an outstanding understanding of the systems. You will be capable of working with ERP software immediately.
  • You will learn how to manipulate master data and report all types of SAP transactions.
  • The course will teach you the vital tools of how to run reports and export data to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

5: IC0598 – Intro to SAP Fiori App Development

SAP uses intricate terminology and difficult applications to become an expert. Once you venture past the beginner level informational courses, you should consider taking studies, SAP courses online, which require an affordable enrollment fee, like those from Michael Management. $39 is very reasonable for an online SAP certification course as involved as Intro to SAP Fiori App Development.

  • This is an instructor led alternative for SAP courses online, which offers an interactive component similar to a classroom environment.
  • You will gain an understanding of basic Fiori App development and learn how to modify existing apps.
  • This course will also teach you how to use the Web IDE tool to ultimately deploy and debug apps on the Fiori Launchpad.

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6: SAP Basis Training Tutorial

SAP programming courses are another specific aspect you can study. One of the best ways to employ programming knowledge into your resume of SAP online courses would be to add an understanding of Basis.

SAP Basis Training tutorial provides extensive information on the vital tools of SAP that act as an interface with the data. This is a free course, the second recommended option for SAP online courses from Guru99.

  • You will learn SAP architecture and begin to study a guide to the tools of SAP Basis.
  • The course progresses to clients, user authorization and then into a subsequent study of what background job monitoring is in SAP.
  • You will study both transport management systems and patch administration, ultimately ending with a study of how data migration works in SAP.

7: FIAR110 – SAP Accounts Receivable Reporting

There are courses in SAP that focus directly on some individual jobs the software addresses. One of those areas is accounts receivable. Therefore, SAP accounting courses that give direct attention to this function can be extremely useful.

If you work with data from business accounts, the FIAR110 – SAP Accounts Receivable Reporting course will prove valuable. It is another from Michael Management and has an enrollment cost of $249 that includes professionally accredited documentation of completion.

  • You will learn how to blend the basic reporting features of SAP into an accounts’ receivable system.
  • This course teaches you how to customize your accounts receivable reports and run various types of data analysis on these reports.
  • There will be a formal, timed final exam where you can earn a certificate of completion, including recognition as a Certified SAP Professional.

Bottom Line

These are seven of the best SAP courses online to get you started, some with a study that is more detailed. Each of the beginner level courses improves upon the next, and the secondary courses are designed to provide information that builds on the previous material.

There are exams required to receive an authentic SAP certification. These are provided directly by SAP, through the ERP certification program. They partner with major universities to provide this testing. You can earn professional certification by taking many of these recommended SAP courses online.

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