Sometimes, skilled business managers assume they can handle the Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification exam using their experience. Unfortunately, many discover that to be a disappointing assumption. Those who score well on the PMP® certification exam set aside around 35 hours of prep time.

You can use multiple sources to prepare yourself for the exam. However, the surest way to guarantee success is to complete a structured PMP course. Here are the 7 best PMP online prep course options to get you ready for the difficult 200-question exam. Courses are ranked according to price, beginning with the most affordable.

1. BrainBok PMP

The first option for the best PMP online prep course is the BrainBok™ PMP. It is the least expensive on this list, but when blended with some outside review, it can provide you with the tools to pass your PMP exam. There is a convenient money back guarantee prior to full completion.

Link: BrainBok™ PMP


  • Premium Subscription: $29.90 for 90 days
  • Premium Plus Subscription: $59.99 for 90 days
  • Premium Pro Subscription: $149.99 for 180 days


  • BrainBok™ PMP uses versatile learning options which allow you the flexibility in what tools you purchase. The set price for the entire package is $129.
  • This course provides 1,000 practice questions, with 3 full-length practice exams.
  • The BrainBok™ course does not offer any video instruction and is not mobile device compatible.

2. Trainings 24×7 – PMP

When you register with an account at Trainings 24×7, you will have a number of online management focused courses available. The PMP structure is presented as a number of individual certification courses. It is one of the best PMP online courses thanks to such flexibility.

Link: Trainings 24×7


  • $150 for online training.


  • There is a free starter PMP package, which is perfect for aspiring managers to explore before paying for a full course. In-depth PMP Online Training course content costs around $150.
  • All course content is accredited by the Project Management Institute. Completion will provide the full 35 hours instructional requirement.
  • Each instructor at Trainings 24×7 is a certified industry expert. All instruction is handled live online, but with an excellent degree of flexibility.

3. Coursera: Project Management Specialization Courses logo written in a cup of coffee latte

The next course is the only one in the list that has some portion you can review for free. Coursera’s Projection Management Specialization Courses will allow you to inspect the first three classes without paying a registration. Having a chance to review aspects of the content boosts this as one of the best PMP online prep course alternatives.

Link: Project Management Specialization Courses


  • $49 – Basic package.
  • $196 – Full program.


  • This is a structured series of project management classes, which is built upon each other. You will begin with an Introduction to Project Management Principles. This is an excellent starter course to build a foundation for subsequent PMP classes.
  • The base cost is $49 for each class, and it will require three to sufficiently prepare you for the PMP exam.
  • You can complete the full program for $196. This will secure a certificate of completion when you’re finished.

4. PM PrepCast

When you research the best PMP online course choices, you need to pay attention to meeting the recommended 35 hours of approved contact. This is not a course suggested for an immediate turnover. It will take you an average of 90 days for successful completion. The extensive content makes it one of the best PMP online course opportunities.

Link: PM PrepCast


  • $265 – One time fee.


  • PM PrepCast has a $315 fee, but you can secure the course using a readily available $50 discount. The final cost will be $265 making it affordable in comparison.
  • This PMP exam course has one of the most extensive video options. If you opt for enrollment, you will have access to 42 hours of video instruction. You can access this content from a smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • You will also have access to nearly 2,000 practice questions and 9 full-length exams. This is an excellent alternative to prep for the PMP exam applying your self-learning skills.

5. RMC Learning Solutions

This class is one of the best PMP online prep course choices.That’s because you can complete it in 2 days. If you have the time to dedicate an intense study facing an immediate PMP exam, this is a good alternative to longer courses, especially for those with substantial experience.

Link: RMC Learning Solutions


  • $405 – for members of PMI.
  • $555 – for non-members.


  • The RMC Learning Solutions course costs $405 for members of the Project Management Institute (PMI).
  • Non-members pay an additional $150. It is worth considering the PMI membership since there are a number of benefits beyond the PMP certification exam.
  • The short length of the course is predicated on strong self-learning skills. RMC Learning Solutions offers a number of audio books and other self-learning tools to help you pass the exam and succeed as a project manager.

6. Brian Sensei – Complete PMP Exam Prep Course

Another excellent selection of the best PMP online prep course alternatives is offered through the Brian Sensei online learning platform. Brian Sensei e-learning has the moniker of online instruction with an extra punch. This PMP prep course supports that solid reputation.

Link: Brian Sensei – Complete PMP Exam Prep Course


  • $399 – Course Bundle.
  • Free Access for 2 Days – Module One.
  • $79.99 – Module Two.
  • $139.99 – Module Three.
  • $69.99- Module Four.
  • $139.99 – Module Five.
  • $49.99 – Module Six.


  • The standard course fee for the Complete PMP Exam Prep Course is nearly $700. However, it is offered with discount coupons and frequently available for a reduced fee. Most students can secure this course for $399 if you’re patient.
  • You can actually take a free 2-day access course to make sure the format meets your needs.
  • There are over 900 sample exam questions and 4 full-length exams blended with 40 hours of interactive video. This is the only course that also has a Facebook support forum.

7. Simplilearn – PMP® Certification Training Course

training course where professionals take notes while teacher explains at white board

A highly respected project management expert teaches this PMP certification exam prep course. Jeff Allen leads you through a series of self-paced videos and an online class format that is flexible.

Link: Simplilearn – PMP® Certification Training Course


  • $499 – Self-Paced Learning Program.
  • $999 – Online Classroom Flexi-Pass.


  • You will have a 6-month access period to all course content after paying the $699 tuition fee. Be sure to seek any available discount coupons for this course before enrolling.
  • The pro version blends 32 hours of instructor-led training, plus 25 hours of online video presentations.
  • Be aware that Simplilearn – PMP® Certification Training Course is only Android friendly. It provides a six-month full access option, which is ideal for flexible schedules and self-learning.


These are 7 of the best PMP online prep course choices for aspiring project managers. The fees increase as the level of intensity increases. You should also consider your degree of expertise when picking the right class to prep for the difficult PMP exam. Consider any of these 7 to supply you with a solid foundation.

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