The quest of improving your writing can benefit you in different ways. If your career involves writing, spicing up your writing style can be a game changer for your professional life. You can improve your emails, expand vocabulary, and develop your verbal communication skills. When you undertake some of the best online writing courses, you can profit just from the sheer experience itself.

However, no matter what your primary objective, improving your writing talents will enhance your creativity for sure. Here are the 7 best online writing courses to hone creativity. Your list begins with popular, beginner-level free courses. Finally, there are detailed choices which will require a tuition fee to level up your professional opportunities.

1. Scribble by Taylor University

You might be surprised that an institution of higher learning in Malaysia would offer one of the best online writing courses. Through their Open Learning platform, Taylor University has a free writing course called Scribble. When choosing between the best online writing courses, this is an excellent starting point for beginners.

The class begins with how to compose simple paragraphs. From this point on, it will navigate to constructions that are more complex. You will ultimately be exposed to the skills necessary for research-based writing. This free course will enhance your ability to communicate more clearly and help improve your creative senses.

2. Writing What You Know by Open University

Writing What You Know should be high on your best online writing courses list because of the course’s underlying concept. It will teach you how to open your mental creativity and write based on your knowledge. You take these real-life images and compose fictional content.

Your creativity will grow because the class focuses on how to draw upon your life experiences. This class is a free learning opportunity from the Open University website. Writing What You Know uses text and audio tools with content centered towards the beginner.

3. The Crafty Writer – Creative Writing Course

woman typing on a vintage typing machine

This eight-session free online writing course helps you hone your creativity through writing. The Creative Writing Course begins by showing you how to learn to release your creative genius. This course begins with learning to write a short story. The underlying focus of each session is to build your creativity skills through writing.

You will be exposed to poetic structure, fictional character development plus engaging dialogue construction. The Crafty Writer doesn’t offer feedback or tutor you through the course, but you can ask basic questions. The Creative Writing Course is free, and you can study at your own pace.

4. Skillshare – The Creative Writer’s Toolkit

This is a website where courses are usually not free. However, while this class costs less than $100, you can register for one-month of free course materials from Skillshare. You will have sufficient time to complete The Creative Writer’s Toolkit. Instruction starts with a blank page, putting an emphasis on how to become more creative.

You will develop an instinctive ability to create characters for your stories. This activity is an important reward you’ll get from The Creative Writer’s Toolkit, as it hones your daily creativity skills. When finished, the accumulated knowledge will enhance every aspect of your daily writing and help you become a spontaneously creative person.

5. The Writer’s Bureau – Comprehensive Creative Writing

Authors all over the world use The Writer’s Bureau as a trusted resource. They offer beginner-level instruction in one of the best online writing courses entitled, Comprehensive Creative Writing. This class has content for individuals who aspire to write professionally. The Writer’s Bureau has confidence in their tutorial courses.

So much confidence, they offer a 15-day free trial of all courses. Comprehensive Creative Writing requires you to enroll. However, since there is a free trial period, if you are not comfortable with the tuition you can stop before the end of this time frame. This course offers three authentic certificates of completion, making it viable for prospective journalists.

6. ed2go – Write Fiction Like a Pro

Another website with numerous learning opportunities is ed2go. One of the best online writing courses to offer a solid foundation for creative writers is Write Fiction Like a Pro. This course steps beyond writer basics and teaches you how to write for dramatic effect. Write Fiction Like a Pro focuses on separating professional writing skills from novice.

However, it has tremendous creativity benefits for everyone. The course partners with State College of Florida (SCF), Manatee County and has multiple start dates, plus a $149 tuition fee. The course takes 24 hours spread over a 6-week period. There is an open discussion forum for questions and interactive brainstorming.

7. Gotham Writers Workshop Creative Writing 101

illustration of an opened book on a desk with fictional story setting and characters

This writer’s workshop is part of the global Gotham Writers community. If you choose to take this course, you will be exposed to one of the most popular writing communities in the world. They offer discussion forums and frequent free lectures to improve your writing skills and enhance your personal creativity. This course establishes an initial foundation.

Creative Writing 101 has an online tuition cost of $299. There is a one-time $25 registration fee. While this is the priciest in the list of the best online writing courses, it offers exceptional content. You can even add a personal one-on-one writing tutor for $995. This class can change novice-writing skills into professional-grade content.

The Bottom Line

Learning to write well is something you may take for granted. Being able to write things in a meaningful way is different from just composing a generic email to a friend. Exposing yourself to some of the best online writing courses will take your writing skills to the next level.

However, it will also help develop and hone your sense of creativity. To gain an edge in life, you owe it to yourself to write as well as you can. These are 7 of the best online writing courses to help hone your creativity while improving your ability to write.

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