There are numerous reasons you should start learning Swedish. It is the most widely used of all Scandinavian languages and is relatively easy to learn. Swedish is considered a key language for mastering other Scandinavian dialects. If you’re thinking about visiting the country, you’ll need to communicate with svenska people.

While you can try the self-teaching concept, it is better to take a class. Here are the best online Swedish course options to give you a solid foundation for speaking, reading, and writing the language. All of these are free opportunities, listed by degree of difficulty and required commitment.

1. Björn Engdahl’s Swedish Course

What better way to learn a language than from someone who lives in the country. Björn Engdahl lives in Stockholm, Sweden. He has created one of the best online Swedish course alternatives out there. One of the most appealing features is that it is free.

  • Björn Engdahl’s Swedish Course is translated into seven different languages, which is great for cross-learning Swedish with other languages.
  • The class draws on the similarity between German and Dutch with written Swedish. It is great for learning more than one regional dialect.
  • You will cover 7 structured lessons, study commonly irregular Swedish verbs, and then finish with a final test.

2. Learning Swedish

The title of the second course on the list of the best online Swedish course options is very basic. However, it is another course where the instruction comes from native Swedes teaching their own language.

  • Every instructor for Learning Swedish has ties to the Scandinavian region.They are also recognized instructors at prominent universities in the region.
  • You will enjoy the uniqueness of studying the Swedish language with Swedish students attending these universities. This adds an air of authenticity to each lesson.
  • Each student can request individual feedback, and you can engage with support groups using Skype. This is a very interactive way to learn Swedish.
  • The free program delivers online courses.
  • For a fee of $300, you can unlock Learning Swedish PLUS program where students can practice their oral Swedish via Skype.

3. 101 Languages – Swedish 101

One of the best online Swedish course opportunities is from 101 Languages. 101 Languages offers free online instruction in over 100 languages. This is an excellent course, especially formatted for beginners.

  • Swedish 101 Languages is designed as the perfect starting point for anyone wishing to learn about the Swedish language. The class begins as if you have never learned any foreign languages before.
  • There are quick links for English to Swedish translations, plus an app that works with nearly any device or operating system.
  • You can register for an affordable premium account for a fee of $23 per month. This allows users to access all language course content at a special discount. This includes helpful advanced features for self-learning

4. Loecsen – Learn Swedish

aerial panorama of the old city of stockholm in sweden

The Loecsen – Learn Swedish course begins by explaining how and why you should start by learning any language free online. They employ this strategy by immediately exposing you to a convenient series of tables to memorize words and phrases. Loecsen uses this popular format to teach over three dozen languages.

  • On the Loecsen – Learn Swedish website you’ll be able to study words by category.
  • Using audio pronunciation examples, you’ll learn how to pronounce the Swedish language correctly.
  • This course places emphasis on learning the pitch accents of the Swedish language. This will give you an excellent foundation to differentiate between certain homographs present in the language.

5. Udemy – Swedish Made Easy

Udemy is one of the most respected and popular online learning platforms. Their Swedish Made Easy course is likewise very engaging and one of the best online Swedish course alternatives. While a number of Udemy’s courses have a small fee, this class is free with registration.

  • The Udemy – Swedish Made Easy course is taught by Felix Lattman. Lattman believes that learning the basics of any language shouldn’t take more than a week. That is the strategy used for this course.
  • After you’ve completed the six-day course curriculum, you can test your knowledge. On top of that, you can review the content for as long as you are registered with Udemy.
  • You can request a certificate of completion, and you can choose to have a free-recorded lesson with Felix Lattman.

6. DuoLingo – Learn Swedish

DuoLingo – Learn Swedish Online is another course that follows a quick learning guideline. The Learn Swedish course on the DuoLingo website is one of numerous language learning platforms they offer.

  • DuoLingo employs game-like lessons that can teach you a new language in just 5-minutes a day.
  • The Learn Swedish Online course follows the proven DuoLingo strategy for teaching new languages. It is scientifically proven to be one of the more popular language learning platforms available.
  • You can personalize your learning on DuoLingo and take advantage of the gamification platform. The rewards you earn along the way will boost your confidence and spur your motivation.

7. Alison – Learn Swedish

girl studying in her bedroom course material with notebooks, laptop, flower on desk

The Alison website is full of thousands of engaging free online learning opportunities. Their option to learn a number of languages makes the Alison Learn Swedish course one of the best online Swedish course selections.

  • They have an excellent reputation for thorough course content and Learn Swedish follows that commitment.
  • Alison language courses are coordinated with Babbel®. This makes it simple to translate back and forth between almost any languages in the world.
  • You will begin by building a foundation in Swedish grammar so you can understand sentence structure. The class will then take you through a number of skill-based lessons to enhance your pronunciation of the language.

The Bottom Line

You probably have your own reasons to learn the Swedish language. No matter what your motivation is, these are 7 of the best online Swedish course alternatives to meet your objective.

As you progress through any of the classes, you’ll begin to appreciate why Swedish is one of the most eloquent of all the Scandinavian languages. Try one of these opportunities today and begin to read, write, and speak Swedish like a native.

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