You might be planning a vacation trip, or thinking about visiting Deutschland. Maybe you’ve received a wonderful career opportunity that requires you to relocate to Germany. No matter what reason you have for going to Germany, you’re going to need to study German language courses.

Learning German might be nothing more than an interest you have. If you browse the internet, there are numerous websites and online learning opportunities that teach online German language courses. To save you some searching time trying to find the best online German courses, here is a list of 7 of the best choices.

1. German Course for Beginners – ActiLinqua Academy

Whether you’re brand new to German language courses, or need to start from the beginning to firm up your fluency, The German Course for Beginners at is the perfect place to start. You will be able to learn German at your own pace, starting with at the very beginning.

The course starts with 10 tables to help you build up your confidence. Then the course progresses through the various German verb forms, including an introduction to German syntax. Best of all, this is a free course that you can progress through at your own pace. No deadlines, no exam dates, just learning German at a comfortable pace.

2. German Course for Beginners 1

Babbel is one of the most popular foreign language learning platforms in the world. They provide helpful instruction in almost any language you can think of. Their German Course for Beginners 1 easily ranks as one of the options when looking for the best German language online free course.

One excellent feature of the Beginners 1 course is how Babbel graduates to progressively more difficult levels. This means that since it is free, if you find that your German language competency is above the Beginner 1 course, you can quickly switch to the next highest beginner level.

Babbel divides their online German language courses into 5 beginner levels, so it is easy to find just the right starting point if you have some exposure to the language.

3. Duetsch Trainer by DW

Duetsche Welle (DW), is known as Germany’s international broadcaster. While they offer an assortment of things pertaining to Germany, they have one of the best German language course options online.

Duetsch Trainer uses over 50 audio files to help you improve your understanding and especially your pronunciation of the German language. You’ll enjoy this engaging format that teaches you how to accomplish anything from going to the doctor to getting a hotel room.

All lessons can be accessed independently of one another, so it’s easy to go back for a quick review. This is a good course for beginners, but also is an excellent tool to help intermediate speakers begin to move towards a native pronunciation of German.

4. Learn German offers language instruction in different foreign languages, including German. They have an extremely user-friendly platform. The ideology is to learn a new language at a slow, but consistent pace.

They offer bite-sized German lessons at your own personalized pace. One unique feature of DuoLingo is that you can help boost your motivation by earning virtual coins. It’s like a reward program for doing extra work. DuoLingo works for all levels of German competency, with statistical evidence indicating 34 hours of dedicated learning on

DuoLingo will equate to a full semester in a college classroom setting. All the DuoLingo Learn German language courses are free alternatives that you can take by simply registering for an account.

5. Complete German: A Teach Yourself Program

This a complete German course that is best suited for individuals who have at least a limited understanding of the language. While it does start out at a beginner level, Complete German: A Teach Yourself Program will guide you to a strong intermediate level of speaking.

The audio CD costs $54 and is available through Amazon. One nice thing about his course alternative is that it works in cooperation with the online website Teach Yourself Languages.

The course material you buy via Amazon will provide you with the necessary materials to successfully complete their complete the online German course. When you’re finished, you’ll be able to read, write and converse in German.

6. Living Language German

Once you established a good beginner knowledge, or if you already understand basic German, you’ll want to move to a higher level. Another excellent German online course available through Amazon is Living Language German.

This is a 3 level course that will refresh your basic German, then guide you all the way to the advanced level. Living Language German: The Complete Edition includes 3 course books, 9 audio CDs, and fee online learning support. The entire package costs only $33.22.

This is one convenient package to guide you all the way to a more advanced level speaking. It uses the Living Language Method™ based on linguistic science. The idea is to go beyond just memorizing words and learn to live the language.

7. Mastering German –

The final choice in the best German language courses is a full spectrum offer from This course is the most costly of all courses, but it will give you the skills to read, write, and converse in German with fluency.

Mastering German offers a series of audio lessons, word tools to help you learn, plus language games to make learning fun. The cost of this course is $99, and includes full online support from forever. Each lesson strategically builds on the previous lesson to help make the best use of your valuable time.

You will be able to commit all the time you need to learn German at your own pace, but it only takes a few minutes each day to reach the ultimate goal. By the time you’re finished with this full course, you’ll be ready to talk with a native German without any difficulty.

Summing Up

Whether you’re thinking about traveling Europe with Germany on your itinerary, or headed over for Oktoberfest, being able to speak the language is essential. It will help you get around with ease and find the most rewardingly memorable attractions. Each of these German language courses offers you a user-friendly, self-paced program to learn your new language.

You can start out at the very beginning and progress through each of the free courses, then test your skills in the intermediate content, progressing to the advanced level. By the time you’ve finished these 7 German language courses, you’ll be speaking Duetsch as if you’d lived there much of your life.