Being able to plan for a financially secure future is important. Understanding the basics of financial planning will help you establish long and short-term financial goals. You need to learn the skills necessary to handle the monetary planning strategy in your life. You can easily do this by completing the best financial planning courses you can find online.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll have confidence in your own financial planning skills, or understand how to implement the advice of professionals. To learn about financial planning you need to study financial planning courses. Here are the seven best financial planning courses available online, which can teach you how to manage your finances confidently.

*The following courses are listed in no particular order.

1: The Core Four of Personal Finance

The first course is one of the financial planning courses offered free through the Udemy online learning platform. The Core Four Personal Finance is just what the title insists. This class is an instruction in the four basic principles that make up personal finance. This is a tremendous place to begin learning about the intricacies of personal money management and best of all it’s free.

  • You will begin with an overview of what the four core principles of personal finance are and use these to appreciate why planning is critical.
  • The class teaches provides suggestions to earn more money and then helps you decide how to make better use of this extra money.
  • By the time you have finished with the Core Four of Personal Finance, you will be confident in budgeting and reducing expenses, plus learning how it’s never too soon to plan for retirement.

2: Financial Literacy

Alison is yet another online learning platform, which offers a number of free classes. There are also intensive-study degree programs available. The Financial Literacy class is free to all registered Alison accounts. For better money management and personal financial decisions, this class asserts you first need to understand what money is and how it works.

  • This class will teach you about money and other financial commodities. By understanding, what they are and how the function, you’ll be better equipped to manage your own.
  • Financial Literacy uses an interactive multimedia design beginning with bank account basics, progressing into how to establish a structurally sound financial future.
  • When you’ve finished this 3 to 4-week class, you’ll be ready to develop your financial fitness and manage your money in a productive manner in the future.

3: Personal Finance by Missouri State University

As the title implies, Personal Finance will help you build a foundation for good financial decisions. It is offered through the Missouri State University iTunes U App community-learning objective. The course is only available in the iTunes U App using an iPhone or iPad. All eight segments of the course are free.

  • The first three sections will teach you how to set financial goals and stick to them. You’ll then learn how to budget and manage credit, so it works for you.
  • Next, come the three longest video segments of the course. The course helps you appreciate why insurance is important, what investments can do for you and how to get the most time-value out of your money.
  • You’ll finish with an overview of the various types of annuities. This will teach you how to take the components you’ve learned and successfully implement them.

someone holding a transparent sphere that reveals a financial chart featured on a computer screen

4: My Financial Mountain: Understanding Your Path to a Solid Financial Foundation

My Financial Mountain is a uniquely structured free course available to the public from Skillshare. This course uses 13 short video presentations to establish a basic understanding of the key elements of good financial planning. It is one of the fastest alternatives for financial planning courses available online.

  • You will learn how to develop a consistent financial plan and how to avoid money mistakes.
  • Like other financial planning courses, My Financial Mountain provides you with a lot of financial knowledge, but also includes a number of ways to avoid obstacles.
  • The course curriculum clearly explains that while the course will help you make smarter money decisions, it will not make you some kind of financial wizard. There are no claims of how they can teach you how to induce a magical financial windfall, just how to manage the reality of the money you have.

5: Finance for Everyone: Smart Tools for Decision-Making

This is one of the financial planning courses that establish a framework for making sound financial choices. Finance for Everyone is a free course offered by the online learning platform edX. This is an introduction to finance course offered through the University of Michigan.

  • You will learn a number of personal finance tools to open a potential gateway into a future in financial planning.
  • This class offers a unique perspective of how different aspects of the financial world affect all of us. It is one of the more diverse financial planning courses, because of this feature.
  • Once you’ve finished Finance for Everyone, you’ll be able to apply the principles you’ve learned to manage the monetary aspects of your life. You can also use the tools in making other critical life decisions.

6: Personal & Family Financial Planning

Understanding your own personal and family financial aspirations is a key starting point. Personal & Family Financial Planning is one of the more than 2,000 affordable classes offered through Coursera.

This is one of the financial planning courses coordinated through the University of Florida finance department. You can audit this class free, or receive a certificate of successful completion, including lifetime access to all materials for $49.

  • The class will establish a strong understanding of personal financial management, including financial statements, budgeting, taxation, and the importance of credit and investment fundamentals.
  • You will design a fictitious financial plan and then edit this plan over time, learning to deal with changes in the financial world.
  • Personal & Family Financial Planning is a graded course that will supply you with an authentic certificate of successful completion if you generate a passing grade.

7: Introduction to Financial Planning

The final course in the list of the best financial planning courses is full tuition accredited study offered by Boston University. Introduction to Financial Planning will take you far beyond basic financial planning and prepare you for a potential career in the industry. The tuition fee for the online course is $695, which will allow you independent access to course materials for four months.

  • You will learn to incorporate financial statements, cash flow, and debt management strategies into good financial planning practices.
  • By understanding economic concepts, you will be able to develop better financial strategies.
  • This course will expose you to consumer protection laws and other types of financial regulations. When you’ve finished with this course, you’ll be able to consider your abilities as a professional financial planner.

Final Thoughts

These are seven informative financial planning courses to expand your knowledge. They will help you appreciate the need for sound financial planning. You’ll learn how to build a strategy for managing your money.

Once you have the basic knowledge of how monetary-related matters work, you’ll make better financial decisions for your future. You can begin with any of the free courses, or undertake each one, before proceeding for those opportunities that carry a small tuition fee.

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