The days of having to attend a brick and mortar college to expand your knowledge are long gone. Today there are hundreds of opportunities to study at accredited online universities from just about anywhere in the world. With modern technology, the options for distance learning are endless.

You can choose from thousands of diverse subjects. All you need is an internet connection and a mobile device, be it a personal computer or streaming apparatus on your TV. Options range from Arts and Crafts to the study of Zen principles. Here are 7 accredited online universities that offer quality distance education programs.

1. Open Yale Course Program – Yale University

You might find it difficult to believe that you can study at one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. Once you register for the free Open Yale Course platform, you instantly become part of a renowned Ivy League school. If you’re thinking about pursuing a college degree, this is an excellent place to explore various subjects before deciding on a major.

  • Each of the options in the Yale Open Course catalog has a full set of high-quality video lectures and a course structure with suggested readings.
  • When you register for a course, you are presented with an opportunity to earn a certificate of completion by passing a series of quizzes and exams.
  • Not all the courses can be applied as authentic college credits. However, since the Yale Open Course program is offered by one of the accredited online universities, you can use your knowledge to test out of prerequisite subjects to pursue a degree.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology – OpenCourseWare

Another of the most respected accredited online universities that offer distance-learning platforms is the OpenCourseWare program from MIT. The OCW platform has one of the most extensive catalogs of free online course opportunities in the world.

  • MIT’s outstanding staff of educators will lead you through any number of specialized courses. On the other hand, you can also take a general class about a subject that you find interesting.
  • The OpenCourseWare catalog has a number of very specific courses that can be applied as credits for college students.
  • This platform can be a tremendous tool for students during summer break. It can also accommodate working adults who need to fit their learning into a daily schedule. Flexibility is the key.

3. Southern New Hampshire University Online Degree Program

One of the more visibly aggressive of the accredited online universities is Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). SNHU is frequently seen using television ads to promote their program, which has over 200 accredited SNHU online degree programs. They are a private, non-profit institution with very appealing tuition rates for all subjects.

  • SNHU has been providing quality education to students from around the world since 1932. They have an excellent track record.
  • Since the SNHU Online Degree Program will earn you an accredited degree, you have the opportunity to secure the help of a dedicated academic adviser.
  • Being one of the largest of the accredited online universities, SNHU can provide you with connections for internships plus corporate partnerships and alumni to help you in your career.

4. Walden University – Online Degree Programs

walden university sign on a brick wall leading to an old, prestigious building in a garden

Walden University has one of the most diverse online degree programs. Students can pursue not only Bachelorette majors, but also attain a Masters or Doctorate degree. Tuition and fees are affordable and you can earn financial aid credits.

  • The Walden University online degree program is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, among others.
  • As soon as you register with Walden University online degree program, you will have access to a professional adviser to help you with financial aid, tuition-assistance, and choosing a major.
  • If your objective is to improve your knowledge using an accredited online university to further your distance learning, there are opportunities to earn a career certificate.

5. The University of Florida Online Degree Programs

If you want to become part of the Gator Nation, you can earn a degree from the University of Florida by studying right from the comfort of your home. UF provides over 200 online degree programs that encourage a flexible learning environment to meet your schedule. They also have one of the highest graduate ranks of all the accredited online universities, boasting an 87% success rate.

  • The University of Florida Online Degree Program is a world leader in online programs that specialize in MBA and education degrees.
  • Educators will find the three different education specialist programs (Teach Well, Teacher Leadership for School Improvement, Teaching, and Learning and Facilitating Educational Change with Technology) very appealing. A teacher can continue working in the classroom, while they add to their credentials.
  • Florida has a series of online programs dedicated to professionals looking to study for a master’s degree. Once you become part of the UF online degree program, you can claim yourself one of a half a million Gator Nation students.

6. Liberty University Online Programs

If you have scheduling difficulties with conventional online programs offered by accredited online universities, Liberty University uses a non-traditional academic calendar. Each course is an 8-week format, with new courses beginning at eight different points during the calendar year. The Liberty University program is one of the most flexible schedules in the world.

  • Nearly every degree opportunity can be obtained completely online. Only an accredited degree in social work requires you attend one week of on-campus class time. Everything else is completely handled in a virtual environment.
  • Liberty University Online Programs are from 16 different departments, with tuition fees more than half the norm. There aren’t any additional course fees and the application process is free.
  • The full catalog has one of the most extensive lists of degree programs available. There are dozens of specific degrees, including a vast array of specializations for working professionals.

7.Online Programs at The Ohio State University

home studying with asus laptop with math formulas on a notebook

The last on this list of accredited online universities is the one ranked #1 by US News and World Report. The Ohio State University has the best online undergraduate degree program in the US, including recognition as one of the most extensive international distance learning platforms. Their slogan is “Same diploma, New classroom”.

  • There is a free online readiness quiz to make sure you are ready for the challenges of online self-study. This is a great place to test your level of motivation before you begin your studies.
  • Ohio State Online programs meet the needs of busy professionals who are either adding additional certifications or pursuing a degree for a career change.
  • One unique advantage of registering as a distance-learning student at The Ohio State University is the opportunity to make suggestions for programs that may yet be available.


These are 7 accredited online universities from a very extensive list. These are institutions with a history of excellence and a strong record of accomplishment. Be certain to use all the resources they provide once you register as one of their students.

Before you sign up for a degree program, consult with an academic adviser and see if you qualify for tuition-assistance programs. Studying at any of these accredited online universities is a great way to add credits towards completing a major or to earn a degree.

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