Anyone that keeps up with technological advances knows that artificial intelligence is on its way to revolutionize the world we live in. For that reason, it’s not surprising that many people are on the lookout for a good artificial intelligence course. Unfortunately, the courses that are taught in universities and specialized institutes can be extremely expensive.

At the same time, a lot of them require qualifications that are difficult to acquire. Despite this problem, people who want to know more about artificial intelligence can enroll in online courses that are much more accessible. In order to help readers gain some insight into what’s available out there, this article will go over the best five AI courses available right now.

*The courses presented below were listed in no particular order.

1. Intro to Artificial Intelligence by Udacity

People who want to get into the complex and fascinating realm of artificial intelligence need a solid starting point. With that in mind, Udacity offers this free introductory artificial intelligence course. Apart from offering a succinct but thorough view of the history of AI, this course teaches the basics of modern AI and its most representative and useful applications.

Through videos, reading material and software of various sorts, this versatile artificial intelligence course delivers a huge amount of rich learning content. At the same time, it provides other learning materials such as interactive quizzes. A support community formed by students can help solve any problems while providing complementary material.

Taught by various industry professionals, the course features a huge number of lessons that span approximately four weeks. However, one of its most convenient characteristics is that, due to the internet-based nature of this course, users can dictate their own lesson hours, learning at their own pace.

2. Siraj Raval’s Deep Learning Course

Deep learning is an advanced application of artificial intelligence that’s capable of learning tasks of artificial neural networks that contain more than one hidden layer. In this marvelous artificial intelligence course, data scientist Siraj Raval guides you through the fundamentals of deep learning and neural networks (both convolutional and recurring). Apart from this, it will provide a solid base of knowledge regarding both artificial intelligence and machine learning.

With only algebra, partial derivatives and matrix multiplication as a prerequisite, this course gives its students a comprehensive view of deep learning. Even though it’s a complex subject matter, Siraj Raval is able to deliver his lessons in a fun and dynamic fashion that is guaranteed to keep students interested.

By providing interactive material, unique projects and expert feedback, this is an artificial intelligence course that wants to involve the student at every level. The result is a rich, productive learning experience that will open up a world of possibilities for the student.

3. Practical Machine Learning by John Hopkins University

At its most basic, machine learning consists in using algorithms to analyze data to learn from it. Once learned, the new information can be used by computers in order to make a determination or prediction regarding something in the real world.

Without a doubt, this aspect of artificial intelligence is incredibly important. Accordingly, this fantastic artificial intelligence course that is provided by John Hopkins University covers the basic concepts regarding building and applying prediction functions. To be as useful as possible for the students, it will put a special emphasis on practical, real-world applications.

This fantastic course consists of pre-recorded videos, quizzes, and projects that feed off each other in order to provide an interactive learning experience. It has the goal of giving each student practical abilities that will help them take on projects that make a real impact in the world.

an illustration of a blue digital brain

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) by Columbia University

Unlike many others, this artificial intelligence course places a strong emphasis on both the design and the real-world application of AI creation techniques. In order to provide students with a strong understanding of the possibilities of AI, the course focuses on the design of intelligent agents that are able to solve real-world problems. Some of the most important applications that are taught include search, machine learning, games, AI logic and constraint satisfaction problems.

Being mostly practical, this course favors applications of AI such as natural language processing and robotics. The students who take this course will understand the process by which AI makes possible things like self-driving cars, industrial robots, web search, missile guidance, face recognition and tumor detection.

At the same time, they will develop a clear understanding of machine learning algorithms. Lasting a total of 12 months and being completely free, this is a perfect artificial intelligence course for people who want to obtain practical, useful knowledge on this growing industry.

5. Artificial Intelligence Course by Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dealing with some of the essential aspects of it, this course provided by MIT represents a direct gateway into the incredibly complex world artificial intelligence. It focuses on problem-solving, basic knowledge representation and the various learning methods of artificial intelligence. Far from being content with teaching only the theory behind AI, the course gives students practical knowledge on how to assemble solutions to concrete computational problems to develop intelligent systems.

Apart from video lectures, instructor insights, assignments, projects, and exams, this course features interactive demonstrations of the functioning of artificial intelligence under different circumstances. These interactive demonstrations have been designed to help students gain experience and intuition regarding the problem-solving applications of artificial intelligence to real-world problems.

Drawing to a Close

It can’t be denied that the internet is a fantastic tool for acquiring information that would otherwise be unavailable. It is very telling that a subject matter as complex as artificial intelligence can be learned online for a very low price (and sometimes even completely free of charge). Although there are many options for people, who want to learn about artificial intelligence, the courses that are featured in this article stand out due to the level of sophistication and quality they have to offer.

If you have tried any of these courses, leave a comment in the section below!

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